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A look at Joy, an excerpt from The Energy of Abundance by Phyllis King

The Energy of Abundance is a fresh, insightful, and often humorous view of life, spirituality, and the creative process. It explains in accessible language the "energy game," and how each of us can play it to invite more happiness, love and abundance into our lives. 

"In this inspiring book, Phyllis King, shares the world from her unique perspective, offering us a peek into the underlying energetics of life and of love. With great passion and care, she empowers us to heal old hurts and transform current changes into fuel for our growth and expansion."
-Katherine Woodward Thomas, New York Times best-selling author of Calling in "The One"

Please find below an excerpt from Chapter 13 on Joy

Expansion is what we are here to do in life. It takes a lot of energy and can be tiring. Each of us is born with the ever persistent determination to eradicate suffering. Yet unless something really forces us to ask “Who am I?” or “How is happiness created?” we don’t do it. It’s not fun to be pushed to the wall to find out what you are made of, but it’s a method that works.

The game on the planet is to master the dance of duality. It is a challenge that requires courage. When we talk about the idea of infinity, life after death, and reincarnation, we can hear these ideas, but inherently the mind and body cannot comprehend eternity, or the idea of infinity. We can hear these ideas but we only understand them to a certain point. Something else has to take over before we know it on a body level. We have to feel inspired to embrace expanded consciousness.

Enlightened masters say the point of having spiritual leaders like Jesus or Buddha is to inspire us, not to explain to us. It is inspiration that helps moves us into another reality. Charismatic spiritual teachers are meant to touch some part of ourselves that makes us realize what is possible. Therefore, they talk to us about God in terms and conditions we already know.

For instance, we all have deep longings in our heart. We have a deep longing for love, and a longing to be understood and seen and comforted. We want to be appreciated and supported. Enlightened masters will talk about everyday things we do to help us connect to possibility. They will reduce eternal conversations to topics like friendship and romantic love. Romantic love especially will move us into a discussion that allows us to talk about and have interest in enlightenment. All of us can understand waiting for love and having that special love come in. The heart understands that. The thousands of love coaches on the planet are a testament to this. In my business, it is relationships I am asked about most often. The enlightened masters, instead of trying to tell stories to get the definitions right for our mind to grasp, have us connect to the feelings we have of longing or disappointment. These feelings speak a language the heart can understand. They motivate us to continue the expansive journey in the human experience.

 We all live in a state of restlessness. Life is not quite what we want. Many of us have conversations with our self, such as “Should I settle for such and such?” “Should I try for something else or someone else?” “This job isn’t what it’s supposed to be,” “This person doesn’t quite fulfill it for me,” or “I think I’ll go over there and try that situation on.” We are restless by nature. Where ever we are standing it’s never enough. Where ever you stand it will never be enough. Until we reach enlightenment we will not feel complete. It isn’t that you can’t shift and try to find a situation that’s a little nicer. Ultimately, we have to contend with our internal world and examine our expectations and whether we a projecting those on to a situation. When we focus on possibilities, whether it’s a new love or a new job we remain inspired to keep on with our task of expansion in the human experience.

The embodiment of joy is the purest form of connection to consciousness I know. When we allow joy to permeate our perspective those frequencies bring more to the world than anything else. We unequivocally say “I trust and honor life. There is a reason and purpose for all experiences. I honor that.” Through that awareness we connect more fully to God. In that connection we know our purpose, and we feel our impact on the whole. We are at peace. Joy is attainable. We should have it. We can practice getting there through simple tasks such as:

o   Learning to laugh at life. All of us could take a crash course in not taking life so seriously. Even when it is serious, still being able to find something to laugh about, even if it is ourselves, is meaningful.
o   Practicing spirituality. Walk the walk and talk the talk. Too often people use spirituality as a buzz word. They read about it in a book, or talk about it in a community group, then go out and express in the world as if no book were read and no topic was discussed with any other person. Practice makes perfect.
o   Being generous (when you don’t have to). Giving for the sake of giving is profound. That’s the reason. Too often we give to get something. Getting is fun. Giving is the best way to receive. It fills you up from the inside.
o   Seeing life through the eyes of a child, (or just remember to be childlike).
Children see the wonder in everything and every moment. When we slow down to marvel at all the miracles life provides we feel happier. When we notice a beautiful sunrise or sunset, or appreciate the unconditional love of an animal, or look at the beauty in nature, we feel more connected to life, and it reminds us what a miracle life is. That inspires us.

All these types of activities help us practice the feelings we want to embody. The more we go there, the less we will want to be other places. That’s the inspiration the heart needs to continue its journey to wholeness through expansion.

Phyllis King is the founder of the King Mastery Institute. She has mentored tens of thousands of people in 20 different countries. An intuitive coach, speaker and radio host, she is known for her practical and down-to-earth approach, using humor and compassion to deliver her information. Phyllis has been featured on CBS and NBC TV, radio programs across the country, and published in more than 70 print and online publications. She holds a BA in Sociology and lives and practices in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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