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Your Journey to Love: Fear or Be Feared by SIMRAN

The greatest quest in live is to Love and Be Loved. Love continually reveals everything unlike itself. Through self-discovery, real connection, and communion, the relationship that unfolds is the greatest love of all.  Your Journey to Love is a guiding path along the inner road to true love.

Below we share an excerpt from Chapter 9 of this new release: Fear or Be Feared.

Heart Fullness
I don’t know who I am. I don’t know why I am here. I don’t know what my purpose is on the planet. I have so much to say, yet it is as if something chokes the words in my throat and does not let me speak. There is a pounding in my gut. I want to scream at times. There is so much inside of me that wants to be heard, to be seen, to be shared—to serve.

But who am I? I am not like other people. I don’t have what it takes. I am not smart enough. I don’t look like them. And, what do I have to say, anyway? Why on earth would I be so special? I wish I knew how to be strong. I wish I were not afraid to leap. I might take a wrong step or make a mistake! How do I know if I am doing the right thing?

I become paralyzed inside myself, unable to move. And the world just passes me by. I feel so small at times. I just want to hide and escape. I am even afraid people can see that about me. What if I fail? What if I am laughed at, or embarrassed? I am afraid. What about my secrets? What am I thinking? I can’t be anything more than I am. Most of all, I just don’t know how

Continue this dialogue, using your feelings and words. Journal your thoughts before moving to Mind Fullness. If words do not come, draw. If you cannot draw, doodle. Breathe. Feel. Allow. Receive.

Mind Fullness

We know as much about fear as we do about Love, really not knowing either because we never address them head on. We talk about them. But when have we faced them, held them, or become truly intimate with them? When have we stood with them? When have we gotten to know them—really listened to them? They are casual acquaintances that we turn our backs on. They remain under the surface as relationships we pretend not to have, until we choose to know them better so they may be given what they most need: attention and Love. They are “calls for Love.”

Most individuals think they Love themselves. They hope they do. They want to believe they are doing so. But is it true? Our actions, our lives, and, most importantly, our words betray us. Just listen to how you think or speak about yourself, your body, and your life. These very words and thoughts are actually the voices of deeper fears that are carried.\

You are unwilling to allow the heights of Love to the same degree you cannot face and embrace your fears. Just as many are in Love with the “idea of Love,” never really surrendering to the full-bodied experience of it, most live in fear of the “concept of fear,” never really taking the time to dive in to see what is there—if it is actually real or simply perceived. You will likely discover you have already created most of your worst fears, or you are on your way there if not taking the time to dive inward. When you dig really deep, you will discover all that remains is simply the concept of fear, clamoring in the bottom of container lacking of evidence.

Do you know what Love Is?
Do you Love yourself?
Can you Love better?
Do you fear yourself?
Does fear run your life?
Does fear rule your choices?
Is fear the security blanket you use to not have Love?

These questions will stop you in your tracks, and leave you speechless. Are you afraid of yourself? The quick response would likely be no. Check the internal response. You may discover a silent, quivering yes. Most of the world is. Just look at the degree of violence and war present today. We project it outwardly, suppressing the self, in fear of seeing it, feeling it, recognizing it, owning it. We do not want to face it. What is “it”? It is the dark resting inside.

We are afraid of the dark. There is a monster in there. Even worse, we might discover that the monster is the same face being reflected back from the mirror. In looking too deep, we may even discover a degree of hatred—self-hatred—we never wanted to know. If there is an uneasiness wriggling inside, you may have stirred it within your “sleep” and bump into it fleetingly on a daily basis through your experiences.

Fear typically gets packaged in a nice, neat, little compartment, way back in mindless storage, where it only needs to be looked upon once in a while, if at all. You might discover it is hiding with the Love that you also lock away. Unless you do a thorough inventory, you will never account for it. Yet, somewhere inside, we do keep checks and balances of all actions, words, and thoughts. Upon that moment of reconciliation, an audit takes place that clearly illustrates whether we have richly banked each moment or reached the point of emotional and spiritual bankruptcy. Completely unaware of the reserves that lay hidden deeply within the well, deposits are tucked and sealed away in the body vault. In every account, the interest accumulated will be the savings of a lifetime that return what was meant for you all along.

Even if you have done much inner work, there are pieces and parts of your life, of yourself, you are too afraid to look at. Fear stands in front of Love because it protects. It stands guard at the door, knowing it has to lead the way. It is the bridge between you and your Love. What lay between you and fear? A walk in the dark, as dark as night, utilizing everything outside of you, for as long as you choose. These things will tug at you, pull at you, agitate you, and ask you to let go of them, especially those you most cherish. Fear will taunt and tease the mind with chatter around the past and the future, leaving you questioning how to save, fix, or heal the situation. You will react in ways that activate your masculine sense of doing, believing enough action will make the change. However, only one simple step actually creates the miracle: you opening to feel. You must be the change. Everything about you must change from a place of mindset and heart-set. Love is bringing up everything unlike itself for the sake of being known. What lay between you and Love? Only your self-created veils of resistance, warrior-ship, and pride. They begin appearing in increasing degrees until you surrender what you Love and what you fear.

We want to be at peace, prosperous, and abundant, and find Love. We want to be whole, discovering the breadth of our Light and the depths of the soul, but we do not know how. We seek to find the way, the truth, and the life, but we keep seeking outwardly, instead of hearing the sacred spoken message to “go inside.” The way is on the inside. The truth is on the inside. The life we outwardly keep searching for lay on the inside.

We desire to be with the Divine, immersing ourselves in all that is holy and venturing into lands of ecstatic trance. We seek to be timeless, boundless, and expansive, but unwilling to recognize inherent qualities of omniscience, omnipotence, and Godliness.

What holds human beings back from what is most desired? The answer is distraction from the truth path of longing and Belonging, where Lover meets BeLoved. Uniting within the shadows of the night and ever-expanding horizons of Light, emergence happens when merging takes precedence.
Most turn away from the past. Everyone wants the grass that is greener on the other side. Their own is brown and dead, only because they have not been tending to it. In a world of humans being, humans doing, and the dead walking, what has been lost? Our humanity—mistakenly referenced outwardly as seven-billion-plus people.

Each one of us has lost varying levels of personal humanity. Not as elevated as animals, nor as authentic as beasts. Not as enlightened as the mythical beings, or ascended as the great Masters. We are fallen angels trying to rise above ourselves after having clipped our own wings. Upon the surface, we bow down to others who have also fallen, wearing the most intricate of masks in a great ball called Earth.

Does the ball have to come to an end for all masks to fall and angels to rise, or can you create heaven on earth by bringing Light to all that is in the shadows and darkness?
Can you invite onto life’s grand stage the fallen, the weak, the derelict, and the homeless?
Can you bring forth the insanity, giving it the spotlight to be seen?
Can you ask the beaten, the bruised, the imprisoned, and the molested to stand with you in the bubbling fountains of used and abused, as the waters of re-memory bathe you back into your mellifluence?

These cleansing waters will heal all the his-tory and her-story that has compiled over time. They will wash through the great divide between masculine and feminine forces, creating a unified Divine river that nourishes all back to their righteous place in the kingdom of heaven. The water flows nearby, within our grasp right here, right now. It begins with a baptism upon all that is separate. A blessed communion bathes each one of us in the Light of Christ Consciousness, being the Light of unconditional Love, acceptance, and compassion. The problem is not the sin we believe we have committed. It is that we have become gluttons for punishment and intoxicated by our own stories.
We want to forgive them. They want to forgive us. But how and who and when and why should we? Forgiveness is necessary, but celebration is liberation for one and all. Celebration of what happened, how it happened, why it happened, and to whom it happened is the calibration that moves us from a victim’s story into the sacredness of the whole Divine text.

We are each a sacred text walking, filled with wisdom, a plethora of story—and a whole lot of made-up stuff. Because we are good at making stuff up! But sacred, nonetheless! And yet, we are scared at the same time, mostly of the stuff we made up. This scare-city we call earth will only come into its whole-fullness when we are real with one another: open, honest, vulnerable, and transparent.
We have been determined to be God-fearing; it is time to be God-loving. Who do you think God is, anyway? Just look around and you will see God, in everyone and everything— animate and inanimate. If you cannot see God in all, then you cannot see God at all. The world is in a state of fear because we are seeing All That Is from a displaced perception. Instead, become gods walking that are “all-seeing gods.”

We have come here to do what we have come to do—in Oneness, in pieces, and parts—in fragmentation and unification, through the beauty of story and for play. Let yourself be open to the idea that all of your life has not been Love, but instead, a call for Love, two halves of a whole in beautiful harmony, the comedy and tragedy, yin and yang—the absolute beginning courtship of a romance of Lover and BeLoved. In this union, a call for Love brings on relationship; an idea of life that offers opportunities for greater connection and aliveness.

It is time to open your heart, tearing down the walls built around it to keep everyone and everything at arm’s length. It is what life shows each one of us about us.

How do you keep people at a distance?
How do you test them?
How have you prejudged every relationship experience?
What is your life revealing to you, about you?

Imagine you can see beneath the surface of the physical body, it may look hardened, fractured, or decayed. Your heart will show you the texture, even though the mind may convince you otherwise. Beneath this calcified landscape lay the authentic you. Chipping away at what is hardened need not be work. It requires presence, a commodity that is a rare treasure. Take stock of everything that has led you to this point and build bonds that will grow exponentially.

It’s time to know the truth, hear the truth, and tell the truth. In attention and present intention, open to receive more Love while also realizing that it is all a call for Love. Judgment day has come. This is the day of reckoning. Will you judge or be judged? Will you set yourself free? Speak now or forever hold your “piece”? We are made up of many fragmented pieces that are to be reclaimed, reunited, and recognized. When we find each one, we also find peace.

Who is the one calling for Love?
Who is the one to BeLoved?

From where and when, why, and from how far back?

SIMRAN is a creative visionary, love catalyst, and rebel humanitarian in the realms of metaphysics and spirituality. Her work inspires people to live beyond self-imposed limitations, allowing life to be experienced courageously and boldly.  In addition to speaking nationally and internationally, Simran initiates movement into new paradigms for humanity through vulnerability, realness, and loving expression.  Simran is also the author of Conversations with the Universe and 

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