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Children of Roswell - "I Never Saw My Father So Scared" by Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt

Fortunately, for the U.S. government the cover-story about the mis-identification of a common weather balloon device has legs. Life moves on for America...that is except for the witnesses who knew the true story. And their families...

Little has been discussed about the impact such a monumental event as the Roswell Incident has had on the families. Living under the cloud of official suppression knowing that many of the facts have been buried with their loved ones. For them, the very mention of the word Roswell haunts them and remains a shadowy specter rife with paranoia and fear. Often, they would see it in the eyes of their loved ones.

There remains a very dark side of Roswell which continues as a testimony from the surviving families. For years they have been crying "foul" about the extreme treatment their loved ones were forced to endure...inflicted by sinister forces who have made sure that we never learn the truth about what actually crashed outside of Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

"Schmitt and Carey up the ante on the Roswell crash by exposing the human story behind the many first-hand witnesses and family members who were adversely affected by this historic event. Schmitt and Carey expose the human toll of the many government threats against witnesses and family members, while sharing first-hand testimony of other-worldly bodies and debris that is certain to deflate any terrestrial explanation that might be offered. A great piece of investigative work."
- Jan C. Harzan, executive director, Mutual UFO Network

Here we offer a part of Chapter two that surrounds one person's story of many from The Children of Roswell.

In July 2008, the International UFO Museum in Roswell had a visit from a native Roswellian woman now living on the East Coast. And she had an interesting story to tell, one that she had kept hidden within herself for years. Like so many others who have visited the museum over the years, being there somehow provided the cathartic boost to allow her to talk about suppressed and repressed unpleasant remembrances.

Sue Farnsworth had never seen her father with such a frightened look on his face before in her young life during the summer of 1947. After all, Arthur Farnsworth was a successful and prominent businessman who owned and managed Roswell’s original Ford dealership, Roswell Auto Co., located at the intersection of West 2nd St. and Richardson Ave., in downtown Roswell. He was a pillar of the community. Besides their home at 612 N. Richardson Ave., the Farnsworths also owned a working ranch northwest of Roswell that the family frequented as a “getaway.” Arthur, especially, was known to visit the ranch several times a week. Seven year-old Sue Farnsworth had two older sisters, both of whom had polio, and it was Sue who became “best buddies” with her father, by helping out with the ranch chores and sharing important father/daughter matters with each other when the need arose. “We were used to finding ‘funny things’ from White Sands on our ranch all the time, but this was clearly something different judging by the military reaction.” 10 Unable to contain her concern for her father any longer, Sue finally asked him what was wrong one day when they were out at the ranch. Without saying a word, he motioned to her to follow him. He then mounted a horse, as did she, and they rode out to a remote and secluded part of the ranch, whereupon they dismounted. According to Sue, “Whenever we wanted to discuss something without anyone else hearing, we would go to this spot.”

Like everyone else, Sue had heard the stories and rumors about the UFO crash that were rife at the time, but she was not prepared for what her father was about to confide to her. Like so many times before, Sue and her father sat down on their favorite rock and stared out over the peaceful, scrub-desert landscape. “Your father was threatened by the military a few days ago,” Arthur Farnsworth told his daughter. Looking around carefully even though they were out in the middle of nowhere, Arthur Farnsworth continued in a low voice, “What I tell you now you must never tell anyone. A flying saucer crashed on another ranch near here, and the military told us that if we ever said anything to anyone about it, they would kill all of us. I went out there with some other ranchers soon after word of the crash got around, and we saw some things we weren’t supposed to see.” Arthur Farnsworth did not go into any detail with his young daughter. “Remember: not a word—to anyone!” That was all he would ever reveal to her. The two then saddled up and rode back to the ranch house, never to speak of the matter again.

We can speculate now what probably happened to Arthur Farnsworth to cause him to fear for his life and the lives of his family. He and the other ranchers whom he was with must have gotten a fairly good look at not only the physical crash wreckage, but also the alien bodies. Terminal threats were reserved for civilians who had witnessed the latter. Most likely, Farnsworth had visited one of the body sites (either the “Dee Proctor Site” on the Foster Ranch in Lincoln County or the “Impact Site” in Chaves County, much closer to Roswell) shortly after the crash on one of the days that he was out as his ranch. News of the crash traveled like a flash among the ranchers—even in those days—and ranchers with their excited children always got to airplane crash sites before the authorities. It was no different with the crash of a UFO.

Upon hearing news of the crash, Arthur Farnsworth, with his neighboring ranchers, headed for the crash site to see for themselves. This would have been sometime between July 3rd (the day following the crash the previous night) and July 7th (the day that the military started securing the crash sites with armed MPs). George Cisneros, now 94 years old, still lives on the same ranch he lived on in 1947 near the town of Arabela, New Mexico, about 20 miles from the Foster Ranch where Mack Brazel was the foreman. According to Cisneros, who did not go to any of the UFO crash sites himself, a number of his neighbors did. When we asked him if his neighbors reported seeing anything, his response was, “Hell, yes! When they came back, everyone was excited and buzzing about a crashed spaceship and ‘little space people.’” 11 If Arthur Farnsworth was among them or with a different group of ranchers who visited one of the two crash sites with bodies, he no doubt saw the same things. Perhaps the military arrived at the crash site soon thereafter and issued a stern warning to everyone, including Farnsworth. Or, perhaps a few days or weeks after that, he was paid a visit by another military officer, such as the “brutal” Hunter Penn whose job it was to conduct a sweep of the ranches near the crash sites to enforce the silence of those ranchers who knew too much about the crash—and especially about the bodies. 12 As we have discussed, the threat of “terminal action” was authorized to secure compliance. In the words of Sue Farnsworth, 62 years after the fact, “I never in my life saw my father so scared, before or since.” 13

Getting rough with people was just the style of Army Air Forces officer Hunter Penn. In 2008, our associate Anthony Bragalia located and interviewed the foster daughter of retired Air Force Colonel Hunter G. Penn (now deceased). During World War II, Penn was a bombardier on a bomber in the 303rd Bomb Group known as “Hell’s Angels.” Curiously, according to unit records, Penn was pulled from flight status after just two missions for unknown reasons. After the war, she said that he was “associated” with Wright Field, and that when she was a teenager her foster father told her that he had undertaken a deadly serious assignment back in the summer of 1947. He explained to her that when he was at Wright Field, he was ordered to “visit ranches around Roswell, New Mexico,” close to where a UFO had crashed that summer. 14 She told Bragalia that her foster father was “tasked” (to put it euphemistically) to “help manage civilian-military affairs after the crash,” to ensure that an “information blackout” regarding the event was put—and kept—in force. More bluntly, he was to question those who might know something about the crash, especially the little bodies, and “make sure they did not talk.”

Hunter Penn was ordered to concentrate on ranchers, farmers, and “simple types” residing in the outlying areas between Roswell and Corona who may have seen something, using intimidation and threats (with a weapon) to instill fear and compliance. The matter was so important, Penn told his foster daughter, that he was authorized to use physical force, including weaponry, on non-compliant people to enforce their silence. He confirmed to her that the crash near Roswell was extraterrestrial, and that they were concerned at the time about the unknown dangers or problems that might be in the offing 15, thus independently echoing the deathbed declaration of the former Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) base adjutant, Major Patrick H. Saunders, “We didn’t know where they were from, or what their intentions were.”16

Because of Michelle Penn’s willingness to talk to Anthony Bragalia, we now know of the “dirty work” that her foster father, a former Army Air Forces officer from the notorious “Hell’s Angels” Bomb Squadron in the ETO (European Theater of Operations) during World War II, inflicted upon innocent civilians in the wake of the Roswell UFO crash.

While she was growing up, Hunter Penn’s foster daughter, Michelle, said she was fearful of her alcoholic foster father (“He was a brutal person.”), and she didn’t need to be told never to say anything about what he had recounted to her about his involvement at Roswell in 1947. To this day, she is not sure why he told her, but it may have been his way of “parenting” by using a fear factor to instill a desired result in the behavioral control over a child. She said that she was made to address him as “Sir” as a child. According to Michelle, her foster-father was also “brutal” with her alcoholic foster-mother, Elinore. The bottom line here is that Michelle Penn believes that her foster-father was entrusted with the role of being a “bad cop” by the Air Force when the situation called for it, because he was known as being brutally tough with people—just what was needed at Roswell. In more dramatic terms, “He tried to ‘heart-attack’ people!” Michelle said that her father would also sometimes brandish a military pick axe (similar to an ice pick). She thinks that he was obsessed by picks and believes that he may have used one at Roswell.17

In the weeks and months immediately following the Roswell UFO crash, after the initial fervor had died down, the question of how to maintain and enforce the silence of those who knew the truth became a paramount issue. Apparently, it was felt that appeals of “national security” and “patriotism” would not be enough to achieve the desired result of complete silence, especially on the part of the outlying ranchers. In the military mindset of the time, the answer was to “Put the fear of God in them!” 18 Enter Hunter G. Penn and the look on the face of Sue Farnsworth’s father.

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Thomas J. Carey holds a master's degree in anthropology and is an U.S. Air Force veteran who held a Top Secret security clearance. he has spent the last 23 years investigating the Roswell Incident and has published more than 35 articles about it. He has appeared as a guest on many radio and TV shows and contributed to a number of Roswell-related documentaries. Tom and his wife, Doreen, reside in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania.
Donald R. Schmitt is a Cum Laude graduate of Concordia University. He is a five-time best-selling author and a former co-director of the J.Allen Center for UFO Studies of Chicago. There, he served as director of special investigations for 10 years. He is also a founder and board advisor of the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell. Don and his wife, Marie, live on a ranch in Hubertus (Holy Hill), Wisconsin.

Together Carey and Schmitt have authored Witness to Roswell and Inside the Real Area 51.

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In Memory of Edgar Mitchell

We are saddened to hear of the passing of Edgar Mitchell, Astronaut, Scientist, Sixth Man to Walk on the Moon, and founder Institute of Noetic Sciences.  

Born in Hereford Texas in 1930, Mitchell spent his formative years in New Mexico near Roswell, learned to fly a plane at age 13, became a Naval officer and a Ph.D in Aeronautics and Astronautics.   Becoming an Astronaut in 1966, in 1971 he was the Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 14, alongside Alan Shepard and Stuart Roosa. 

On the return flight from the moon, Mitchell experienced savikalpa samādhi, and conducted private ESP experiments with his friends.  Two years later, Mitchell founded IONS to conduct research into consciousness, Parapsychology, and other paranormal phenomenon.  The things he saw, found, experienced and learned greatly inspired his view of the world, and he detailed all this in his book, The Way of the Explorer

The world has lost a guide and explorer who was forever delving into new realms of exploration. 

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