Tuesday, September 15, 2015


For the first time in its history, the largest and oldest civilian UFO monitoring organization in the United States – the Mutual UFO Network (“MUFON”) – has invited a practicing psychic to speak at its annual symposium.  The event will be held from September 24-27, 2015, at the Hotel Irvine, in Irvine, California.  Nancy du Tertre, known as “The Skeptical Psychic,” will be speaking on a brand new topic in ufology – the new field she calls “Exolinguistics” (or how to speak to extraterrestrials).

Her presentation will address various important topics such as:
·        Do aliens prefer telepathy or audible speech?
·        Do aliens speak their own language and can we learn them?
·        Can they also speak human languages?

Alien communication is vital to our national security, she argues.  There are documented cases showing aliens have shut down U.S. and Russian nuclear missile systems, violated our airspace, and abducted individuals for genetic experimentation.  Alien communication is suddenly a very hot topic!  In July, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking launched his $100 million prize in Breakthrough Listen to find signs of intelligent life in the universe.  NASA has also recently written papers on the topic.

Ms. du Tertre has a very unusual background.  She is an attorney specialized in securities litigation/corporate law who became a trained psychic detective working with law enforcement, medical intuitive, paranormal investigator, and remote viewer trained in advanced military CRV techniques.  She speaks fluent French, and some German and Thai.  Ms. du Tertre, who has had her own personal alien contact experiences and witnessed UFOs (including a “mothership” the size of a football field) hosted her own CBS radio show called “Hot Leads Cold Cases” and interviewed some of the world’s top astrophysicists, neuroscientists, psychics, ufology researchers and abductees, FBI and CIA officials, mind control experts, and others.  She was also a regular weekly guest on KAHI News Radio in Sacramento, CA, making on-air predictions about politics and current events.

Ms. du Tertre, a magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University and Law Review honors graduate of Pace Law School, has published several books.  She wrote “Psychic Intuition: Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask But Were Afraid to Know” (2012) explaining psychic ability in terms of neuroscience, psychology and linguistics, and, her latest book,
How to Talk to an Alien

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