Friday, June 3, 2016

First Ever New Page Coloring Book:
Color Your Chakras

We are beyond excited to announce that we've published our first ever coloring book

This coloring book is unique in that it combines the fun and relaxing experience of coloring with a learning experience, so as you color through the book you learn about your energy centers: the Chakras.

Susan Shumsky the author and featured artist dedicates this book to the playful divine Spirit within all beings.

As you awaken this creative spirit, let your heart open to the joyous presence of divine love, 
and let your mind uncover layer upon layer of the profound depth of divine wisdom. 
May joy guide you to the realization of who you really are, 
and may you forever dwell in happiness, which is your true nature of being.

Check out this sample from the interior:

1 comment:

  1. Wow! The book Color Your Chakras just arrived from the printer, and I have shared it with a few friends. They are sooooo excited about it. They all love it!

    With just a few paragraphs on every left-hand page, you will learn all about the human energy field and its sheaths, the pranic system, the 14 chakras described in the ancient scriptures of India, and tons of information you won't find in any other book. The added bonus is that you get to color the beautiful illustrations in every page of the book!

    On each left-hand page is a beautiful intricate mandala to color, and on each right-hand page is an amazing illustration with another mandala to color. The coolest part is that you will learn so much about your entire energy system and also learn all the details about what colors are described in the ancient scriptures of India. I guarantee you will love this book as much as my friends do!


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