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Sacred Communion with Nature by Christine Day

We are pleased to share an excerpt from Christine Day's new release Pleiadian Principles of Living. This new work focuses on our current times, what the Pleiadians refer to as the New Dawning, a time for us to renounce our fear-based, three-dimensional illusion and consciously align with the fourth- and fifth-dimensional energies that are anchoring on our planet. Are you ready?

Here we get a glimpse at a portion of Chapter 5: Harnessing the Energy of Earth's Natural Forces.

The Pleiadians are responsible for transmitting all the sacred shamanic rituals, teachings, and knowledge to all native people on the earth plane many lifetimes ago. I want to share a piece about my initiation into the shamanic worlds that happened many years ago.

About 12 months before I came to this country, a Native American woman gave me a sacred pipe. I didn’t realize the significance of receiving one, so I took the pipe thinking I could hang it on the wall in my house. When I sold all of my things before leaving Australia nobody wanted the pipe. Finally, my girlfriend said she would take it.

When she came to visit me about eight months later, she asked if I had received the pipe in the mail. I told her no, and she seemed concerned, but I reassured her that I didn’t want it anyway.

Three weeks later the pipe arrived in the mail. When I unwrapped the package and held the pipe, I was immediately transported into a sacred lodge. Before me were the elders of the sacred lodge. This setting held a very different energy than I had ever experienced before. I likened it to a wild ocean storm. As I moved into this experience, there was a great power pouring through me. I was being asked to take a pledge of the pipe into my heart.

The feeling of responsibility around this experience was so overwhelming that I just threw the pipe down and said, “No, I’m not doing this. I don’t know what this means, I don’t understand what I am being asked to do!”

I was scared within these new energies. They were totally unfamiliar to any experience I had previously. The next morning I woke up about 5 o’clock and knew that the next step was to take the pipe into my heart. So I took the pipe to the sweat lodge that was in the direct line of powerful Mount Shasta. I took the pledge of the pipe into my heart. In that moment I was filled with a tremendous power and a language started coming through me. I didn’t understand the language, but the energy was so strong it completely overwhelmed me. I was never the same after that.

I didn’t use or even pick up the pipe very much after that, but the language would come through me every time I touched the pipe. And even when I didn’t touch the pipe it would, at times, come through. On my birthday in January I was told I should do a ceremony with the pipe. I went outside and sat with the pipe; it was then that I was shown the power coming through me was my own Divine Energy.

This was a significant turning point in my life. I started to embody my power and receive it into my cells. Up to that time I’d been working and feeling and experiencing Energy, but I had never realized that it was me. So I started to consciously open up to allowing it to live in the cells of my body. This process of consciously receiving my power created an acceleration of my awakening process. Through this powerful realization I began to consciously receive my full identity, which moved me into an alignment of my full mission. This all happened in 1992.

In this New Dawning time all human beings have been given the grace to receive the full alignments from the natural forces. With the crystalline structure activated you can come back through a sacred cycle to re-enter the “light wheel” of your awakening and end your separation. You can, through Conscious Choice, open to this natural union.

An important piece of your enlightenment process is to form a conscious reunion with all parts of nature. There is tremendous wisdom and healing held within the powerful and sacred energies of our Mother Earth and her elements. Your telepathic center enables you to commune with the natural forces, gaining another level of simple Truths that will bring you back to a centered place within yourself. It is time to come home, and part of your homecoming is communion with the natural forces on the earth plane.

Your enlightenment process actually depends on you forming an energetic alliance with the natural forces. Finding this path will open you on another level to a sacred component within you. I liken this to finding a key to a door. There is a sacred doorway that will bring you into unique beauty and joy that has seldom been experienced. This doorway gives you access into the natural forces and opens up a powerful aspect of your Self, to what the Pleiadians call the internal Warrior.

The Warrior aspect of you is alive, powerful, and aligned to the pure and true life energy found within the natural forces. You have your own place within the natural forces, and your Warrior Self is waiting for you here. This Warrior part of you is essential for your next steps, because it opens you to multi-dimensional sacred aspects within you.

For lifetimes there has been a certain level of access to the natural forces on the earth plane with only a limited relationship with the trees, rocks, mountains, oceans, rivers, flowers, animal kingdom, insect world, and the elements of the sun, wind, fire, and Earth. The natural forces have always been here to provide nourishment for you to draw upon and to support you in your physical healing. Now it is time to allow the natural forces to teach you and to act as a mirror, so you can awaken to your own God essence that is alive within all nature and within yourself.

As this New Dawning shifting of consciousness has begun, a new opening has birthed and continues to birth between human beings and the natural forces. It began in 2009 and continues to accelerate through 2013 and beyond. The Earth is going through a dimensional birthing and so are the cells of your body, rejuvenating you. A grace period has opened, which gives everyone complete access to this connection with the natural forces on the earth plane.

As you move into alignment with the natural forces, you will be nutritionally fed from the Earth’s energy—from the wind, from the water, from the spirit of the fire, and from the energy of the rising sun. As you journey back within each natural element and align through your telepathic center you will receive an energetic nutrition flowing from each natural element into the cells of your body. This nutrition rejuvenates and births a multi-dimensional energy within you, bringing you into a direct alignment with aspects of your Warrior Self.

Know that now is the time for you to activate your Warrior energy. You will need this component within you during the New Dawning period. The Pleiadians speak of your transformational path that returns you to the magical age of renewal. This is the time you have all been waiting for, to leave the old behind and step forward into different realms where you truly belong.

The Earth will continue to transform, and it is important that you take your next step knowing that this will support the energy of the Earth. You can hold energetic grids steady on the Earth through your Warrior energy. You might find that many of you will gather and connect with an advanced telepathic communion once you have activated your Warrior energy.

The Pleiadians talk about aspects of your Warrior self: A Warrior is someone who has taken courage to do battle with the inner enemies in order to face the truth of themselves and their world.
The four attributes of the warrior are:
• Harmony of spirit.
• Honor of Mother Earth and the natural forces.
• Humility toward your emotions.
• Humor toward all the “stuff” of the ego mind.

Christine Day is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher, healer, and channeler, and is often referred to as the Pleiadian ambassador for the planet. Christine travels the world channeling Pleiadian seminars and offering live transmissions from the Pleiadians. She has also been initiated into the Shaman traditions by the Pleiadians and offers Pleiadian Shamanic retreats and vision quests in different areas of the world. She currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She is also the author of Pleiadian Initiations of Light.

Photo Courtesy of Stephen Hoglund

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