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Life After Near Death: Rajiv Parti and Physiological Transformation: Spontaneous Healing by Debra Diamond

Life After Near Death is the only book to explore the deeper meaning of the near-death experience (NDE) through the prism of its miraculous after-effects.

Debra Diamond profiles a dozen cases of specific cognitive and physiological near-death after-effects including newfound musical and artistic talents, mathematical gifts, enhanced hearing, elevated IQ, improved eyesight, spontaneous healing and electrical sensitivity. It explores new evidence to shed light on this phenomenon.

"Life After Near Death is the latest, significant contribution to the previous work of a small circle of guides.  In a timely way, Life After Near Death, offers a very real confidence in the larger process because it exposes the fact that there is order, structure, and extraordinary intelligence and love that is actively influencing and shaping this Truman Show-like existence that dominates our human experience.
It's easier to have faith in the process and hope for the future after reading this good book"
—John L. Peterson, founder and president of The Arlington Institute and publisher of FUTUREdition

Here we take a look at the case of Dr. Rajiv Parti and the spontaneous healing that occurred during his NDE. This excerpt is taken from Chapter 5.

What drains your spirit drains your body. What fuels your spirit fuels your body.
—Caroline Myss

California was a gold mine. Everyone wanted to talk about their NDEs—even if they never had one.

I continued to speak with experiencers, and one morning, as I clicked through e-mails under the green Starbucks umbrella on Montana Avenue, an e-mail from a childhood experiencer popped up. This man’s IQ had risen 20 points since his NDE. I clicked on the next e-mail, this one from a Disney artist, also a childhood experiencer. Because there was no way to measure the after-effects for childhood experiencers, I filed these cases away. I paged through more e-mails, including one from a woman who had become very spiritual since her NDE. There were e-mails from several experiencers who became psychic. I set those aside, too.

I scanned an e-mail from a man with poetry as an after-effect, and another from a woman with spontaneous healing. I studied a note from a lawyer whose mental processes sped up. I spoke to a woman who took up the flute, and another who improvised music. I made notes of all of their experiences.

I put together a Website and experiencers got the word out. Soon the news spread. Many were very eager to speak about their NDEs. One such person was Dr. Rajiv Parti.

As I sat outside the coffee shop on Montana Avenue, the sky translucent blue in every direction, I thought about how I would miss this weather—80-degree days, not a cloud in the sky—when I returned to the East Coast.

The phone rang. It was Dr. Parti. I set down my iced tea and listened to his story. I had a million questions, but I waited as he filled me in.

Dr. Parti’s NDE
Dr. Parti’s experience occurred on Christmas Day in 2010.

Dr. Parti’s typical day, as chief of cardiac anesthesiology at Bakersfield Heart Hospital, usually began at 6 a.m. He would be rushing to work, talking to a nurse or his stock broker. He might be driving his sports Mercedes or his BMW. Maybe his Hummer. If someone cut him off on the road, he’d go after them.

Every two or three years, Dr. Parti and his family would move. Eventually his house was so big that Dr. Parti and his wife needed iPhones to find the kids. His mortgage was $15,000 per month.

One day, he received a call from his doctor. “I have good news and bad news,” he said. All Dr. Parti heard was the bad news: prostate cancer. Dr. Parti flew to Florida for surgery. The surgery went fine, but soon he became incontinent and experienced pelvic pain. After seven more surgeries, one of which led to abdominal infections, Dr. Parti became depressed and was placed on three anti-depressants. After three years, his infection worsened and he became addicted to pain pills.

Finally, in 2010, a UCLA physician made the decision to perform another surgery.
Dr. Parti was in excruciating pain with a 105-degree fever when he was ambulanced to UCLA Medical Center. His infection had spread to his blood and sepsis was setting in.
While he was on the operating table, Dr. Parti experienced his NDE.

Dr. Parti’s Session
I arranged to meet with Dr. Parti in Los Angeles a week after our conversation. His daughter attended USC, like my son, and Dr. Parti was in town frequently, so we would meet in person very soon.

At 2:00 p.m. the following Thursday, I heard a knock on my door. Dr. Parti was dressed casually in an open-neck shirt and khakis, a doctor on his day off. I waved him inside. We chatted as he walked over to the small glass and metal table and the two chairs I had set up in the middle of the room for our session.

Dr. Parti e-mailed me multiple times prior to our meeting. When we finally met, he had already filled out the questionnaire and we had spoken on the phone. I had made notes about his Website and the talks he had given. I had a long list of questions based on our conversation, his answers to the questionnaire, his talks, and his Website, and I was eager to explore his experience.

We began the session. I closed my eyes to ground myself. As the session opened, I felt Spirit’s presence and found myself at the beginning of Dr. Parti’s NDE.

Dr. Parti’s NDE began in a constricting way, as if he couldn’t breathe—as if his soul was traveling and trying to break through to the next realm. I told Dr. Parti that I saw his father and experienced a sense of dread when I saw him.

Dr. Parti’s forehead creased in thought. “I was afraid of my father. He used to beat me,” he said. As a child, Dr. Parti was once beaten so severely he couldn’t return to school for three weeks.

Dr. Parti experienced his life review with his father, the primary authority figure in his life, even though his father had passed away 20 years earlier. Dr. Parti’s father was the individual Dr. Parti most respected, whom he would listen to.

Following his life review, Dr Parti forgave his father for his abuse and together, father and son, hand in hand, entered a tunnel.

The reading continued.

Dr. Parti encountered a white light, meant to cleanse and purify him—to start him on his new journey through the darkness.

On the other side of the tunnel, Dr. Parti was greeted by two entities who said they were the angels of strength and healing, symbols of significance for a man of healing. When his wife later asked him, “What happened to the thousands of Indian gods and goddesses?” Dr. Parti had no answer for her.

The session continued with a particular rhythm. The soundtrack of the readings was a constant low, back-and-forth buzz of communication that I listened to and presented. I was the medium, meant to convey the information, the interchange between two worlds of information that filtered through me.

During his NDE, Dr. Parti encountered past lives. He floated over a meadow filled with roses and a clear mountain stream. He saw colors, fractured like a kaleidoscope. “I could hear a distant chime which sounded like ‘om,’” he said. Peace. The holiest mantra there is and the symbol of the primal frequency of existence.

Dr. Parti’s experience was like a kaleidoscope of infinite possibilities, occurring simultaneously. From the meadow, the light spoke to Dr. Parti, and he was told that he was not good to his patients. Dr. Parti was given the realization that he was going back. That he would lead a more spiritual life and fulfill his soul contract.

Dr. Parti experienced another unusual occurrence during his ND: A veridical experience —one that was verified by others upon his return.

While Dr. Parti lay on the operating table, he remembers hearing the anesthesiologist’s jokes. He felt his consciousness travel to India, where he saw his sister, wearing blue jeans and a red shirt, and his mother, wearing a green sari, having tea. When he spoke to his mother two days later, she confirmed that the two of them were having tea, dressed in that clothing, at the time of his NDE.

When Dr. Parti woke up from his surgery, he explained to his doctors that he could hear their jokes during his procedure. They replied that he must have been light on anesthesia.
But was there another explanation? Did Dr. Parti’s consciousness exist in all space and time? Did his higher mind simply visit his mother and sister as part of his experience?

Dr. Parti’s Transformation
Within 72 hours of his NDE, Dr. Parti’s fever was down. His addiction to pain medicine was gone, his depression healed, and his chronic pain evaporated. He was cured of prostate cancer and sepsis.

Did Dr. Parti experience a miracle? Or was there a simpler explanation?

Within three weeks of his NDE, Dr. Parti changed his life style. He resigned from his job and became a vegetarian. He sold his high-end cars and bought a hybrid. A plastic surgeon bought his house, and Dr. Parti and his family moved into a house half the size. He began meditating instead of drinking to relax.

Following his NDE, Dr. Parti shed everything about himself that had been touched by his former life. He could no longer be bound by earthly events once he experienced his spiritually transformative experience.

Today, Dr. Parti has his feet in two worlds: the earth and the universe. Like most NDErs, he’s walking a tightrope, and there’s a tension in that space he inhabits. It’s as if Dr. Parti is two people now, and it’s a struggle every day for him to manage these two. He has difficulties trying to fit into the earth plane after experiencing complete perfection and total love in the universe.

For NDErs, the day-to-day is a struggle on a journey without a compass. Falling off the path temporarily seems to also be a part of the process. Dr. Parti is still adapting to his new world, this world he was deposited in after his NDE.

When we asked in his session if Dr. Parti was a candidate for his experience, this is what we were told:

Like others, Dr. Parti possessed particular qualities. The ability to be awakened yet a sufficient amount of darkness. He could be transformed into a living light after his experience, if he was capable of serving.

I glanced up at Dr. Parti. He was leaning forward, listening intently.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

He nodded. “What happened that caused my transformation?” Dr. Parti asked.

Dr. Parti’s physiological after-effects included spontaneous healing from a fatal disease as well as addiction and depression. This is no small feat. According to what we know of science, being cured of cancer, a fatal disease, along with addiction and sepsis where the risk of death is high, is not just remarkable but inexplicable.

Spirit clarified: The higher vibration Dr. Parti experienced in his NDE appeared to wipe out earth-bound maladies. The afflictions of the physical body simply do not exist on a higher plane of pure, high frequency energy. Like Lewis, Dr. Parti is more than his physical body.
In Dr. Parti’s case, a shift was accomplished at a soul level. The non-physical state. The healing that accompanied this shift created a powerful charge and Dr. Parti was literally surrounded by the light. The light has the ability to transform, including physical healing, due to its highly energetic properties.

During Dr. Parti’s NDE, he encountered a peaceful energy that was all-empowering—so absolute that he felt, almost for the first time in his life, that he was complete. Dr. Parti tried to bring back that heightened state with him to earth. Like other NDErs, he longed for that elevated time, to immerse himself in that realm. That elevated state didn’t last though, and he returned to his body with a thud. It was a shock for Dr. Parti to find that our world is static, yet he set off with determination to find that state again. And even though he had traveled to that distant realm once, he couldn’t achieve it again. It was simply not available to him on earth.

This is important information, because NDErs, like us everyday folk, are interested in achieving the higher state of the NDE when they return to earth, but are unable to do so.

You can’t really come back from an NDE. You return because your body returns. But you—the essence of you—doesn’t really come back. Your essence is transformed forever. It’s merged with the universe. Nothing is familiar yet you’re supposed to carry on as if you had not been altered.

Communication From Beyond
During our session, I asked who was I talking to and was told the following:
You don’t know us but you know us and will meet us. Encounter us. We are here to do good deeds and we are all around you. You can never see us. We are beautiful people but not people. Beautiful beings. What you people call beings.

This was too much to comprehend as it came to me. I needed to stop. I took a drink of water and paused, then nodded to Dr. Parti that I could continue.

“What do I need to know?” I asked. I figured if “they” were going to answer, I should ask another question.

You’re asking too many questions, they said. You just need to accept. The people who accept have mastered this. They have successfully incorporated this and can go forth. Many can’t put the pieces together. They have to be left by the wayside but it’s part of the process.

This reading was different because Spirit communicated directly to me, telling me that acceptance is key to understanding—advice for me, but also for all of us. I was told that my earthbound way of going about things, seeking answers, may not be the way to go.

I looked up and shifted in my seat. I had to go forward with the reading so we continued. I asked Dr. Parti about the background of his NDE next.

There were moments of joy and happiness in his experience, but there were also many intense moments. Why did Dr. Parti experience extremes of joy and darkness in his NDE? Did he need to be shown something else—something more extreme—to get him off his current path?

What Dr. Parti was shown was done to shape and mold his consciousness so that he could move forward and expand, to touch more and more people on his journey when he returned.

 Then we asked: What was Dr. Parti meant to learn from his experience?

That there is peace, tranquility, comfort, and everlasting contentment available to him. Dr. Parti was meant to know this but more importantly, it was meant to seep into him.

Prior to his experience, Dr. Parti had never been interested in anything spiritual. Now, all had changed. What was the trigger? Was the universe watching? Did they say, This guy needs to be shown something of a higher purpose? Because it worked. Like other NDErs, Dr. Parti now carries the message of transformation within him forever.

Debra Diamond is a former Wall Street money manager and artist who left a high profile life to pursue a life of purpose and spirituality. In 2007, she had a transformational experience that left her with unconventional powers as a clairvoyant and medium. As an investment professional, Debra is a former Professor at Johns Hopkins University and was a regular commentator on CNBC who was profiled in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Baltimore Sun. She has a MBA from The George Washington University, is a graduate of Christie’s Education and the Jung Institute. She splits her time between Taos, New Mexico and the East Coast. She is the mother of three sons, Daniel, commentator and journalist at Forbes, Alex, videographer for the Washington Redskins, Jed, consultant to Universities.

More information about Dr. Rajiv Parti can be found on his facebook site.

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