Monday, June 29, 2015

Fall 15 New Release Announcement

Our Fall 15 list features 9 New Releases this Season. Find out more by visiting the individual book links below.

The Children of Roswell: A Seven-Decade Legacy of Fear, Intimidation, and Cover-Ups 
By Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt
Feburary 16 Release 
This book is about the aftermath of the events that took place in the Summer of 47.  The lifetime impact Roswell has had on the families who were forced to live with the truth while accepting the government’s account of the incident, then forced to face years of suppression and fear of reprisal from a government sworn to protect them. Parents who were present during or immediately after the incident may have passed on, but their children know what happened‚ and have paid dearly for their knowledge. These are their stories. You will finally learn the truth.

How to Talk to an Alien: Can They Speak Our Languages? Can They Read Our Minds? What Are They Trying to Tell Us? 
By Nancy du Tertre
October 15 Release
We are no longer just looking at strange flying objects in the skies; now we are beginning to interact with the actual pilots, crew, and passengers! 2.9 million Americans believe they have actually been abducted by aliens. If aliens exist and are visiting us, we need to talk! Who will speak to them on behalf of planet Earth? Who can translate their intentions—good or evil—toward the human race? How can we learn about their advanced technologies? Can aliens speak human languages?

The Aztec UFO Incident: The Case, Evidence, and Elaborate Cover-up of One of the the Most Perplexing Crashes in History
By Scott Ramsey, Suzanne Ramsey, and Frank Thayer
December 15 Release
The first ever widely publicized report of a recovered flying saucer—was derided as a hoax for decades. But now the Ramseys and Frank Thayer reveal the exact spot where the craft landed and show how the 100-foot diameter saucer was moved to a secret laboratory. Witnesses to the incident who were interviewed by the authors affirm that they were sworn to secrecy by the military.


Find Your Bliss: Break Free of Self-Imposed Boundaries and Embrace a New World of Possibilities  By J.P. Hansen
November 15 Release
Many of us struggle to find meaning in life, yet resist the changes that might help us discover it. Find Your Bliss will help you identify barriers to happiness, then provide proven techniques to recognize and overcome resistance. In addition to real-life examples, it uses the author’s Six Spokes of Bliss and Ten Steps to Break Free.  Meaningful happiness is your birthright; this book will help you. 

The Moment: A Practical Guide to Creating a Mindful Life in a Distracted World
By Achim Nowak
December 15 Release
A moment is an elusive event. It stands out from the events that precede it and those that follow. It tends to happen quickly. And it often evaporates in the blink of an eye. The proposition of The Moment is simple: What if we could experience each moment more deeply as it unfolds, make it last longer, make it more memorable? We would have a more momentous life—a more richly lived, fully experienced life.

The Haunted House Diaries: The True Story of a Quiet Connecticut Town in the Center of a Paranormal Mystery
By William J. Hall
January 16 Release
Nestled deep in Litchfield Hills, Connecticut, a 1790 farmhouse sits near the epicenter of a paranormal commotion. The family that resides there regularly encounters its own ancestors and strangers—human and 
non-human—who seemingly occupy the same physical space in our world while remaining in their own, parallel worlds. When famous ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated, they dubbed it “Ghost Central.”

Life After Near Death: Miraculous Stories of Healing and Transformation in the Extraordinary Lives of People With Newfound Powers
By Debra Diamond
January 16 Release
The only book to explore the deepSpiriter meaning of the near-death experience (NDE) through the prism of its miraculous aftereffect profiling a dozen cases of specific cognitive and physiological near-death aftereffects, including newfound musical and artistic talents, mathematical gifts, enhanced hearing, elevated IQ, improved eyesight, spontaneous healing, and electrical sensitivity. It explores new evidence to shed light on this phenomenon. 

Lightworker Relationships: Creating Lasting and Healthy Bonds as an Empath
By Sahvanna Arienta
January 16 Release
Lightworkers are sensitive and highly empathic souls who have an innate need to help and heal others. These peaceful supporters of humanity are here to make positive changes and create personal, balanced, and loving human connections. But many Lightworkers become so caught up in their divine mission to heal that they sometimes overlook the importance of receiving love.

Awaken Your Devine Intuition: Receive Wisdom, Blessings, and Love by Connecting With Spirit

By Susan G. Shumsky
February 16 Release
In this profound, practical, transforming book, you will learn proven techniques to open your heart, mind, and spirit to the riches of inner divine contact. You will open the pipeline to the divine and begin the flow of inner guidance, love, healing, wisdom, and inspiration from your center of being. You will awaken the still, small voice within, go directly to Spirit without a middleman, and experience higher consciousness.

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