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Creature of the Month The Monster of the Castle by Nick Redfern

Back in the 1930s, a strange and sinister story surfaced of a diabolical beast rumored to haunt an old Irish castle. According to two ghost authorities of that long gone era, Marchioness Townshend and Maude Ffoulkes, “...the truth of this story was vouched for to Mr. Reginald Span by the Vicar of the Anglican Church, Arizona, as it happened to some friends of his when they once rented a picturesque castle in the South of Ireland.” And, with that said, read on.

    So the very weird saga goes, late one particular night, in the latter part of the 19th century, a certain “Mrs. A” was sitting alone in one of the castle’s bedrooms, awaiting the return of her husband. Suddenly, there was the distinct and unmistakable sound of one of the doors banging in the corridor outside the room. More disturbingly, footsteps could be heard, too. Someone or something was creeping around the old castle. Grabbing a lit candle, Mrs. A carefully and slowly opened the door and, to her eternal horror, saw a darkened, shadowy form heading towards the staircase.

    Evidently, the entity realized its presence had been noticed, and it turned to face the by now fear-stricken Mrs. A. It was at this point that her terror was elevated to stratospheric proportions. The thing was apparitional in nature, and possessed the head of a man, but the body of a mighty, hair-covered ape. For a moment or several, it glared malevolently at Mrs. A, before vanishing into nothingness. The story is not over, however.

    Several nights later, the woman’s husband also saw the animal-man, after his attention was drawn to the shadows of the landing, from where distinctly unsettling and creepy laughter was emanating. On looking up, Mr. A was confronted by a beast that – just as the man’s wife said – had the body of a large and hairy ape and the head of a man – and a most ugly man, too.

    Interestingly, Mr. A evidently got a better look at the creature than did Mrs. A, and he could see that the hair of the monster appeared to be of a red / brown color. In what sounds like some sort of bizarre nightmare, as the man headed up the stairs to confront the man-thing, the terrible laughter got louder and echoed through the old halls of the castle. Not surprisingly, at the last moment the man thought far better of his actions and raced for the safety of the bedroom.

    For a few days, things were mercifully quiet. It was a situation that was not destined to remain so for too long, however. While arranging flowers one afternoon in the drawing-room, Mrs. A suddenly felt a pair of hands on her shoulders, and, thinking it was her daughter she spun around, only to be confronted by the cackling creature, looming over her at a height that easily exceeded six feet.

    Mrs. A screamed for help, and, as a friend came running, the strange and unearthly entity vanished into absolute nothingness – just as it had before. And, for the family, by now enough was well and truly enough: They packed their bags and returned to the United States.

    Perhaps of relevance to this story are the following words, as related to me by friend and fellow researcher, Ronan Coghlan: “There is an Irish word, gruagach, which can mean a magician, giant or ogre, but that actually means ‘the hairy one.’ The question must be asked if this contains any sort of reminiscence of hairy man-beasts prowling the Irish countryside.”

    It may very well, given what Ronan has to say next: “A Norse work of the 13th Century mentions the capture of a wild man in Ireland with a mane running down its back.” The work in question, and that Ronan is talking about, was called Konungs Skuggsja, or, alternatively, Speculum Skuggsjo. It describes the Irish wild man by the name of the gelt, and his peculiar condition as geltacht. A careful examination of the text of the centuries-old book reveals the following about this strange Irish entity:

    “There is also one thing which will seem very wonderful about men who are called gelt. It happens that when two hosts meet and are arrayed in battle-array, and when the battle-cry is raised loudly on both sides, that cowardly men run wild and lose their wits from the dread and fear which seize them. And then they run into a wood away from other men, and live there like wild beasts, and shun the meeting of men like wild beasts.

    “And it is said of these men that when they have lived in the woods in that condition for twenty years then feathers grow on their bodies as on birds, whereby their bodies are protected against frost and cold, but the feathers are not so large that they may fly like birds. Yet their swiftness is said to be so great that other men cannot approach them, and greyhounds just as little as men. For these people run along the trees almost as swiftly as monkeys or squirrels.”

    Thereafter, we are told, the gelt lived as a definitive outcast, roaming the land of Ireland in search of three things, and three only: Water to drink, water-cress to dine upon, and ivy-bushes on which to sleep.

    With that said, I will leave you with a question to ponder on: is it possible that the spectral, half-man, half-beast seen in the old castle, and as described by Mr. and Mrs. A, was the ghostly form of a long-dead gelt, come back from the grave to haunt an old Irish castle in the latter part of the 19th century? Don’t bet against it… 

Nick Redfern is the author of many books, including The Pyramids and the Pentagon; The Real Men in Black; The NASA Conspiracies; Keep Out!; Contactees; Memoirs of a Monster Hunter; and The World’sWeirdest PlacesHe has appeared on more than 70 TV shows, including: Fox News; the BBC’s Out of This World; the SyFy Channel’s Proof Positive; the History Channel’s Monster Quest, America’s Book of Secrets, Ancient Aliens, and UFO Hunters; the National Geographic Channel’s Paranatural; and MSNBC’s CountdownNick writes regularly for UFO Magazine, Mysterious Universe, and Fate.

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On the Edge of Reality Now Available

We are excited to announce that On the Edge of Reality by Colin and Susan Andrews is now available.  

A global expansion of consciousness is underway.  As predicted by ancient prophecy, old ways of thinking and of seeing the world are shifting.  Mind-stretching new phenomena are challenging current reality.  New frontiers of science are disclosing a connection between our consciousness and physical reality. As consciousness changes, so do our perceptions.  The door is opening to a new reality.
Here we share an excerpt from Chapter 9: Luminous Orbs.

Orbs are a subset of the UFO phenomenon that appear in two very different aspects. The first are luminosities in the sky with unique features. They are typically seen at close range and can be quite small. They sometimes appear to have structure or at least substance, but most of the time appear as luminous spheres of various sizes. Their behavior exhibits intelligence, and they interact with elements of the environment. Consistent with Foo Fighters, the ones I have experienced in crop circles behave as though they are probes investigating people, places, and events. Having said that, nothing in the UFO realm is ever totally consistent!
The second type of orb is a relatively new phenomenon. This type shows up in photographs and is not seen with the naked eye when the picture is taken. They are of varying size and are often confused with the much more common artifact of a camera flash reflecting off dust or water droplets. This typically happens in low light when a flash is used, or when another light source creates a reflection off the dust mote or water droplet. The vast majority of photographs I have analyzed have turned out to be camera artifacts, yet this does not explain all of them.

The New Phenomena of Photographic Orbs
When I first began investigating photographic orbs, I honestly couldn’t see what the fuss was all about. It seemed clear they were the artifacts of light reflection off objects that was interacting with the camera lens. However, a few pictures were taken in conditions that did not fit those needed to create such an effect. In addition, photos taken in quick succession often show an orb in one photo and not in other photos taken only fractions of a second before and after. This made me sit up and take notice.
The vast majorities of photographs that reveal orbs were shot in sacred spaces such as stone circles, temples, and ancient sites, or are taken during spiritual ceremony or special moments, or are related to exquisite nature sites. They are frequently seen in photos of pregnant women and in family photos in the weeks after someone has died. When my father-in-law died, my sister-in-law was pregnant. It was a wonderful confirmation of my father’s-in-law presence when an orb showed up in pictures taken of my sister-in-law during this time.
Orbs are usually related to an elevation of spirit, and what sets them apart from camera artifacts are the stories people tell about the timing and what the orb meant to them when they saw it. The orbs usually arrive during highly significant moments for the photographer or people in the picture. 
Our friend Meg Blackburn Losey, bestselling author of The Children of Now series, describes feeling compelled to step away from a group she was part of to take pictures while in Christchurch, New Zealand. Later, she understood why, as she saw the array of meaningfully placed orbs in the photographs.
Orbs may show up in pictures as a single entity or in large and small groups. They may appear randomly all over the photograph or in geometric arrays. They are often white but can be fringed with color or have rainbows going through them. They often appear as self-luminous spheres and may have structured geometric patterns. Although often appearing in low light conditions, I have seen them in photographs taken in full daylight as well.
Skeptics believe new phenomenon arrived with the onset of digital cameras, yet older cameras produce them as well. A significant encounter I had with photographic orbs occurred in 1990 at the International MUFON Conference held in Chicago and broke through my skeptical mindset. This was my first appearance at a conference in the United States where I was presenting alongside a number of well-known speakers. During the lecture several people took my picture from several different vantage points and at different times during the lecture.
After speaking, I was to meet Dr. Steven Greer for the first time. When we met he apologized, saying he wanted to attend my lecture but was physically exhausted and needed to lie down. He then added, “Don’t worry, I didn’t miss a thing. I astral projected into the room and heard it all.”
At the time I laughed and didn’t think anything more about it. When I returned to England after the conference, I was looking at photographs taken by my wife on our 35mm camera. One photograph in a series she took during my lecture showed a white, luminous transparent orb floating just behind my head as I stood at the podium. Shortly after, I received two more photographs from two attendees. Both pictures, taken at different times with different cameras from different positions, had captured what appeared to be the same orb. All were identical in size, shape, color, and transparency. If they were all camera artifacts I would expect different models of camera to produce different orbs. It must also be noted that this was well before digital cameras.

A photograph showing an orb taken during the 
1990 International MUFON Conference in Chicago

Steve Greer suggests they were pictures of his astral body. Many intuitives claim orbs are the vehicles of disembodied consciousness: the baby about to be born or the spirit leaving this world. Some people believe they are a vehicle for ghosts. I was surprised one day to catch a glimpse of an old Walt Disney cartoon with a ghost in it. When the ghost moved, it transformed into a ball of light and looked much like these orbs. I often thought Walt Disney was a visionary; I just didn’t realize he might have interacted with this realm.
Many people believe the photographic orbs are depictions of high spiritual energy. As with the crop circles, it doesn’t make sense to waste time on the question of whether the photographic orbs are produced by a mysterious phenomenon or are a camera artifact. It might be more important to ask if the arrival of the orb has significance. After all, if the force behind high-strangeness events can interact with us, could they not orchestrate dust particles interacting with camera lenses? The questions become: What synchronicity was in play and what sacred dance enacted?

Real-Time Orbs
Real-time orbs are sky-lights that are luminescent and usually white or reddish-orange, although they have occasionally been reported as metallic blue. They do not flicker, emit smoke trails, produce sound, or discharge flames. They are able to maneuver very close to the ground, hover motionless, and move at unimaginable speeds in an instant. People who see them typically report a sense of being perceived by the orb and interacted with. Though they do appear as single objects, they are most often seen in small groups. When in groups, they tend to fly in geometric formations. Many people feel orbs are spirits as opposed to a vehicle, though they sometimes seem to attach and detach from a larger craft and become part of the light arrangement of the structured UFO.
One of the main differences between orbs and other types of UFOs is the capacity in which they seem to function. Orbs come up close and personal, appearing to investigate humans and what we do. They are decidedly interactive and are able to produce thoughts in people’s minds.

Phoenix, Arizona (1995)
Although Dr. Lynne Kitei’s involvement with UFOs is often categorized as having begun on March 13, 1997, with the appearance of the Phoenix Lights, her actual experiences began with orbs in 1995.
Lynne was in the shower when she heard her husband, also a physician, call from the bedroom for her to come to and look out the window at what he was seeing. Their house is on a mountainside and the bedroom overlooks Phoenix; the wall is one big window. When she looked out, she saw three amber orbs forming a triangle less than 100 yards away. She particularly noticed that the light of the orbs did not glare like other city lights; they had a special quality. Lynne relates that the top orb began disappearing. She grabbed her camera and took photos of it while it was still very dim, just before it faded completely.
Even though the light was gone, Lynne somehow felt that it was still present. Moving outside, she took more photos while noticing an unusual silence: There were no birds, wind, or other typical noises. As she watched the two remaining orbs, she had the distinct feeling that they were aware of her watching them before they, too, dimmed and went out. At this time, Lynne knew nothing of such phenomena and never had an interest. When the photos she took were taken to be developed, the clerk gave her back the negatives with no prints; the negatives were blank. Instead of throwing out the negatives, Lynne saved them.
Lynne and her husband did not see the orbs again for two years. Then, on January 22, 1997, she again saw three amber orbs, this time equally spaced in a straight line. They were only visible for a short period before they imploded and disappeared. The next day, January 23rd, the three orbs returned, this time in front of South Mountain and below the red warning lights placed to guide air traffic away from the mountain. Once again, Lynne grabbed her camera. Although fully charged, it went dead.
When her husband came home half an hour later, Lynne pointed to where she saw the orbs, describing to her husband what she had seen. Immediately the orbs returned in the same spot, a line of six then slowly forming a V-shape that appeared to cover an area of about a mile. Lynne phoned the FAA and talked with one of the air traffic controllers. The controller became excited since he also had seen the lights. He stated that the orbs had not shown up on radar.
There were no more sightings of the orbs until March 1, 1997, when Lynne had another short sighting. On March 13th, when the mass Phoenix Lights sighting occurred, Lynne and her husband did not see the large craft that everyone else saw; they saw one light at about 8:20 p.m. At 9:20 they saw another lone light. As they watched the 10 p.m. news, another line of six lights appeared outside their window. Lynne grabbed the camera as three disappeared, leaving her to photograph the remaining three.
Another surprise awaited Lynne. After the March 13th sighting she started to feel compelled to take the negatives of the earlier pictures she took of the orbs that showed nothing back to the developer. She told me in a conversation that she actually heard a voice instructing her. She did take the negatives back and this time asked for prints to be developed even though the negatives were blank. The prints revealed four orbs hovering over the city.

Stratford, England (July 14, 2007)
A set of five orbs brought the town of Stratford, England, to a halt on July 14, 2007, when hundreds stopped to watch what was happening above the town. Five orange orbs hovered in the sky for close to half an hour. It started with four; three formed a triangle, and the fourth was off to the side. After a short time they were joined by a fifth orb that arrived traveling toward the others at breakneck speed before slowing down and stopping a short distance away. At that point people had emptied out of pubs and area homes to watch. The orbs emitted no sound and were stationary for approximately a half hour before moving slowly beyond the horizon. Local resident Tom Hawkes states that there were no stars in the sky, only the lights.

Castle Rock, Washington (November 10, 2012)
A recent report of an orb sighting is posted on the National UFO Reporting CenterWebsite. The sighting was witnessed by a retired commercial pilot who has been flying since 1977. The event occurred three miles east of Castle Rock, Washington, between Castle Rock and Silver Lake. The sky was dark and clear with no cloud ceiling. The man was driving home when he encountered three reddish-orange glowing spheres arranged in an equilateral triangle and hovering at close range. The driver lost sight of the objects as they went behind trees, re-emerging within seconds. The objects were so close the driver almost stopped, fearing they would block the road. He continued driving and the three glowing orbs maintained distance. The orbs were silent, and did not blink, rotate, or change color. They were very bright and were about the size of a dime held at arm’s length away. Initially he couldn’t tell if the orbs were actually lights on the corners of a triangular craft. When he pulled into his driveway, the orbs maneuvered into a straight, equally spaced line. As if they had been escorting him home, they shot into the air and disappeared.Calls to the Cowlitz County Sheriff and Castle Rock Police revealed that no one else had phoned in the sighting. Although the driver wishes to remain anonymous, his report was investigated and the pilot’s integrity confirmed by former police officer James Clarkson. The pilot asserts that he is trained to be highly conversant with aircraft, and these were not aircraft navigation lights, emergency lights, landing lights, helicopters, lighter-than-air craft, weather balloons, flares, Chinese lanterns, or meteorological events.

Orbs in Crop Circles
Some of the best photographic evidence of orbs has been shot within crop circles, probably because of their location in the English countryside. In England the phenomenon of orbs is ancient. They have been called Earth Lights, Amber Gamblers (orange globe), and Spirit Lights, to name a few. They are often associated with sacred sites such as Stonehenge, Avebury, and ancient burial mounds. One of the hills in Wiltshire is named Golden Ball Hill, a tribute to the number of orbs seen in the area for hundreds of years.
Reports of orbs in crop circles are described with various colors, but always exhibit behavior suggesting they are aware of their surroundings. From the earliest reports, it appeared evident they were purposeful. Remarkably, one film shows an 18-inch solid white orb seeming to separate the crop as it crossed the fields with an apparent interest in investigating a formation.
The best footage was shot by Steve Alexander, who was on Milk Hill in Wiltshire, England, with his wife, Jen, filming two crop circles. A farmhand, Mr. Leon Besant, was harvesting the adjacent field. In the film, Steve pans from one crop formation to the other. He was just getting ready to pack his video camera when he and Jen saw something flickering in the field. At first they thought it was a bird.
Steve zoomed in on the flickering to pick up an orb gliding over the crop toward one of the formations. The orb showed interest in an area of cereal crop within a few feet of one design, hovering about three feet above the ground. At times it actually moved into the tractor tire marks known as tramlines, almost touching the ground. Then it rose up a few feet and did a circuit that took it around the crop circle. Picking up speed, it headed toward the next field where Mr. Besant was driving his tractor.
It maneuvered over the hedgerow, lifting over the trees at the field’s boundary to head directly at Besant. The orb approached the farmer’s back and, as Besant turned the tractor to cross the field, he stopped short to watch the orb pass over his head and then continue toward the south. Besant had no idea that what he saw and reported to his boss was captured on Alexander’s film.
Analysis of the video with light contrast showed that the orb was a solid object. After moving over the farmer, it suddenly rose at a sharp angle into the sky and disappeared from view. I interviewed Mr. Besant, and he confirmed that he saw the white orb traveling up and over his head. He was very excited to see the film that validated his experience. Steve Alexander’s video can be seen on YouTube.
On the July 8, 2010, an excellent photograph was taken by Bob Schindler of a solid looking orb maneuvering above a field that has been involved in much crop circle activity. As Bob took the shot, the orb was stationary and floating just above ground level. When he and his friend first saw it, they thought it was on old helium balloon. Then it began to move, eventually out of sight across the field. This photograph is probably one of the best ever.

The British Military Film an Orb
Silbury Hill is an ancient, man-made pyramidal mound forming one of the sacred sites near the megalithic stone circle of Avebury. The hill and the immediate area around it have a long history of high-strangeness incidents that include tall white beings, unexplained engine and equipment failures, and sightings of unusual animals. A book should and will no doubt be written about this area as some sort of portal.
During July 21, 1990, to August 12, 1990, a covert military surveillance operation took place around Silbury Hill. It took place at the same time as a famous crop circle surveillance project known as Operation Blackbird, happening 19 miles away. In the early hours of one morning, two soldiers with image intensifier cameras and recording equipment observed a large, bright, white, self-luminous orb over the fields to the south of Sillbury Hill. The orb was estimated to be around 25 feet in diameter and moved east at moderate speed. It was not seen again after it dropped behind a thick clump of trees.

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Positive News of the Week

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