Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Weird News of the Week

Drink all Night without getting Drunk

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UK's First Alien Abduction Support Group 

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Duckling Revenge

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Powdered Alcohol

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Laser Controls for Weather

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Creature of the Month: The Werecat of Britain by Nick Redfern

For decades, the British Isles have played host to a decidedly mysterious and marauding beast. It has become known as the “Alien Big Cat,” or the ABC. Some cryptozoolgists and monster-hunters suggest the puzzle is an even older one, maybe even dating back centuries. Regardless of when, exactly, the controversy began, the fact is that, pretty much every year, dozens upon dozens of reports surface of large cats roaming the wilder – and sometimes the not so wild – parts of Britain.

    Very often, the cats are described as being huge, muscular and black in color. This has given rise to the term “black panther,” which is actually incorrect, but frequently used by both the public and the press. It would be far more correct to suggest the creatures are probably leopards and jaguars displaying significant melanism – a condition in which there is an excess of a black pigment known as melanin.

    As for how such creatures have come to be seen across pretty much the entirety of the British Isles, the theories are as many as they are varied. Some researchers hold that the animals have escaped from private zoos and enclosures and are now living and thriving very nicely in the nation’s woods and forests.
  Others suggest that back in 1976, when the British Government significantly altered the rules and regulations governing the keeping of large, predatory animals, the owners of such cats – who couldn’t afford to pay the new fees – secretly released their pets into the wild. And, today, so the theory goes, what people are seeing are the descendents of those large cats set free in the 1970s.

    Other theories are far more controversial: one suggests the ABCs may have been with us since roughly AD 43, when invading Roman forces brought large cats to Britain in the form of mascots. Did some of those mascots escape and manage to survive and breed, largely undetected? Some say: Yes. Then there is the highly-charged theory that Britain has in its midst an unidentified indigenous cat – one that science and zoology have yet to recognize or categorize.

    Whatever the answer to the question of the origins of Britain’s ABCs, the fact is that their presence is pretty much accepted by the general public and the media – although largely not by the government, which prefers to play down the matter whenever and wherever possible. But they are not literal monsters: they’re simply regular animals, albeit seen in distinctly out of place environments, correct? Well…maybe not. They just might be monsters, after all.

    Although many ABC researchers cringe and squirm when the matter is brought up, the fact is there are more than a few reports on record that place the ABCs in a category that is less flesh and blood-based and far more paranormally-themed. There are cases of the ABCs vanishing – literally – before the eyes of astonished witnesses. People report large black cat encounters in old graveyards, within ancient stone circles, and even – on a few occasions – in association with UFO sightings. And then there is…something else.

    I have in my files four cases – spanning 1953 to 1988 – in which witnesses to ABCs described the creatures rearing up onto their hind legs. Yes, we are talking about nothing less than huge, black, bipedal cats. All of which brings us to the world of shape-shifters.

    Throughout history, folklore and mythology, one can find accounts of shape-shifting creatures, with the most famous example surely being the werewolf. The deadly monster of the full moon is far from being alone, however. In Africa, there are legends of werehyenas. Wererats have been reported in Oregon. Cynanthropy is a condition in which a person believes they can shape-shift into the form of a dog. And then there are werecats.

    Tales of werecats exist in numerous locations: South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Sometimes the werecats are nothing less than transformed humans. Leopards, lions, tigers and jaguars are typically the werecat forms into which a human shape-shifter mutates. Others are regular cats, altered by dark magic into something hostile and terrible. All of which brings us back to the werecats of Britain.

    As I noted above, the earliest case I have on file dates from 1953, specifically the month of August. The location: Abbots Bromley, a village in the English county of Staffordshire; the origins of which date back to at least AD 942. The witness was a now-deceased man, Brian Kennerly. In 2002, Kennerly’s family told me of how he often spoke of the occasion when, as he walked through Abbots Bromley on what was a warm, summer’s night, he was confronted by a large black cat – one that he described as the typical “black panther.”

    Not surprisingly, Kennerly was frozen in his tracks. His amazement turned to outright fear when the beast suddenly rose up onto its back limbs, giving it a height of around five and a half feet. The creature reportedly issued a low growl and flicked its dangling front paws in Kennerly’s direction. Notably, Kennerly’s daughter told me her father said that as the ABC rose up, “its back legs changed shape, probably to support it when it was standing upright.” A few seconds later, the creature dropped back to the ground and bounded out of sight.

    A similar report, this one from the centuries-old village of Blakeney – in the English county of Norfolk – occurred in 1967. In this case, the witness, who was driving to Blakeney on a cold, winter’s night, caught a brief glimpse of a creature standing at the side of the road that was eerily similar to the one seen by Brian Kennerly fourteen years previously. In this case, the woman said: “It stood like a person, but stooped, but had a cats head. Even the pointed ears.”

    The final two cases in my files are separated by seven years – 1981 and 1988 – but the location was the same: the German War Cemetery located within the heavily wooded Cannock Chase, Staffordshire. The Chase has long been a hotbed for weirdness: Bigfoot-type creatures, werewolves, huge serpents, ghosts, UFOs and much more of a supernatural nature have been reported in the depths of the Chase.

    As for the two reports of werecat-type creatures seen at the cemetery, one was a daytime event involved a beast that was black in color, taller than the average man, and seen leaning on one of the gravestones. That is, until it realized it was being watched and it dropped to all-fours and raced off into the trees. The second case concerned a van-driver crossing the Chase late at night and who was forced to bring his vehicle to a halt – very near the cemetery - as a result of the presence in the road of a huge black cat. It was a cat that stared intently at the shocked driver, until it “sort of jumped onto its back legs.” According to the man, Don Allen, the creature remained in view for no more than about twenty seconds, after which it headed towards the cemetery, making a curious “hopping and bouncing” movement as it did so.

    Are infernal werecats really roaming the British Isles? Granted, the number of reports is small. And yet, the witnesses – and, in the case of Briain Kennerly, his family – are adamant that what they encountered were large, black, upright cats that displayed vaguely human characteristics. Perhaps the old myths and legends are not just folklore after all. Just maybe, the monstrous werecat really does roam the old landscapes of the British Isles… 

Nick Redfern is the author of many books, including Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind due out June of 2014. He has appeared on more than 70 TV shows, including: Fox News; the BBC’s Out of This World; the SyFy Channel’s Proof Positive; the History Channel’s Monster Quest, America’s Book of Secrets, Ancient Aliens, and UFO Hunters; the National Geographic Channel’s Paranatural; and MSNBC’s CountdownNick writes regularly for UFO Magazine, Mysterious Universe, and Fate.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Positive News of the Week

Solar Power in the Dark

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Jane Richard is Boston Strong

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Pacemaker Powered by the Heart

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True Sportsmanship by 8 year-old Brendan

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A Heartfelt Reunion

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The Tooth Fairy Letter

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

We are excited to share that The Power of Angels will be releasing early next week.  In honor of Spring celebrations we have decided to share a portion from Chapter 1: Angels Exist

Divine Messengers
The word angel is derived from the Greek word angelos, meaning messenger. Whenever we pray to God, it is our guardian angels who deliver our requests to a higher power. Answers from a higher power are always given, even when we feel we have been unheard because no physical improvement has manifested. Sometimes, the best help we can receive is for our prayer requests “not” to be granted. We need to trust that the angels are helping us in the best possible way. Some prayer requests can take more time to be answered; there may be other things that need to be learned, overcome, or experienced before you can receive your answer. Other times, it is for our own good that we do not get what we asked for, because it would not serve us well in the long run.

We have a limited view of what we feel is good for us compared to that of a higher power, which can clearly see the best path we need to take. Whenever you ask the angels for their help, you also invite God to join you in making the best decisions together. In doing so, you will find a more positive outcome is achieved than by making your own decisions and relying solely on your rational mind.

Many people worry about talking to their angels because they believe that they should send their prayer requests directly to God, and that all praise for any spiritual help should go to God. Angels do not want to be worshipped in any way, and any praise and thanks for the blessings and guidance you receive in your life should always be directed to God. Angels are created beings who are sent by God to do His will to help minister to us. Therefore, when you pray directly to God, then God will send you His angels to help you. However, God also gave you free will to ask a higher power for assistance, so whenever you ask your guardian angel for help then you will also naturally connect to God’s love because you are reaching out to God through your angel. The angels are Divine messengers, so they are very happy for you to ask them for their assistance.

 “Ask and it Is Given”
In the Holy Bible (Matthew 7:7) we are told, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Whenever you go within and you ponder different things about your life, your destiny, and other questions that perplex you, then you are seeking answers from a source that is greater than yourself alone. This process of thinking will begin to activate spiritual assistance within your life to help guide you toward finding the answers that you are seeking. God has heard your internal questioning and He is now bringing you the answers that you need to help you move forward in your life. The rest is up to you, and this is what it means to co-create with a higher power.

God moves, you move, and then God will move again within your life. If you don’t move, then what you really want is not going to get handed to you just because you asked God for it. You earn spiritual blessings and God’s favor when you are willing to grow in spiritual maturity and become responsible for the way you live your life. God has a great plan for your life if you are willing to listen, and He is sending you His holy angels to help you in all your ways. Angels are innumerable (it is said that there are too many to count), so there are more than enough angels to help you, and there are more than enough angels to help every single person who is alive today.

Angels are not allowed to intervene in your life without your direct permission to do so. This is because God has given you free will to create your life through your own choices. You can try to do it all on your own, or you can ask for spiritual help, which will make your life a lot easier. The first stage of awakening in spiritual maturity is to know that you need to lean on a higher power to help you create a happy and fulfilling life. God has all the answers you need to help you overcome any problems, obstacles, and adversities in your life. There is nothing you cannot cope with, with God on your side, and when God is for you, then there is nothing more powerful that can ever be against you.

Angels are naturally drawn anywhere where there is a celebration of love. They will attend marriages, engagements, births, and birthdays, and they also attend funerals. Angels will accompany the newly deceased spirit, who will usually attend his or her own funeral service, as well as offering healing comfort to the grieving. Angels will always congregate anywhere where praise and worship for their creator God are being lovingly and sincerely given. Wherever the angels have been, they will also leave us subtle signs of their presence. Angel signs are usually symbolic in nature and are twofold; they can let us know that the angels are around us, and they can also help us to gain answers and insight into what we need to know. Signs left by the angels can appear everywhere and also come in a variety of ways. The main purpose of these angel signs is to try and reach our conscious awareness to their presence so that we can deepen our faith and belief in a higher power.

Our rational mind needs something tangible to help us connect with the angels as most people are “seeing before believing” kinds of people. Angel signs can diminish in frequency when you no longer always need to receive them in order to believe that they have heard your request. However, there are also lots of people who feel that the angels are simply not listening to them, all because they do not physically hear them or physically see them. They may be waiting for a loud angelic voice to answer them, or waiting to witness an angelic being standing before them, and because of this, they will automatically block out all other avenues of contact. As spiritual beings, the angels will mainly try to reach you through supernatural means. In other words, they will work through your intuitive nature, higher mind, and your conscience to help get your attention and to deliver insightful messages to you. Do not miss out on the loving wise counsel of the celestial realm because you expect to have different communication results. You will find out all about angelic signs and messages in Chapter 3.

Angels are sent by God to help protect you from physical harm, guide you along the right path, and nudge you back on track whenever you deviate from your life purpose. The angel that is best able and most suitable to do this job is your very own guardian angel.

Guardian Angels
Guardian angels are assigned to each individual to guard, guide, and protect him or her until it is her time to cross over to the spirit world. Your guardian angel is with you from the moment you are born and will stay by your side, lovingly helping you from behind the scenes throughout your entire lifetime. The only time that your guardian angel can intervene and help you, without your direct permission to do so, is if you are in mortal danger. This is often known as angelic intervention, and there have been many fascinating stories from around the world of mysterious strangers helping to save people in their hour of need only to disappear again before any thanks can be given.

Guardian angels work overtime on our behalf and often help to divert us from potential harm, and all unbeknown to us. They can do this by gently influencing us to maybe drive a different route to work, to walk a different path home, or to delay us from going somewhere planned. Angels can help to misplace items such as our car keys and our house keys, and they can even temporarily prevent our car from starting if need be, all for our greatest good. We often get angry, frustrated, and irritable when these things happen, and yet our angels are still happy to help us without any gratitude on our part because we are unaware of how we are being protected. The next time you are delayed in some way and it is totally out of your control, take a moment to think that it could possibly be your guardian angel intervening in some way, which will always be for your greatest good, even if it doesn’t seem to be that way at the time.

Your guardian angel has felt all of your emotions, both happy and sad, and is also aware of your concerns and fears, along with your hopes, desires, and dreams. Guardian angels know what your greatest potential is in this lifetime, and they want to help you reach it. They will do their best to gently influence you to go in the right direction so that you can accomplish your life’s tasks and fulfill your spiritual lessons. Your guardian angel will seek to remind you to get back on track whenever you deviate from your original life plan. Guardian angels do this in numerous ways, such as intervening in your dream state to help reveal a significant message to you so that it filters through into your conscious mind. Dreams are often used to reach a person, especially when the person is mentally stressed and therefore unable to connect to his or her intuition, the avenue by which the angels most like to reach us. However, if a person goes way off his or her intended path and all else fails to reach him, then his guardian angel will also allow what are known as “wake-up-calls” to enter the person’s life, as this is what will be needed to help the person to re-evaluate his or her current life direction.

These wake-up calls often include temporary struggles and difficulties that can also serve as opportunities for spiritual growth. Once you have gained what you needed to receive from the wake-up call, or once you have re-evaluated the current direction of your life path, with the intention of making positive and significant change, then you will overcome your adversity and you will begin to move forward in your life, gaining in spiritual strength and achieving a new level of spiritual maturity.

Many people wonder if their guardian angel is male or female, but angels are androgynous (neither male nor female), and they do not marry or have relationships in the same way as we do. However, when you learn how to spiritually see and sense your guardian angel around you, then you may find that they will appear to you as either male or female, or you can sense a feminine energy or a masculine energy associated with them. They do this for your benefit and to help you connect with them in a way that you are most comfortable with.

Your guardian angel in its natural state is a glorious spirit being of high vibrational light energies that are translucent to your physical vision. To give you some kind of idea about their natural state, just think about being outdoors on a glorious sunny day and notice the light emanations sparkling all around you, which up close to you will look light dancing dots of light. You can now imagine a beautiful angel with this magical form of dancing dots of light energies pulsating all around it. Guardian angels can sparkle with different colored light energies and frequencies, and you can sometimes catch a very quick glimpse of these angel sparkles with your physical vision.

Thinking about your guardian angel will begin to draw your angel close to your aura, and this will help you to begin your initial connection with your guardian angel. Angels are energetic beings and so are we (we have a spiritual anatomy as well as a physical anatomy), and energy follows thought, so when we think of our guardian angel, this mental process will help to create an energetic link directly to our guardian angel, and then our guardian angel will gladly do what it can to let us know it is close by. The most important way for you to actively begin your connection with your guardian angel is to simply ask it for its spiritual assistance.

Practical Exercise: How to Start Your Angelic Connection
The initial way you go about asking your guardian angel for help is to simply form and hold a strong mental intention to connect with your guardian angel. Remember: Energy follows thought, which creates your spiritual link directly to your guardian angel. It really is as simple and as easy as that to help you first activate the connection. Use the following three step-by-step instructions to help guide you through the quick and easy process of connecting with your guardian angel:
1.                  Ask.
2.                  Have faith and surrender.
3.                  Take inspired action.

Mentally send your intention to your guardian angel stating your desire to connect. Now clearly ask a question within your mind as specifically as you can. One you require some guidance or help with. Example: “Dear angel, can you please help me to find the best romantic partner for my greatest good? Thank you.” (Stating “for my greatest good” will allow a higher power to override anything that is not beneficial for you.) You have now activated angel power to work for you within your life because you have reached out to a higher power for spiritual assistance, instead of trying to figure things out all on your own.

Have Faith and Surrender
This next stage will require you to leave your request in the hands of a higher power with the faith that your request is being dealt with. Whenever you let go and surrender your requests to a higher power, it is your faith that will determine how quickly you begin to draw spiritual assistance toward you to help you within your life. Developing faith in a higher power is a sign of spiritual maturity. During this waiting period you are also not meant to be concerned with the time frame of how long it will take for your specific request to be manifested/fulfilled/delivered. It may take days, weeks, months, or even years, depending on what you need to experience, learn, overcome, or fulfill. If what you asked for doesn’t get delivered to you, then you will soon find that there is something even greater to come just around the corner for you, which will also be more beneficial to you in the long run. You are to simply believe that your request is being dealt with and in Divine timing you will receive Divine direction, instruction, intervention, or delivery when heaven is ready to move. Lots of things go on behind the scenes of your life in the spiritual realms that are unseen to you before they become part of your physical existence. Having faith during this waiting period will ensure that you keep the energetic line of connection held between you and your angel open and free of interference.

Take Inspired Action
This third and final step requires you to take inspired action if any action is needed on your part to help you receive your specific request. This is the power of co-creating. Let’s go back to the example of asking your guardian angel for help to find you romantic love. It has been several months now since your request and you have not yet met anyone, but even so, you have kept the lines of connection to your guardian angel open through the faith you have that this will eventually happen. One day, you feel the intuitive pull to visit a new coffee shop for lunch in a completely different area of town, and you decide to go. While there, you bump into an old friend who is with his or her friend, who is also single and looking for love. You both feel a spark of chemistry ignite between you, and so it begins! All of this happened in this way because your guardian angel began whispering its helpful guidance to you, positively influencing you to cross paths with your old friend.

What to Ask Your Guardian Angel
You can ask your guardian angel to help you with any request you may have. You are not wasting your guardian angel’s time when you ask for assistance, as guardian angels are always happy to help you. Try to be as specific as possible in your requests and simply address them to “angel” or “guardian angel.” Here are several examples of what you can ask your guardian angel to help you with.
Dear guardian angel:
·                     Please can you help me to find a peaceful solution to a problem that is currently ongoing?
·                     Please can you help me with the process of forgiveness?
·                     Please can you help me to forgive myself?
·                     Please can you send me healing energy for (be specific)?
·                     Please can you help me to overcome my weakness with (be specific)?
·                     Please can you help me to create more abundance in my life?
·                     Please can you help me to find romantic love or friendship?
·                     Please can you help to inspire me with new creative ideas?
·                     Please can you help me in the development of my creative gifts and talents?
·                     Please can you help to protect me during my journey?
·                     Please can you help me with my spiritual growth and development?
·                     Please can you help me to find my lost object? (Be specific.)
·                     Please can you help me to find a parking space?

Now that you have received several examples of what to ask your guardian angel, you can begin to ask your own unique questions. Sometimes we don’t get simply because we don’t ask.

Important Warning
Never ever ask the angels to help you hurt or harm another person. They will never do that, as they are unconditional and loving spiritual beings in alignment with the will of God and in doing so, you will also incur karma. Karma can be incurred with your intentions as well as with your actions. What you think, feel, and do generates a specific vibration in your aura. The quality of energy that you give out, you will also attract back to you, or, as the following sayings go, “what goes around, comes around”; “like attracts like”; and “cause and effect.” Negative thoughts, revengeful thoughts, hateful thoughts, angry thoughts, and judgmental thoughts will all help to interfere with the quality of your energy vibration, and they will drain and weaken your energy frequency, limiting your aura power. A drained and weakened energy frequency will interfere with your angelic connection, it will also interfere with your physical health, and it will certainly interfere with your ability to co-create your dreams and desires, because you will lack the “aura power” you need to make them happen. It does not serve you to hold any negativity within you because if you do you are simply attacking your own power to be successful, healthy, and happy.
Angels do not take sides and they will work in alignment with your greatest good and for the good of all to help bring peace and harmony. If you are looking for justice then you need to leave this in the hands of God to deal with. If you have an ongoing dispute with someone, then your guardian angel can interact with the other person’s guardian angel to try to find a suitable and peaceful solution that can be of benefit to all involved. Of course, free will is still honored and oftentimes someone’s anger, stubbornness, or the need to be right or more powerful will counteract and override any good influence given to him by his guardian angel.

When Requests Are Not Answered
There are four main reasons why our requests do not get answered or receive immediate angelic assistance:

1.                  Pre-chosen spiritual lessons and certain life experiences: This is for the purpose of helping our soul to progress and to achieve what we set out to achieve.
2.                  Karma: The quality of energy that we give out we will also attract back to us. It is our responsibility to develop our spiritual maturity so that we can live in alignment with God’s laws of Divine truth and Divine love. In other words, to live in the light, so that you will create more light, add more light to the world, and attract more light.
3.                  Not in alignment with God’s will and for our greatest good: What we have asked for simply does not agree with God’s will for our lives and does not serve our greatest good in the long run.
4.                  We are not ready: We are simply not ready to receive what it is we want because we have more preparation work to do beforehand. We may need to develop our gifts and talents, to increase our knowledge and wisdom, to attain a higher level of spiritual growth, or to experience certain life lessons.

To finish this chapter I will leave you with a powerful angel affirmation that you can say whenever you feel the need for protection, guidance, and support. Saying this affirmation will help you to activate angel power in your life by drawing God’s holy angels near to you.
“Angels, angels everywhere, protecting, guiding, and showing me they care!”

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Weird News of the Week

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Positive News of the Week

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Weird News of the Week

Glow-in-the-Dark Trees

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