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Journeys to a New Reality with Khartika Goe

The Multidimensional Traveler is an inspiring journey that awakens readers to worlds beyond physical limitations. In additions to illuminating the existence of vast multidimensional realities, it provides specific examples of adventures through time, space, and the universities. Transcending all limits, readers are initiated into the lost knowledge of multi-diimesional travel.

As a teenager, I would often visit astrologers, monks, Zen masters and other individuals of the like whose various claims and perceptions would always overlap in the prediction that whatever I was to do in the future, I would be traveling quite a lot. Because of this, I had always assumed that whatever profession I ended up choosing would take me on various trips throughout different places of the world. And in fact, this turned out to be the case.

When I was in London visiting my high school friends, I traveled in a way that I had never dreamed possible. A true aficionado of exploring new cities and countries, I embarked on my first multidimensional travel. It was my third night in London and I had just returned back to my hotel room and retired to bed early, as I was still rather jet-lagged.

In that twilight stage somewhere between waking and sleeping, I suddenly felt myself being led or pulled out of my physical body by a strong, unseen force. I was abruptly transported to an unfamiliar, rather odd room. I was initially struck by its shape: it seemed to be composed of layers of geometric shapes, and it became apparent to me that this room had been constructed with the knowledge of sacred geometry. The room itself was almost entirely white, apart from a long, light-brown bench boasting a vista of a large glass window and whatever was beyond. As I gazed through this window from a distance, I could see a breathtaking garden. It had an incredibly natural, wild feeling to it, quite like that of a rainforest, yet all the plants seemed so meticulously and beautifully organized that I knew it had been planned and cultivated. I was in inexplicable awe of the wholesome beauty of this garden and each plant and flower in it; I had never seen any plants or flowers on planet earth that looked so alive, or that presented such unique colors, so vibrant and lively. My eyes remained fixed on their elegant movements; it was as though they were in a constant embrace and communication with one another.

Transfixed by their beauty, my attention was broken only when I heard a warm voice say to me, “Khartika, have a seat.” The voice itself was not audible; it was as though I had heard it through my mind, not my ears. As I proceeded to walk toward the brown bench to sit, I noticed three very tall light beings standing next to each other. They looked so similar that I could not tell the difference between them. I noticed that they exuded a very peaceful and loving collective presence. Once I took a seat, one of the light beings joined me on the brown bench and said to me, “Do not be alarmed. We are a force of we and us. We do not speak individually, but in unison instead.” Naturally my thoughts were racing as I tried in vain to comprehend where I was and what he had meant by “force of we and us.”

Unknowingly to me, he read my thoughts and replied, “We are in a state of a much higher vibrational frequency. It is of a much higher dimension. The nature of we is a collective factor of unity, free from the bias of the ‘I’ or the ego.”

I turned my head to gaze at him, thinking to myself, He must be so pure. That is why he is so bright, even brighter than the sun. I cannot even look at him. Maybe I’d be able to look at him using sunglasses?
Embarrassingly, he responded to my silly thoughts, “We laugh upon hearing your thoughts. You must remember that the humor in life is important, the laughter. Our existence is of a pure force, and we are based in a pure dimension of only wisdom, love, light, and knowledge.”

Deeply curious, I proceeded to question him: “Pure force? Does this mean that you cannot exist or come to earth?”

He answered, “We are unable to manifest there, as the pace of the vibrational frequency does not match ours.” While listening to him, I couldn’t help but notice a white flower in the garden that resembled a hybrid between a lily and a Venus fly trap. It began to move back and forth in an odd manner and then dripped a bright, golden-colored dew.

The light being continued to respond to my thoughts, answering, “The gold that you see is its ether. The color is gold because the essence has reached a high spiritual evolution.” Noting my confusion, he continued, “The flower that you see is the soul of its existence, while its ether is its energy.”
A smile flitted across my face and I asked, “So, sir, you are not made up of molecules as we humans are? Are you made up of light particles instead?”
I sensed that he smiled, too, as he replied, “Everything within this universe has an ether. Ether is the primary and most basic component of the universe. It is an energetic force derived from the universal force collision of intergalactic realms. It is an energy of constant and absolute state which does not fluctuate or dissipate through time. Ether existing within the human mind itself is a tunnel of force interconnected with the heartbeat.”

As he finished this sentence, the other two light beings moved and stood behind him. I looked at them curiously and asked, “Sir— I mean, the you guys force— I mean, the we force, sir... Oh, I don’t know how to address all of you. I guess, the we force sir. I don’t understand— what exactly is this ether that you are talking about? I mean, that you all are talking about?”

The light being seated next to me was silent for a moment before he replied, “Ether is energy. When one is speaking of the etheric realm, one is speaking of a differing layer of existence that exists in the human realm, not the physical in which many reside. The etheric realm is an existence of energetic composure. Unlike humans, whose lives simply revolve entirely around the physical realm and who are satisfied with just the physical stimuli of sensations and perceptions, many other beings of the intergalactic realms, in addition to using their souls, have turned to their energetic bodies as a means of communicating with each other. Governing the energetic body happens only after mastering the mind—the mind being the steering wheel. This is an automated action-reaction. Being a master of the energetic is being fully conscious of the energetic body and utilizing it to its full potential.”

Suddenly, he turned to me, his gaze locking onto mine, as though anticipating my next question: “Sir, does anyone on planet earth know of all this?”
He quickly responded, “Many adepts of your world in the past have successfully utilized this knowledge and used their energetic bodies as a means of communicating with us and other beings. They have also successfully traveled to the vastness of space. Khartika, every existence on every realm exists with the energetic dimensional layer. It serves as the true hologram of any particular realm itself; we are referring to earth specifically. You must trust us when we say that beings of other realms are fully conscious of their multidimensional existences.”
To this I replied, “So, sir, are you an energy too? Do you have the ether too?”
“We have completed the unity of our energetic body with the soul. But the two have always been united for us. Such is the nature of the we. Unity.” I was visibly in utter confusion and at a loss for words, so he kindly added, “You have to take everything step by step, not all at once. It will be too overwhelming. You will not remember all of our conversation, only some. What you remember will be enough to share with your kind. Some will be alarmed by what you have to share, but you must just allow it. Never fear, for fear is the worst destruction of the self. We are always within you, never fear.”

Confusion further clouded my thoughts and I felt undeniably and irretrievably lost. Desperately craving understanding, I asked him, “I don’t understand, sir. Who are you, really?”
He replied, “You won’t understand, for now it is not the time for you to fully understand. Many exciting experiences await you on your journey. Asking us who we are is similar to being in a forest with many trees and asking us which tree we are. Do you understand?”
I simply nodded in response, accepting this answer, though more than anything I wanted to know more.
After this we had further conversations which I cannot recall. The last thing I remember was him asking me, “Do you promise that you will do this?” to which I replied, “Yes, I promise.” And upon stating my promise to the light beings, I felt myself being propelled by a whirlwind-like force against my chest that sent me back into my physical body within an instant.

Upon returning to my physical body, I opened my eyes and quickly grabbed ahold of my watch. It was 5:03 a.m., which meant I’d been asleep for seven hours or so. I flung open my laptop and, determined to find any answers to the countless questions galloping through my mind, I proceeded to Google keywords related to my experience. To my dismay, the results were overwhelmingly disappointing and frustrating, most of them suggesting that a drug-induced hallucination had been the cause of my experience. I have never touched drugs, nor do I intend to ever use them. I was not drinking at the time, either, as I just don’t drink. Hence, the previously always-dependable Google disappointed me that early morning and left me alone to ponder on what had happened to me as the sun came up.

Before this enlightening experience, my interests had solely involved cooking and traveling around the world, not multidimensional realities! This experience jolted my belief system with such incredible force that I knew I would never view the world in the same way again.

Though you may feel accomplished and content living a life revolving entirely around material achievements, I can assure you that you will never feel complete until you learn to seek the truth about our universe. After taking a first bite from the apple of knowledge, your world, no matter how small it seemed before, will never be the same again. It is an exciting yet challenging journey. The decision is yours: whether to go forward or live in oblivion. Many have claimed that ignorance is bliss, but what good is bliss if it’s merely temporary? One day you, too, shall die, and what else will you be able to bring to the other side besides knowledge?
Understanding that the universe is indeed subtle and that within you is something that has been written about in countless sacred texts, requires a spark of curiosity within your own self. Stop the timing of the clock, for it is but a man-made illusion of hastiness, and instead focus on the virtue of patience. Patience and other good virtues are important stepping-stones on the path to multidimensional self-discovery. After all, your very nature is multidimensional, and you are living in a multidimensional world—whether you realize it or not!
In order to ascend a ladder, you must carefully align your feet on each step before proceeding to the next.

By opening this book, you have taken the first step and have reached a point where you must make the decision of either continuing up the ladder, or retreating back to the ground. The choice of whether or not you will discover your energetic abilities is entirely yours to make, for fate is but a door flung open by an unseen wind, while a journey is a self-pronounced opportunity that surfaces to us upon feeling fate’s touch. As everything within our universe is dictated not only through fate, but also through free will, you must make this discovery on your own. For your decision to do so will only receive the universe’s blessing upon your soul’s approval.

Khartika Goe has evolved from a rigorous academic background into ardently writing on the unknown and the mysteries of the universe. She recently went public with her own accounts of multidimensional travel in her groundbreaking article, "Adventures in Alternative Realities," which was published in 16 languages and sold in more than 30 countries by Nexus magazine.

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