Friday, January 20, 2017

The Constitutional Nature of the Soul by Vishnu Swami

The Spiritual Domain = Most Subtle.

The spiritual domain consists of you the soul and the divine. It is far more subtle than any of the elements and therefore it is more important and powerful. At the same time, due to its subtle nature, it is significantly harder to perceive. Just as through practice you can perceive and interact with the more subtle elements of nature, you can also perceive and interact with the spiritual domain with the right amount of practice; and by doing so you not only have a happier, more joyous experience while you live and act in your day to day life, you also can be more powerful because your actions become imbued, with poise, love, tranquility, and passion.

Some people may say that because they can’t see the spiritual domain it does not exist. To those who have experienced it or who regularly operate in that domain, it sounds na├»ve. It sounds like someone is saying that just because they don’t see radio waves, nuclear energy, or wi-fi that it does not exist.

The Story of the Frog in the Well

Once upon a time there were two frogs in a well. One frog had never left the well. To him the well was all in all, and there was nothing more to know. The other frog had explored significantly beyond the well and had even witnessed the vast ocean. The traveler frog was trying to tell the stationary frog of the vast reality beyond the well and the stationary frog was not having it. The traveler frog said that there was a body of water called the ocean that was millions of times bigger than the puddle in their old well. The stationary frog claimed that this was impossible; how could there be anything greater than the mighty puddle in his well? He had not seen anything beyond it and therefore concluded that there was nothing beyond it.

Human beings often have the same psychology as the frog in the well. Due to God Syndrome they feel that their limited experience is all in all. Therefore they doubt any notion that is outside of their realm of experience, such as the subtle elements or the spiritual domain.

It can be scary to acknowledge that our notion of reality is incomplete, and therefore ignorance provides us a kind of bliss. By not acknowledging the unknown we limit our perspective on what is and is not true, and thus we limit our effectiveness. I sometimes catch myself thinking with the same psychology as the frog in the well, and I intentionally remove that limiting thought process from my mind.

Contemplation Exercise

Think of at least three times when your thinking was small—when your ego felt that you understood everything when in fact you did not. When have you disregarded information based on your subjective and limited experience? In truth we are very small; we have limited understanding of all the millions upon millions of galaxies and planets in the universe. I know it does not feel good to contemplate your minuteness and limited knowledge, but it is important to sometimes do this so you can see things as they actually are so that you can grow and learn.

Vishnu Swami, also known as the Maverick Monk, relocated to study Veda at a monastery in India at the age of 11 and later became the youngest swami to be honored with that position at the extraordinary age of 23. He continues to empower and inspire thousands through his writings, speaking, and online college-accredited courses at  His new book Eternal Dharma: How to Find Spiritual Evolution Through Surrender and Embrace Your Life's True Purpose is now available.

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