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Looking at Your Most Sacred Conduit By Sahvanna Arienta

This is an excerpt from Chapter 8 of The Lightworker's Source: An Enlightening Guide to Awaken the Power Within by Sahvanna Arienta.  This much-needed guide is for both newly awakened and fully conscious Lightworkers to reveal their authentic selves and find fulfillment.  

When I began my work with unaware Lightworkers, I soon realized that many of them had relationship issues. They were either in dysfunctional or abusive relationships (either with friends, lovers, or family) or they seemed to never find a suitable partner. As my clients showed up in droves with these interpersonal issues, which in turn became feelings of being unworthy of love or unwanted, I began to wonder why the ability to connect with others was so challenging for them. Lightworkers are a unique prototype that is brought to earth to heal through the use of unconditional love, so why had so many of them become blocked off from the core of their healing resource, the heart chakra? I soon realized that it was for that very reason, because it was the core of their healing resource that the Lightworker’s heart chakra was so vulnerable. I found that their first reaction to trauma of any kind was to protect what was most sacred to them—their portal for unconditional love.

Love heals
The ability to feel compassion, sympathy, and gratitude as well as to heal are located within the heart chakra. This is also the chakra from which unconditional love emanates, which is the healing force of the universe. The main reason Lightworkers have come to earth is to heal by using this power. If the channel this power funnels through is blocked for any number of reasons, Lightworkers’ power to heal is hindered and becomes disabled. We know that Lightworkers who are not serving their purpose (to heal) become lost and feel misplaced, creating many other problems that seem to spiral out of control, so special care and attention must be taken to ensure that your healing capacities are functioning. For Lightworkers, living a heart-centered life (or focusing our energy on loving compassion) is the most important practice because this is their purpose. Subtle techniques, such as being there for someone in a time of need, a prayer, or offering a hug to ease the pain of someone else are all parts of exercising their healing gifts.

Connects With Others
Your heart chakra is naturally associated with family, partners, friends, and animals. When it is clear, balanced, and open, you can touch others in a loving, healing way. Toxic energy can likely be stored here from traumatic events between the ages of 18–25, as the heart chakra is at its most vulnerable during this age range. I usually find that my clients will recount painful memories from this age bracket, but the heart chakra can become sick or can close up at any time. Situations such as divorce, separation, grief through death, emotional abuse, abandonment, and adultery create wounds that will affect our lives, relationships, and healing abilities if not healed. So it is important that, as a Lightworker, you keep the heart chakra balanced, healthy, and open.

To find out if your heart chakra is sick or if it is in danger or closing. Ask yourself these questions:
  • Am I dwelling on the pain of my past?
  • Do I return over and over again to the same painful situations?
  • Am I fearful of losing control of my emotions?
  • Do I fear revealing my true feelings?
  • Do I harbor guilt about past relationships or situations?
  • Do I harbor bitterness or anger about past relationships?
  • Do I feel I need to prove I am worthy of love?
  • Do I fear rejection to the point of stopping myself from progressing forward?
  • Do I find excuses not to make new friends, romances, or connections?
  • Do I work so much I don’t have time for my relationships?
  • Do I suffer from asthma or breathing-related problems?
  • Do I have high blood pressure or cardio vascular issues?

If you answered yes to the majority of these questions, your heart chakra may be in of need some healing. In my practice, I notice if clients’ heart chakras are blocked or closed, they might have a tendency to shy away or avoid relationships.

My friend Joanne experienced some abusive relationships in her late teens and early 20s. She thought she had successfully moved past dysfunctional relationships when she left them behind and became engaged to Daniel who was a kind, giving, and loving man. The engagement was ongoing for six years and Daniel became impatient. He wanted to be married and start a family with Joanne, but she never seemed to want to talk about wedding plans, saying she was too busy with work, or maybe next year after she paid off her car. Daniel began to suspect Joanne was just stalling. Joanne began to turn cold and the relationship seemed to be at a dead end. Daniel began to feel used and mislead. Finally, after years of begging Joanne to marry him, he got tired of waiting and he gave up. Daniel left Joanne, and it didn’t look like Joanne even cared. Daniel met and married Rita within a year.

Joanne and I talked about the situation and she asked me to perform a reading for her because she missed Daniel and was hurt that he left her. She wanted to know if she would find a new love, if would it be possible for Daniel to return, and what was ahead for her. Sadly, when I did her reading, it didn’t look like any of what she wanted was going to happen. First, Daniel was never going to return. Second, I saw no love coming into her life and the underlying cause was that she was blocking it because of past pain and trauma. She thought just because she was able to move on to a “healthy” relationship, she had healed from the past. But what she did was manage to move forward with a closed heart chakra, consequently sabotaging her own happiness by not giving the relationship the nurturing it needed to survive. She had closed her heart chakra and it simply would not allow love to flow through it. Joanne might have intentionally pushed Daniel away (even though he was loving and kind) because she was now unable to feel a sense of connection. Her heart center had shut down completely. Her reading went on to indicate that by closing her heart chakra, she would continue to push people away, who in response would reject her (as Daniel eventually did when he left), seemingly validating her need for protection, and creating a vicious cycle of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Above All Else, Love Your Self
Self-love is key for Lightworkers who seek mastery of their role, to fulfill their life purpose, and to advance on their ascension path. Without the practice of self-love, you cannot love others and you certainly cannot heal through love. Know that you are an extension of your Source Creator. The very same energy that fuels you can transform you. With this conscious awareness, you can begin to purposely shift thought and emotional patterns (correspondingly, your energy), from self-doubt to self-love. Just as you were brought here to heal others, you have the right to heal your own life. Acceptance of yourself and your soul path will also bring about self-love. Knowing that you are at this place and time for a reason and that your purpose for being is unique and important will help you to appreciate all that you have endured. With each painful experience comes soul growth. Growing pains are never easy, but if we love and nurture ourselves first, it makes it that much easier to heal.

Here is a five-step healing process that I give my clients. If you are able to implement these five simple words into your life, healing can take place very quickly, returning you to a place of self-love.

  1. Experience (embrace the pain): To experience your pain is to own it and love yourself unconditionally (no guilt, fear, or worry) while going through it all, no matter how uncomfortable that feeling may be. The only way to release something is to first embrace it or own it.
  2. Acceptance (consent that it has occurred): Denial is something that will keep you from healing. At times, the grieving process will take you through the stage of denial, but this only prolongs things. Acknowledging that the pain has occurred and cannot be undone is a step to healing it.
  3. Understand (comprehend what it means to you): Look at the experience from all angles. Is this a life lesson? Part of your soul plan? Karma? Examining your experience and determining its purpose and what it means to you and your ascension plan will validate it instead of viewing it as just a random occurrence that has no potential to offer you spiritual growth.
  4. Release (forgive and let it go): To finally clear the energy it has created in your spiritual and physical body, you must have forgiveness and gratitude for what you have learned and the blessings that come with the pain.
  5. Gratefulness (be thankful for the process): Have gratitude for the learning experience. Recognize the blessings that come with spiritual growth throughout the whole process.

This means feeling the pain of those emotions, and if we feel the pain of our emotions, then I suppose that means that we can’t heal without first experiencing pain. So there really is no way around it. In order to transmute toxic energy locked in your heart chakra, you must experience it, embrace it, and feel love for it. These five simple words move you the through the healing process. Some words might take longer than others to penetrate into your energy, but once you reach the last stage of gratitude, you have healed your wound, released the toxic energy, and are now being flooded with healing light energy.

Keep the Heart Chakra open and Flowing
The main goal is to keep the channel for love open and any source where you can find total and unconditional love is the place to seek it out. When I have a client who comes to me with a closed or blocked heart chakra, after some energy healing, my first suggestion is to visit an animal shelter. I know this may sound strange, but who gives more unconditional love than animals? Of course, if my clients have a pet, I suggest they spend some quality time with the animal. Here are some other easy ways to keep the heart chakra open and flowing:

  • Work for charity: The energy exchange when you do this type of work is powerful. Volunteer work for a cause that resonates with you (children, animals, the homeless) will pull in the energy of loving compassion, which will flow freely through the heart chakra.
  • Do something kind for a stranger: Holding a door, smiling, or saying “Have a nice day” are simple things you can do to be a source of loving kindness to others. You will see strangers respond and the loving kindness will be reciprocated right back at you.
  • Express your love for the people around you: Don’t hold it in. If you love family members or friends, tell them so and often.
  • Love and remember your inner child: Keep a photo of yourself as a child where you can see it often and this image will bring you back to a time when unconditional love was all you knew.
  • Spend time with children: You can feel comfortable that you will never be judged or criticized by babies or young children. Babies will love you no matter how much weight you have gained or if your teeth aren’t perfect. It doesn’t matter; children are a pure source of love and joy. This is the time to bring out your inner child and just have some play time. Children will love and accept you as you are, unconditionally.
  • Eat green foods: Green is a color associated with your heart chakra. Any vegetable that is a rich green color will keep the heart chakra happy and healthy.
  • Do something you love and feel you’re good at: If you have a special talent that you just never have time for, now is the time to exercise it. If you feel you have a knack for poetry, write some. If you love to paint, get out the canvas and begin a new painting. It’s time to recall that part of you that is truly unique and gifted. Sometimes we forget to look at our abilities and the things we love about ourselves. Find time to cultivate and appreciate your talents and you will begin to remember how wonderful you really are.
  • Be grateful for all there is. Other than unconditional love, gratitude is one of the highest-level emotions you can live in. Being grateful for all the love and support the universe sends you each day will only open you up to more love. Make gratitude a state of mind and a way of life. Incorporate it into every aspect of your being and be grateful for each interaction, connection, and experience. Remember what we consider “problems” are just the universe bringing us the opportunity for spiritual progress, so be grateful.

Heart Chakra Affirmations
These affirmations will keep your heart chakra alert and at attention. Notice they all begin with “I.” Keeping your heart chakra open is about self-love, first and foremost.

I am comprised of eternal love.
I am free of fear.
I am released of any guilt I am carrying.
I am loved eternally without conditions.
I am a conduit for pure love and joy.
I am deserving of happiness.
I am entitled to balanced relationships.
I am worthy of giving and receiving love.
I am a conduit for the healing energy 
of the Universe.
I am divinely guided.
I am supported unconditionally by the 
universe in all I do.
I am protected and shielded at all times.
I am loved without limitations and boundaries.

Releasing Technique
We have all experienced heart pain in our lives. The problems arise when we do not process or release the pain properly. The more we hold on to it, the more it festers and becomes toxic within the heart charka, causing it to close up and block healthy energies of love and compassion.

There are many life changes and practices you can do to prevent the heart chakra from being harmed or closing all together, but if you feel it has already occurred, special healing techniques are necessary. Of course, it is a process that can take some time, but it is absolutely imperative that the healing process begin as soon as possible. The main purpose of these healing techniques is to release the pain (or toxic energy) stored in the heart chakra, allowing it to open and once again allow healthy energy to flow through it continuously.

The following process will help you release toxic energy by focusing on feelings within your physical  body:

  1. Sit comfortably and breathe into the moment as you become aware of each and every sensation in your body.
  2. With each breath in and out, focus on what you’re feeling. Do you feel pain, stiffness, or soreness in the area of your heart chakra? This uncomfortable sensation is toxic energy trying to release itself. Allow the uncomfortable feelings to continue. Do not attempt to stop or analyze this sensation.
  3. Now, using visualization, turn these feelings into liquid form and allow them to flow out through the center of the chest. Allow it to pour out like a waterfall, cascading down and onto the earth below you. Stop this visualization when you feel it has emptied enough. Your body will let go of as much stored energy as it can at this time. Do not attempt to empty it out all in one session.
  4. Thank the earth for absorbing this toxic energy and transforming it into light energy for the greatest good of all humanity.

Repeat this daily until you empty out the toxic energy and replace it with light, healthy energy. You will begin to feel a sense of lightness and well-being as you release and free your heart.

As a Lightworker, you are super sensitive and vulnerable to issues associated with the heart chakra. Unfortunately, if you do not heal or rid yourself of any toxic energy held there, manifestations of physical illness could result. Body, mind, and spirit are all affected by the types of energy you allow to flow through you and that which you hold on to. In order to achieve mastery and alignment with your soul purpose, the heart chakra is the single-most important energy zone.

Sahvanna Arienta is a practicing psychic medium and intuitive advisor with clientele from around the globe. A respected radio host and author of Lightworker: Understand Your Sacred Role as Healer, Guide and Being of Light. She has studied and explored the metaphysical and paranormal realms extensively for more than twenty years. She is also the founder of Soul's Journey Media, a new thought company that brings messages of spiritual enlightenment to people all over the world.

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