Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Re-Visioning Our Place in the Universe with some help from the Paradigm Symposium

We were very excited to have been involved as a sponsor at the recent Paradigm Symposium that took place in Minnesota this past weekend.  Fans got a lot of face time with their favorite authors opening conversations about different Ancient Alien theories and getting involved in discussions regarding our place in the Universe.

We want to thank Scott Alan Roberts and Micah Hanks for all of their work on pulling together this fine event as well as big thank you to all of the staff and authors who lent their own contributions.

Here we share some of our memories...

Micah Hanks, Larry Flaxman, Marie D. Jones, & Scott Alan Roberts

Author Panel

Allison Olson & Nick Redfern

Kathleen McGowan & Philip Coppens

Giorgio Tsoukalos & Laurie Kelly-Pye

Frank Joseph & Michael Pye

Laurie Kelly-Pye, Allison Olson, Erich von Daniken, & Michael Pye

Erich von Daniken

Michael Pye, Allison Olson, Larry Flaxman, & Marie Jones

Michael Pye & Scott Alan Roberts

Micah Hanks

We hope to see you in attendance next year.  Check back for more details for October 2013.


  1. Thank you to both you and Michael for being such a huge part of the success of this symposium. We are very much looking forward to next year - October 17-20, 2013... assuming the world doesn't end this December. ;)


  2. I myself was a bit shocked that a whole table wasn't devoted EXCLUSIVELY on Nick's books —I have it on good sources that he finished the drafts to at least 2 more manuscripts by the end of the symposium :P


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