Friday, July 27, 2012

A Psychic Experience by Nancy DuTertre

If you’re like me, you weren’t born psychic, predicting the future, seeing ghosts or reading other people’s thoughts.  That was what these other strange people claimed to do – and their claims were, at least to me, rather dubious.  I came from a very academic family of Ivy League graduates, and my father was an internationally-recognized medical scientist.  My parents didn’t believe in psychiatrists, let alone psychics!  We never once discussed paranormal phenomena.  It simply didn’t exist for us.  Psychics were the fringe element of society – a bunch of soft-headed, rather egocentric and pathetic folks desperate for their moment of glory.

All that changed for me.  I don’t really understand why, but my first experience and contact with a spirit didn’t come until I was about 35 years old and a practicing attorney in Manhattan.  I was invited to attend a workshop for professional psychotherapists learning about intuition.  At the end of the workshop, I felt compelled – it was like someone or something was pushing me from behind my chair – to ask the woman who was the subject of the psychotherapy exercise a couple of bizarre questions.  Even I wasn’t sure why I was asking her these questions.  I didn’t want to tell her, but somehow I knew a spirit had just walked between us in a three-foot  distance and was standing facing her to my left.  I coyly asked this woman if she knew anyone with the initials “M.S.” to which she quickly responded “no.”  Then I asked if she knew a person with these initials whose first name was “Mary” “Maria” or “Marie.”  She hesitated, but said no again but demanded to know why.  I wasn’t sure I knew why – except, as I reluctantly explained, there was a spirit standing next to me with those initials and name, and I thought it was her mother.  She gasped and then began to sob.  It turned out it was her mother’s sister, who went by that name with those initials, and who had just passed away.  This woman hadn’t been able to attend her aunt’s funeral and was devastated.  Again, I felt compelled to tell this woman that her aunt loved her, and it was okay. 

Now, what do you do with an experience that comes at you out of the blue like this?  How do you process it with everything you ever understood about life?  How do you integrate it with what you already know and believe?  How do you share it with the people you most respect?  Bottom line, how do you explain psychic knowledge of paranormal events to a rational person who has never had such an experience?  That was really one of my motivating influences in writing my new book, “Psychic Intuition:  Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask But WereAfraid to Know.”

It has always bothered me tremendously that when you ask a psychic or medium how they know something, they usually just shrug their shoulders and say they just “knew it.”  This is very unsatisfactory for someone who loves reason and logic.  There had to be a reason and I wanted to know how they (we, I) get this kind of illogical information seemingly out of thin air!

In my book, I set forth my theory about how psychic ability actually works.  I explain why it is a completely natural, universal human biological capability – it is not some magical gift given only to a few slightly nutty people at birth!  Today, I am a trained psychic detective, spiritual medium, medical intuitive and energy healer.  I work with law enforcement and victims’ families on missing persons and homicide cases.  I have learned, over many years of practice and apprenticeship, to trust my weird thoughts, images and intuitions.  Strangely, they are often highly accurate!  In my opinion, psychic ability puts us onto a kind of superhighway of human intelligence.  We can think at warp speeds because we are not constrained by the slow, ponderous, sequential process of thinking rationally.

How do we get psychic information?  I suggest that it comes not only through our regular five senses, but through our body’s cellular sensing, and through what we have traditionally called our “imagination.”  Psychic thinking is actually a form of sensing.  Just like our five senses, psychic thinking requires the brain to interpret the electric and chemical signals.  Any time you have interpretation, you will have errors.  That is why no psychic in the world is 100 percent accurate.  And if they say they are – beware!  They are playing some game of delusion and power.  I have interviewed some of the most famous psychics and mediums in the world.  None of them claims to be accurate all the time. 

In my book, I not only give scientific data to back up my theories, but I also explain from my own personal point of view, what it is like to “be psychic.”  I don’t merely say “I knew it” but I actually take the time to explain what psychic information feels like from the “inside.”  And surprisingly, very often, a psychic thought feels very much like our normal thoughts, images or a product of our imagination.  There are often very subtle differences – but these are difficult to distinguish unless you have really trained very hard to become psychic.

Many people simply don’t believe you can train to become psychic.  They believe either you’re born with or not.  I totally disagree.  I believe almost all of us are born with the natural ability to sense things that lie beyond the electromagnetic spectrum of our five senses and permit us to mysteriously know things that are considered impossible in terms of time or distance.  The CIA’s remote viewing, or psychic spy program, demonstrated that this is a reality.  Prediction is actually a very normal human characteristic.  Every time we walk , we “predict” the distance of the pavement to our foot, and avoid any obstacles up ahead.  It’s the same thing with psychic predictions, but we have a harder time cross-confirming them with our other five senses because they are further away in terms of distance (sometimes the other side of the world) or time (some predictions don’t occur for several years). 

Unlike any other book I have ever read, my book explains what psychic ability is!  It offers specific exercises for you to enhance your psychic abilities, and shows you how you have lost your abilities over a lifetime of logic and communication through words, and how you can retrain yourself.  If you could think faster and better, why wouldn’t you?

Psychic Intuition will be available through all retailers August 20th.

Nancy DuTertre is an attorney who became a trained psychic detective, spiritual medium, medical intuitive, and paranormal investigator. A magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University, she is a frequent media guest. DuTertre also lectures to university psychology students and paranormal conventions and hosts her own radio show— Hot Leads Cold Cases—on Para-X and CBS Radio.


  1. I can understand what you want to ask about the psychic readers. The reason is that they have an ability to know the things around themselves which can’t be felt or explained by an ordinary human being. That is why they are called psychic readers.

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