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We are excited to join Robert V. Taylor in the announcement that a book club kit is now available to go along with his book
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A Psychic Experience by Nancy DuTertre

If you’re like me, you weren’t born psychic, predicting the future, seeing ghosts or reading other people’s thoughts.  That was what these other strange people claimed to do – and their claims were, at least to me, rather dubious.  I came from a very academic family of Ivy League graduates, and my father was an internationally-recognized medical scientist.  My parents didn’t believe in psychiatrists, let alone psychics!  We never once discussed paranormal phenomena.  It simply didn’t exist for us.  Psychics were the fringe element of society – a bunch of soft-headed, rather egocentric and pathetic folks desperate for their moment of glory.

All that changed for me.  I don’t really understand why, but my first experience and contact with a spirit didn’t come until I was about 35 years old and a practicing attorney in Manhattan.  I was invited to attend a workshop for professional psychotherapists learning about intuition.  At the end of the workshop, I felt compelled – it was like someone or something was pushing me from behind my chair – to ask the woman who was the subject of the psychotherapy exercise a couple of bizarre questions.  Even I wasn’t sure why I was asking her these questions.  I didn’t want to tell her, but somehow I knew a spirit had just walked between us in a three-foot  distance and was standing facing her to my left.  I coyly asked this woman if she knew anyone with the initials “M.S.” to which she quickly responded “no.”  Then I asked if she knew a person with these initials whose first name was “Mary” “Maria” or “Marie.”  She hesitated, but said no again but demanded to know why.  I wasn’t sure I knew why – except, as I reluctantly explained, there was a spirit standing next to me with those initials and name, and I thought it was her mother.  She gasped and then began to sob.  It turned out it was her mother’s sister, who went by that name with those initials, and who had just passed away.  This woman hadn’t been able to attend her aunt’s funeral and was devastated.  Again, I felt compelled to tell this woman that her aunt loved her, and it was okay. 

Now, what do you do with an experience that comes at you out of the blue like this?  How do you process it with everything you ever understood about life?  How do you integrate it with what you already know and believe?  How do you share it with the people you most respect?  Bottom line, how do you explain psychic knowledge of paranormal events to a rational person who has never had such an experience?  That was really one of my motivating influences in writing my new book, “Psychic Intuition:  Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask But WereAfraid to Know.”

It has always bothered me tremendously that when you ask a psychic or medium how they know something, they usually just shrug their shoulders and say they just “knew it.”  This is very unsatisfactory for someone who loves reason and logic.  There had to be a reason and I wanted to know how they (we, I) get this kind of illogical information seemingly out of thin air!

In my book, I set forth my theory about how psychic ability actually works.  I explain why it is a completely natural, universal human biological capability – it is not some magical gift given only to a few slightly nutty people at birth!  Today, I am a trained psychic detective, spiritual medium, medical intuitive and energy healer.  I work with law enforcement and victims’ families on missing persons and homicide cases.  I have learned, over many years of practice and apprenticeship, to trust my weird thoughts, images and intuitions.  Strangely, they are often highly accurate!  In my opinion, psychic ability puts us onto a kind of superhighway of human intelligence.  We can think at warp speeds because we are not constrained by the slow, ponderous, sequential process of thinking rationally.

How do we get psychic information?  I suggest that it comes not only through our regular five senses, but through our body’s cellular sensing, and through what we have traditionally called our “imagination.”  Psychic thinking is actually a form of sensing.  Just like our five senses, psychic thinking requires the brain to interpret the electric and chemical signals.  Any time you have interpretation, you will have errors.  That is why no psychic in the world is 100 percent accurate.  And if they say they are – beware!  They are playing some game of delusion and power.  I have interviewed some of the most famous psychics and mediums in the world.  None of them claims to be accurate all the time. 

In my book, I not only give scientific data to back up my theories, but I also explain from my own personal point of view, what it is like to “be psychic.”  I don’t merely say “I knew it” but I actually take the time to explain what psychic information feels like from the “inside.”  And surprisingly, very often, a psychic thought feels very much like our normal thoughts, images or a product of our imagination.  There are often very subtle differences – but these are difficult to distinguish unless you have really trained very hard to become psychic.

Many people simply don’t believe you can train to become psychic.  They believe either you’re born with or not.  I totally disagree.  I believe almost all of us are born with the natural ability to sense things that lie beyond the electromagnetic spectrum of our five senses and permit us to mysteriously know things that are considered impossible in terms of time or distance.  The CIA’s remote viewing, or psychic spy program, demonstrated that this is a reality.  Prediction is actually a very normal human characteristic.  Every time we walk , we “predict” the distance of the pavement to our foot, and avoid any obstacles up ahead.  It’s the same thing with psychic predictions, but we have a harder time cross-confirming them with our other five senses because they are further away in terms of distance (sometimes the other side of the world) or time (some predictions don’t occur for several years). 

Unlike any other book I have ever read, my book explains what psychic ability is!  It offers specific exercises for you to enhance your psychic abilities, and shows you how you have lost your abilities over a lifetime of logic and communication through words, and how you can retrain yourself.  If you could think faster and better, why wouldn’t you?

Psychic Intuition will be available through all retailers August 20th.

Nancy DuTertre is an attorney who became a trained psychic detective, spiritual medium, medical intuitive, and paranormal investigator. A magna cum laude graduate of Princeton University, she is a frequent media guest. DuTertre also lectures to university psychology students and paranormal conventions and hosts her own radio show— Hot Leads Cold Cases—on Para-X and CBS Radio.

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Creature of the Month - Duppies by Dr. Bob Curran

As darkness steals slowly over the islands of the West Indies, there are strange stirrings amongst the lonely canebrakes and in the shadowy buttress-roots of the silk-cotton trees and as the moon comes up, peculiar shapes scurry along the dirt roads between the isolated rural settlements of the countryside. It is well to keep ones doors and windows locked and to light the lamp and think of good and Christian things for this is the hour of the duppies, the supernatural spirits of the islands who stalk the islands when the lights begin to fail – spirits and beings which torment human kind. And even if the doors are locked and bolted, duppies might still get in to torment good Christian people in their homes. Duppies permeate West Indian folklore, particularly that of Jamaica, and those who travel aboard on the tropical nights would do well to be afraid of them. 

What exactly is a duppy? The origin of the word is uncertain, although it is widely used in the patois of Jamaica. However it is generally thought that it comes from the Northwest African tradition and that it was brought to the West Indies by slaves who worked on the sugar plantations. It is strongly connected to obeah which started out as a slave religion – sometimes a mixture of Christianity and older pagan religions. Some say the creature is created by an “unfortunate soul” – in obeah belief, a person has two souls, and when a person dies, one is taken to Heaven to be judged by God, the other lingers around the community for a specified time. It is this latter soul, some believe that generates the idea of the duppy.

What form then does a duppy take? No two accounts can agree. For some they are the unquiet spirits of the dead who haunt the lonely roads and canefields after dark, entering the houses of their relatives as they see fit. Those within the house can “dream them” <that is, they appear to them in dreams> and in this form, they can either be benevolent or malignant. For example, a “good duppy” can either give advice or impart wisdom whilst a “bad duppy” can cause nightmares or illness. In some cases, an evil duppy can cause physical harm. These are not the only form of duppy however for it is believed that a duppy can also be a creature which lurks in the undergrowth waiting to terrorize any who pass by. They do this by following the individual at a distance, making strange and unsettling noises and making a person feel odd, sometimes as if his body or head is growing,. In some cases the duppy will magically cause blindness.

Duppies need not necessarily be ghosts. They can be created by obeah men and women <island witches> for some specific purpose. However, while creating the duppy is one thing, controlling it is another matter. It takes an extremely strong conjure worker to control the being – once created, many duppies are independently minded.

There is not even any real agreement as to what a duppy looks like or what its actual powers might be. It is thought, however, that the creature can take a number of forms. One of the most common is that of the Rolling <or Rollin’> Calf.

Although this entity is described as a Calf, it might also appear as a dog, a bird or a goat. The main form, however, seems to be that of a small but bulky bull-like animal, usually black in colour but with red, slitted eyes. From its nose hangs what appears to be a length of chain which clanks on the ground whenever it moves. This is sometimes the sound that the island traveller hears when he or she walks along the lonely Jamaican roads after dark – the steady clink-clink of the chain on the ground – signifying that the rolling calf is abroad.  The thing can inspire terror in even the stoutest of hearts and may even bring on a fatal seizure and there is little escape from it. The thing to do is to walk swiftly on until one reaches a crossroads and then to stick the metal blasé of an open penknife with a white handle into the ground. The duppy will then disappear, but may return again on some future occasion .Another trick is to throw beans or peas on the road behind the individual as it is believed that the duppy would then have to stop to count these – duppies were considered to be fastidious creatures – thus giving its victim time to escape.

On occasion, the Rolling Calf will lie down on the road <sometimes even invisibly> and will create problems for those who wish to pass there. It will stop cars, carts and even people on foot and will not allow them to pass. No matter where they go, the Rolling Calf obstructs their way, sometimes growing in size in order to do so. Obeah men <local witch-doctors> can sometimes dismiss Rolling Calves but not always and even when they do, the creature might still return.

The Rolling Calf is, of course, not the only celebrated duppy which threatens and torments islanders in Jamaica. There is also Ol’ Hige. There is some debate as to what Hige actually is – some say that it is a huge black man in a stovepipe hat and burning eyes, others that it is a witch who sheds her skin at night and assumed the form of a great owl in which guise she roams the country late at night. She will mainly attack sleeping babies and the elderly, destroying them by sucking their breath as they sleep. The shedding of her skin, however, leaves her vulnerable and if it can be located, it must be filled with salt and pepper which makes it impossible for Hige to put it back on. Without her skin she can be easily killed, according to island folklore. A protection against her attentions is to place an open Bible at the end of one’s bed or on the edge of a crib. Either that or a hot chilli pepper <perhaps a Scotch Bonnet> which will also certainly drive her away. The concept of Ol’ Hige is not confined to Jamaican folklore but appears in tales throughout the isles particularly in Trinidad where she is known as “Sukuyan”

In some parts of Jamaica, Ol’ Hige is known as Mama Caliba. She travels the island in the form of a bird or a great bat, roosting on the cribs of new-born babies or sleeping individuals and drawing their breath or their sweat as they sleep. The Mama usually goes about as a dark shadow and wherever this falls, vegetation rots, milk sours and bread goes moldy. People suddenly fall weak at her passing and if she passes more than once they can sometimes die. She can, however, be driven away using certain obeah charms but there is always a possibility that she may return again.

Apparently closely linked to Mama Caliba, is the River Mumma which is some kind of cross between a water creature and a witch. She will appear at certain river crossings and is the guardian of certain springs on the island. She is said to appear in various guises – sometimes as an old woman or as a young girl who will try to lure passers-by into the river or the swamp which she guards. She is said to have a soft siren call which is almost hypnotic and which no traveller can resist. Once she draws them into the water, she transforms into a hideous creature – somewhere between an octopus and an alligator – leaping upon them and drowning them. There is no escape from her clutches.

During the slave period in Jamaica, sacrifices were made to the River Mumma in times of drought or to ensure a safe crossing of a river. It was even forbidden to eat fish from the river since these were her children and devouring them would draw down her wrath. It is extremely possible that Mama Caliba or the River Mumma were native spirits or folkloric creatures in African tradition which have transferred themselves to the West Indies.

The notion of a duppy as a cross between a supernatural spirit and some form of monster is known all across the West Indies and every sort of misfortune, whether it is individual or communal, is blamed upon them. On islands other than Jamaica such as Trinidad and Barbados, they are known as jumbies but have similar characteristics. In some areas, it is believed that they can speak <although they are usually silent> and when they do it is in a high-pitched affected voice. In order to get rid of them, it is believed that individuals should either eat salt or have salt around them since this in anathema to duppies.

But are duppies a spirit or an actual creature?  It is hard to know since they seem to embrace elements of both. Perhaps they are a form of supposedly supernatural being which has animalistic traits. However, it would take a brave person to walk alone between the lonely cane breaks in order to find out!

Dr. Bob Curran was born in a remote area of County Down, Northern Ireland, but left to travel and work in the United States., France, Italy, Mexico, North Africa, Spain, Holland, and parts of Eastern Europe. This has given him insight into the cultures and beliefs of people around the world. Living again in Northern Ireland, he holds several university degrees and acts as a consultant to such bodies as the Office of First, Deputy First Minister, and Tourism Ireland Ltd. He is author of many popular books on folklore such as Vampires; Werewolves; Man-Made Monsters; Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms; World's Creepiest Places; and his newest release A Haunted Mind. He can be found musing on drbobcurran.blogspot.com.

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Positive News of the Week

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Connections with God by Susan Shumsky

Susan Shumsky spent 20 years living and studying with a world-famous Maharishi, only to find that going through someone else to get to God wasn't the answer. Finally, she discovered the direct link to God within. With How to Hear the Voice of God, you can open the pipeline to Spirit and begin the flow of love, healing, wisdom, and inspiration from the being within.
Here we share an excerpt from Chapter 8 entitled the 10 Tests of Spiritual Discernment

“Don’t think you’re on the right road just because it’s a well-beaten path.”

In the next chapters, you will learn how to test the divine messages that you receive with a 10-test system. Every time I receive an inner message, I use these 10 tests to determine whether the message is from God, from my mind or ego, wishful thinking, an entity, or environ-mental static. These 10 tests are essential for anyone who desires to hear the voice of God clearly.
When you use this system, all 10 tests must pass the evaluation. Not one test, two tests, or five tests. All 10. Therefore, as you move down the list, validating your message, make a mental checklist. Every test will either pass or fail. All 10 tests must pass in order for you to be  reasonably sure that the message is from God.
Now, let us learn the tests.

Test 1: Experience of God
How would you feel if God spoke to you? You would feel loved, healed, and inspired. You would experience joy and fulfillment. Do you believe in a God of retribution? Or do you believe God is pure love? If you are really in communication with God, you would be uplifted—not judged, condemned, and sent to hell.

When you are in touch with God, you experience:
 - Unconditional Love
 - Safety, Security, Protection
- Happiness, Joy, Light
- Peace, Tranquility, Serenity
- Contentment
- Perfection
- Oneness, Wholeness, Unity

The most important of the 10 Tests of Spiritual Discernment is the Experience Test. And the most important feelings are wholeness, oneness, and unity. That is because wholeness cannot be fabricated by astral entities, because they are not in that elevated state. They are scattered, confused, and incoherent. Therefore, under entity influence, you will feel disintegration—not integration.
Also, contacting the mental world cannot make you feel whole. This is the realm of duality, not unity. Oneness is felt solely in the presence of God. Thus, if you are unhappy, agitated, fragmented, or other negative emotions, then the test has failed.

When Test 1 Fails
If you are experiencing the spiritual feelings described when you are in touch with God, then the Experience Test has passed. If you are not, then the test has failed, and it is time to return to oneness, unity, and contentment. How would you do that?
Let us perform an experiment. With eyes open, please notice how you are feeling in body, mind, and spirit. Now close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Observe how you feel after taking the breaths. Are you more relaxed, connected, and at peace? This demonstrates firsthand how breathing can immediately bring you closer to God. Here are some ways to help you return to a state of oneness:
Breathe: Often you are not connected with God because you are not deep enough in meditation. Take deep breaths and relax your body and mind. Get centered, balanced, and focused. Or practice pranayama or other breathing exercises.
Ask to Go Deeper: Call upon God or a divine being by name, and ask to be taken deeper. For example, you might say, “Jesus, please come now and take me deeper,” or “God, please take me deeper,” or “Lord Buddha, please take me deeper.”
Heal: Use the Thought-Form Healing Affirmation, or another appropriate healing affirmation from Chapter 7.
Pray: Say a prayer. Craft your own prayer, or read a favorite prayer from the Bible, prayer book, or scripture of your choice.
Meditate: Go into deep meditation, experience the stillness, and reconnect with God.
Connect: Go outside and take a walk in nature. Feel the presence of God in all life.
Relax: Lie down on your back. Relax and feel the energy in your body until you sense a feeling of unity with God.
Exercise: Practice yoga asanas, Tai Chi, Brain Gym, or other spiritual practices to become centered, balanced, and energized.
These are just a few of the many ways you can reconnect with Spirit.

Beverly Marrick, a writer from Salt Lake City, described that during her Divine Revelation Breakthrough, she “felt a clearing of the mind for the first time, which allowed me to also meditate for the first time. I came with expectations of positive visual experiences as opposed to the negative I typically receive, and was surprised to have no visuals aside from the bright light.”

A receptionist from St. Louis reported: “It really took me a long time to calm down because thoughts were racing. I was frustrated and blocked. I had trouble meditating and relaxing. After I took a lot of deep breaths I began to go deeper, get calm, and release my baggage. Then I finally got my clear signal and message from the Holy Spirit.”

An Exception to the Rule
There is one exception to the Experience Test—a situation in which an individual might be fully connected with God, yet not peaceful or relaxed. For people in mortal danger, the sympathetic nervous system produces the fight-or flight response. Although there is no love, light, or joy, such people might be in full contact with Spirit. Time seems to slow down or stand still. Primal instinct takes over, and a sense of alertness, assuredness, and calm emerges. In that life-threatening situation, they know exactly what to do, with complete confidence.

For example, Tova Prager of San Diego, California, describes: “A friend was teaching me to drive. I didn’t know much about cars, but she thought I knew more. So I was behind the wheel for the first time. A slow-moving lettuce truck was in front of us. She said, ‘Just speed up. We’re going to pass him.’ I said, ‘Okay.’ I sped up, but then got scared and jammed [on] the brakes. Bam. We hit the truck and spun around and around. Suddenly, lettuce was everywhere.
My six-month-old daughter was in the car, seated between us. A few minutes before, she had been seated on my friend’s lap. But the most amazing thing was, while everything was spinning, the three of us were perfectly calm and did not feel we needed to hold onto anything. It was like an angel had come into the car and held us solidly in place like we were sitting at home on a sofa—not in motion. When the car finally stopped, the truck driver (thank God nothing happened to him) came over. He got down on his knees and said, ‘Santa Maria, oh my God.’ He thought we were dead. The car was totaled and completely demolished. Four tires were blow out. But we walked out like nothing happened.”

After Test 1 has made a passing grade on your checklist, then you can move on to Test 2. Make sure that, as you move through the tests, each test is passed before going to the next one.

Test 2: Challenge of God
If a stranger were to knock on your door, would you invite him to come in and take over your home? No. Before opening your door, you would ask who sent the stranger. Similarly, before letting anyone or anything give you a message, first make sure it comes from the spiritual plane. Challenge that being by asking one of the following questions:
“Do you come in the name of God?”
“Do you come in the name of the Christ?”
“Do you come as the Christ?”

Whenever you contact any being, first ask one of these questions. You will receive a “yes,” a “no,” or no answer at all. Please do not get “creative” with this test. Just use the question exactly as worded.
Some people believe that a faker spirit will answer this question with a lie. After teaching tens of thousands of people, I can say with assurance that if you ask one of these exact questions, you will not have this problem. Often, a faker spirit will not say no. It simply will not answer. However, if there is no answer, then consider that the same as a “no.”
Many spiritual teachers advise their students to ask, “Do you come in the light?” However, I do not recommend this. What light are you speaking of? The 10-watt lightbulb? The fluorescent light? The light of burning hell? Bud Light? Miller Light?

Let us now discuss how you would get a “yes” or “no” response in the answer to your Challenge question. Here are several ways:
Clairaudience: You might hear “yes” or “no” in your inner ear.
Clairvoyance: You might see the word “yes” or the word “no” in your inner vision. Or you might see a green light for “yes” and a red light for “no.” Or another visual symbol that represents “yes” and one that represents “no.”
Clairsentience: You might sense a specific body feeling representing “yes” and another representing “no.”
Body Movements: You might get a finger tapping, hand movement, head movement, or other body movement for “yes” and another for “no.”
Muscle-Testing: Use muscle-testing to get “yes” and “no” responses.
Intuitive Kinesiology: Use dowsing instruments, such as a pendulum, L-rods, Y-rod, bobber, planchette, or tabletipping to get “yes” and “no” responses.

Please now take a moment to ask God to indicate and verify your “yes” and “no” signals, through one of these methods. Please write your signals in Figure 8b, so you will remember them. If possible, contact a qualified Divine Revelation teacher to verify your signals. A list of those teachers is at www.divinerevelation.org.

When Test 2 Fails
If you receive a “yes” response from your Challenge question, then the test has passed. However, if the answer to your Challenge question is a “no,” or if you get no response, then take the  following three steps:

1. Heal All the Way: My mentor Peter V. Meyer often said, “Heal first and ask questions later.” In other words, without further inquiry, immediately use the Astral Entity Healing Affirmation. Heal the entity or faker spirit, and send it into the light. Then use the Self-Authority Affirmation on page 99.
2. Breathe and Meditate: Once you have healed the entity, take a few deep breaths. Then regroup and return to a deep meditative state.
3. Ask Again: After you have reconnected with Spirit, ask the Challenge question again until you receive a clear “yes.”

If Test 2, the Challenge Test has passed, then move on to Test 3.

Test 3: Name of God
When a stranger knocks at your door, would you open the door and say, “Come in”? Or would you first ask, “Who’s there?” It is essential to first determine who or what is at your door. Get the calling card. Find out its name.
Every divine being has a name—even God has a name. The word G-O-D is a name. And there are many other divine names. Please refer to some of these names on page 35 of this book. Also, please review what we discussed about inner names on pages 46 to 48.
Perhaps when you ask for the name, you receive a name that makes you uncomfortable. Maybe it is an aspect of God that you do not believe in, or that is not part of your religion. Please remember that you have the right to refuse contact with any being, no matter what your reason. Therefore, only accept inner names that you feel comfortable with, and dismiss those that you do not want to work with.

BUYER BEWARE: Be sure to check all 10 tests, not just Test 3.

That is because faker spirits might give you a counterfeit name, often a biblical or “high”-sounding name, in order to impress you. Therefore, it is safer to work with names of God that you know and trust. However, do not be surprised if an unfamiliar, yet genuine, deity appears. Please consider that possibility. You might learn something new.

Do you know how to receive an inner name? Here are a few ways to discover the name of the being with whom you are in contact:
Hear the Name: Receive the inner name through clairaudience. The name might occur to you in your inner ear, or you might hear an inner voice saying the name in your mind.
See the Name: You might see the name with your inner eye. It may appear as letters, or you might see a figure that you recognize. For example, you might see Jesus Christ, Lord Krishna, Our Lady of Guadalupe, or another being in your inner vision. Even if you never hear the name, you will know the name by recognizing the figure.
Spell the Name: You might use muscle-testing, dowsing, or intuitive kinesiology to spell out the name..

When Test 3 Fails
If you have received a clear inner name, then the test has passed. What would you do if the inner name is not clear, or if you do not want to communicate with the being that comes to you? Here are some possibilities:
Heal All the Way: Heal names you do not know and trust, whether or not you think they are astral entities. Use the Astral Entity Healing Affirmation. If it is a divine being, it will not be offended that you tried to heal it. If it is an entity, it will be healed and move into the light.
Use Trusted Names: If you want to be absolutely safe, then only work with names that you know and trust.  
Heal Your Mind: If you are not getting the name clearly, then heal yourself. Use the Thought-Form Healing Affirmation. Or use other suitable healing prayers that are needed.
Go Deeper: Take deep breaths and go deeper into meditation. Then ask for the name again until you receive it clearly.
Call on the Name: At any time you can call upon any divine being or deity that you want to contact. For example, you might say, “Archangel Michael, please come to me now,” “Jesus Christ, please come here now,” “Kwan Yin, please come now,” or “Hashem,” please come now.”

Test 4: Signal of God
The signal is the sign that you are in contact with a particular inner name. We discussed the signal on pages 48 to 51. I recommend that you reread and study that section thoroughly. To review briefly, your divine signals come in six possible ways:
Seeing: Visual
Hearing: Auditory
Smelling: Olfactory
Tasting: Gustatory
Feeling: Kinesthetic
Movement: Kinetic

The Signal is a crucial test, because it identifies the divine being that you are contacting. Getting its unique signal means that you are in contact with that particular divine being. You will receive that signal the entire time you are getting a clear message from that aspect of God. When the signal disappears, either you lost contact or the message is over. Pay attention to when the signal stops. That is the time for you to stop.
To illustrate this point, a channeler from California is known for speaking long discourses on philosophical topics. One evening I attended his presentation, which he channeled in a conscious state. He spoke through discourses from various beings, including Sananda and Saint Germaine. The following day, I approached him with some trepidation, because I did not want to offend him, and I explained that in the beginning of his speeches, I had experienced inner signals and divine feelings verifying his clarity, but, as he continued to speak, I lost my inner contact. He then openly admitted that he began each lecture with a clear inner contact, but when he realized he had lost his divine contact, he simply continued speaking, elaborating on the message. At that point he was no longer a divine messenger. He became a showman.
Signals are very useful, because they identify the specific aspect of God that you are communicating with. Your divine signals always stay the same. The signal may become subtler with time, but will always be the unique signal corresponding with that particular inner name.
Why is the signal so important? Because you can rely on this experience, which you probably have been receiving your entire life in every meditation. Divine signals elevate your spirit and attune you more powerfully to your higher self. Signals can be accurate gauges to measure the depth and clarity of your divine messages.

BUYER BEWARE: Be certain to use all 10 tests along with the Signal Test. Astral entities might give you signals or try to imitate your divine signal. Psychic mediums have been receiving signals for centuries from astral beings, not divine beings. Always use the Challenge Test first before attempting to get your signal.

When Test 4 Fails
If you receive a clear, strong signal from the aspect of God whose name you have identified, then the Signal Test is passed. If you do not, the test has failed. What if the signal is missing, imprecise, or ambiguous?
Ask: Call upon the name of the divine being from whom you want to get a signal. Then ask for your signal. You might say something like, “Mother Mary, please feed me your signal now,” or “Lord Shiva, please give me your signal now.” Remember, when you get a signal, ask for the name. When you get a name, ask for the signal. When you get the name and the signal, ask for the message. Always ASK.
Ask for Stronger Signal: If the signal is not strong or clear, then call upon the divine being and ask the signal to be fed stronger. You might say, “Holy Spirit, please feed your signal stronger. Please make it stronger. Please feed your signal stronger,” until you receive the signal clearly.
Heal All the Way: Heal anything blocking the clear experience of your signal. Perhaps thought-forms, entities, psychic ties, or other negative energies stand in the way. Therefore, use the appropriate healing prayers in Chapter 7. These healing prayers are indispensable to this entire system.
Breathe: Take deep breaths and go deeper into meditation. Then ask the divine being to feed you the signal again.
Pray: Speak prayers for clarity in receiving your inner signals.

Test 5: Awareness of God
You can receive your divine messages with an alert, clear mind. There is no need to be unconscious in order to get messages from God; therefore, be awake and aware when receiving messages.
You may have seen channelers or psychic mediums who enter an unconscious trance-like stupor when receiving messages. After their reading or performance, they wake up and ask, “What did I say? I don’t remember anything that happened.” Then you are supposed to be impressed. You are expected to be in awe that this person checked out of the human hotel and let some strange, nameless entity check in and take over his body. This is not impressive. It is a dangerous game of psychic roulette.
Do you think God requires you to become unconscious in order to give you a message? Did God require Jesus, Moses, or other prophets to go unconscious? No. God’s message is received in a conscious, alert state.
Although readings of unconscious mediums might be helpful for their clients, they are definitely not helpful for the mediums. Expert psychics, spiritual teachers, parapsychologists, psychologists, and researchers agree that the effect on those who engage in unconscious mediumship is as follows:
Breaks the body/mind coordination.
Causes illness.
Causes early death.
I cannot overemphasize the dangers of practices that involve unconscious psychic mediumship or trance channeling. It is easy for a robber to plunder a vacant house with the owner elsewhere. In contrast, few thieves would risk entering a house when the owner is at home. Similarly, astral
entities are more likely to enter your body when it is left untended and unoccupied. But when you are at home, centered, balanced, alert, awake, and grounded in your body, astral entities dare not enter.
There is only one safe way to receive inner messages in an unconscious state that is during sleep. You might receive divine revelations in your dreams. However, if you get a nightmare, then I recommend using the Astral Entity Healing Affirmation. Also, say the Self-Authority Affirmation on page 99 to close off your aura every night, right before sleep.

When Test 5 Fails
If you are conscious and alert as you receive inner messages, then the test has passed. What would you do if you begin to go unconscious? How can you stay alert? Here are some guidelines:
Be Objective: Do not be overly passive. Do not be too introverted or meditate too much. Lead a balanced life of meditation, prayer, healing, and dynamic activity.
Be Vigilant: Do not open to unknown entities. Do not allow anything to “take over” you. Do not let yourself be used by anything or anyone. Do not make bargains or contracts with entities.
Wake Up: If you find yourself going blank or unconscious during meditation, or if you notice something or someone trying to gain entry, then immediately open your eyes and say, in a loud voice, “I AM in control.”

Test 6: Permission of God
Now the first five tests have been passed. The next step is Test 6. You have a question in your mind that you want to ask God. Before asking your question, it is important to get permission from your higher self, from the person in question, or from God. Why? Because you might be asking an inappropriate question. So, use the three-part Permission Test.

1. Can I? The first part of Permission is “Can I get the answer?” This means, “Am I capable of receiving this message?” For example, imagine that you are a psychic and a client wants to
ask questions about quantum physics. Yet you have no science background. The question then becomes: Even though you have never studied the subject of your client’s inquiry, is your intuition good enough for you to receive clear answers?
2. May I? The second part of Permission is “May I ask this question?” This means, “Do I have consent to ask this?” Getting consent is important, especially when asking questions for or about other people. For instance, you would probably not receive permission to satisfy your curiosity about how much money a friend makes. Another example would be asking God how to heal someone.
You might not receive permission without that person’s consent. On the other hand, you might get permission to ask a question or do a healing, even without the person’s consent, if it is for
the best of all concerned. It is important in such cases to get permission from your higher self or from the higher self of that person. This is particularly important if the individual is unavailable to ask for permission.
3. Is it highest wisdom? This third part of the Permission Test means, “Is this the question that is best to ask?” There are three sections to “highest wisdom”:

A. Is this for the good of all concerned? This means, “Will receiving the answer to this question harm anyone, or will its effect be entirely beneficial?” Perhaps the answer to a particular question will cause negative repercussions.
B. Is this the best question to ask? Perhaps you are wording the question incorrectly, or you are asking the wrong question. For instance, asking a confusing or vague question will result in an imprecise, unclear answer. Therefore, it is better to reword the question.
C. Am I ready to receive the answer? Maybe you are unprepared to hear the answer or will not accept it.

When Test 6 Fails
If you receive a “yes” response when you ask your Permission question, then the test has passed. What would you do if you do not get permission?
Take the three following steps:
1. Discover Why: Ask God to show you the reason you are not getting permission to ask your question.
2. Make a Change: Depending on the reason, you might change the question, reword it, or drop the question.
3. Make a Decision: If you can change the question properly, then you might get permission. However, if you do not get permission, then do not proceed at this time. Ask again later.

Test 7: Voice of God
Have you encountered mediums or trance channelers who speak in an accent different from their normal voice? Some of them conduct melodramatic performances, altering their voice, either consciously or unconsciously, to amaze, astonish, and create mystique. When they begin their reading or performance, suddenly they feign an Irish lilt, a bizarre brogue, or another strange, creepy accent.

Because the medium’s voice changes as they purportedly channel the spirit, the client or audience is supposed to be impressed by such theatrics. Misguided, gullible followers are in awe, as though the weird accent adds value and glamour to the message.

A linguist named Sarah Thomason from the University of Pittsburgh conducted a scientific study on 11 channelers. She reported in Psychology Today that not one of those channelers spoke in an accent consistent with the time and place in which the entity supposedly lived. They were all fake!1

Here are some reasons a channeler or medium might speak in a weird accent:
Faker Spirits: The medium is channeling a faker spirit that is mimicking a bizarre accent in order to impress the client or audience.
Earthbound Spirit: The medium is in contact with an entity from the lower astral realm that had a foreign accent when it was alive.
Performance: The medium is staging a theatrical performance in order to impress the client or the audience.
Channeling the Departed: There are very rare mediums that allow a spirit to use their body and vocal chords. These mediums sound exactly as that departed spirit did when alive.
Disbelief in Divine Contact: Some psychics or mediums might receive authentic messages from the voice of God. But if they do not believe God can speak to them, then they will unconsciously sabotage those messages. Instead, they might invent an accent. This will give them “permission” to receive messages, because they unconsciously rationalize that, although it is not okay to receive messages from God, it is okay to get messages from entities. Such false beliefs invite lower vibrations, and soon astral entities take over.

Do you think God requires you to change your voice in order to give you a divine message? No. God’s message comes in your own normal inner voice (your mind) and may be expressed in your own normal outer voice (your speech). The feeling of your voice might change when God speaks through you. It may become softer, sweeter, gentler, stronger, or more authoritative. But it will still sound like your own voice.
Beware of any voice that pounds in your head in an accusatory, overly aggressive tone. Here is an example:
Jamie Michaels, an art director from Detroit, wrote: “I heard a voice tell me three separate times that I had to give up sex. The last time I heard the voice, it shouted in my ears so loud that I had to put my hands over my ears. It screamed, ‘The wages of sin is death!’ after I went ahead and had sex with my boyfriend about six weeks after the voice told me not to. Strange stuff to be hearing from someone that was not ‘Christian’ at that time.”

When Test 7 Fails
If the inner voice sounds normal, like your usual thoughts or usual voice, then the test has passed. If you hear an inner voice with a weird accent or harsh tone, what would you do? Here is the best way to handle the situation in three steps:
1. Heal All the Way: The moment that you hear or sense a strange voice, immediately use the Astral-Entity Healing Affirmation. Send the entity into the divine
2. Breathe: Then take a few deep breaths and go deeper into meditation.
3. Start Again: After going deep into meditation and getting connected with God, begin the process of using the 10 tests again. Go back to Test 1.

Test 8: Message of God
If you receive a message from the voice of God, what would the message be like? Would it be a message of judgment, anger, and vengeance? Or love, light, and peace? I believe that God is pure love; therefore, God’s message can be described as:
No Judgment, No Guilt
Universal Truth
Positive, Optimistic, and Helpful
Inspiring and Uplifting
Relevant, Practical, and Sensible
No Harm
No Conditions or Demands
No Threats or Fear
No Control or Manipulation
Ego Flattery
No Irreversible Doom and Gloom
Genuine Revelation
The Message Test is so complex that it cannot be adequately covered in this chapter. Therefore, Chapter 9 is devoted entirely to this test. Please study it carefully before attempting to use this 10-test system.

When Test 8 Fails
If the characteristics of the message are inspiring, positive, and so forth, as described, then the test has passed. But what if the message is judgmental, conditional, complicated, or otherwise unacceptable?

Please refer to Figure 8c on the following page. Perhaps the message was skewed by your subconscious mind’s interference. Or an entity jumped in. Maybe it was distorted by your ego or false beliefs. Most likely, you were not deep enough in meditation, and you received your message from the surface level of mind. When you go deep into meditation, you will receive true spiritual messages. Here are ways to get a clear message:

Heal All the Way: If you feel entity influence, then use the Astral-Entity Healing Affirmation. If your mind is in the way, use the Thought-Form Healing Affirmation. If you are influenced by a person or thing in your environment, use the Psychic-Tie–Cut Healing Affirmation on page 106.
Pray: Read a prayer in a scripture of your choice.
Breathe: Take a few deep breaths and go into a deeper meditation.
Ask to Go Deeper: Call upon an aspect of God and ask to be taken deeper. You might say, “Jesus, please take me into a deeper meditation,” or “God, take me deeper.”
Ask for Clarity: Call upon an aspect of God and ask for clarity, or pray for clarity. You might say, “God, please clarify my mind and connect me with Spirit.”

Test 9: Knowingness of God

When you receive a clear message from the voice of God, you know that you know, without knowing how you know. You just know it. You know beyond a shadow of doubt, with complete certainty and conviction.

Have you ever had the experience of “I just knew that I should have invested in that stock,” “I knew I should have closed that business deal when I had a chance,” or “I knew I should have avoided that relationship”? These are examples of inner knowingness.

Inner knowing is not the same as wishful or magical thinking. Wishful thinking is hoping that something is true, even though, in the back of your mind, your inner voice warns you that it is not. An example that some young women experience is: “Oh, I just know he’s the right man for me.” Her wishful thinking might say he is Mr. Right. But the “still small voice” of God, that tiny voice within her heart, may be screaming, “Run the other way as fast as you can!”

Other examples of wishful thinking might be: “Oh, I know I will become a famous actor within a year if I just move to Los Angeles,” “Oh, I know I will win the lottery if I buy just one more ticket,” “I know I can make him convert to my religion,” or “I know I can make that woman love me.” Listen to your inner voice, and do not accept the illusion of false hopes and magical thinking.

On the other hand, if the message is clear, then trust it. The true voice of God might give you guidance that appears unachievable, incredible, or impossible. Yet, if the message is true, then follow it, even if it seems difficult or challenging.

Inner knowingness means knowing with absolute conviction. If you know that the message from your inner voice is true, with complete certainty, beyond any doubt, then this test has passed.

When Test 9 Fails
What would you do if Test 9 has failed? What if your message does not sound right or feel right, or you mistrust the message? How would you get a clear message with the experience of inner knowingness? Here are some suggestions:
Heal All the Way: The reason you are not getting inner knowingness is that your message is not clear. Use an appropriate healing prayer from Chapter 7 to heal whatever is preventing you from getting clear messages.
Pray: Say a prayer that gives you greater confidence and inner assurance, such as a Psalm from the Bible or a prayer from your favorite scripture.
Take a Few Deep Breaths: One reason you are not getting clear messages is that you are not deep enough. By taking a few deep breaths, you can go deeper into the meditative state.
Ask to Go Deeper: Call upon a divine being or your higher self to take you deeper. Simply say, “God, take me deeper,” to enter a more profound meditative state.
Ask Question Again: After you have healed your mind and achieved a deeper state of meditation, then ask your question again.

Test 10: Result of God
If you receive a true message from God, how would you feel? Would you be inspired and fulfilled? Or agitated and drained? If you were truly in touch with God, then you would be positively transformed and healed. You would feel:
Relieved and Comforted: God gives comfort and release from care.
Healed, Vital, and Strong: God brings restoration and wholeness.
Confident, Empowered, and Assured: God brings self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and certainty.
Motivated, Inspired, and Elated: God is your cheerleading squad of divine encouragement.
Positive and Hopeful: God always says “yes.” God is affirmative and ever optimistic.
Joyous and Happy: God is the source of happiness, joy, and elation.
Integrated and Whole: God is one—one without a second. God is divine union of all disparate elements.
Fulfilled, Peaceful, and Content: God is the one source of satisfaction and realization of all desires.
ENERGIZED: Above all, God is the fountainhead of all energy in the universe. Therefore, God is the source of strength and vigor. Contact with God energizes you.

Test 1 and Test 10 are the most important tests. The most important part of Test 10 is that God makes you energized. Why is this significant? Because no astral entity can energize you. Astral entities are energy vampires. They drain your vitality and leave you sapped. Therefore, contact with God will NOT make you feel:
Drained, Let Down, or Deflated: God’s presence feeds you continual, infinite energy. But contact with astral entities exhausts, depreciates, and disappoints you.
Empty or Hollow: God is fullness and completeness. However, astral entities make you feel empty and hollow inside.
Disintegrated: God is integration and wholeness. But astral entities make your mind scattered and fragmented.
Negative Emotions: God brings positivity and optimism. However, astral entities make you depressed, discouraged, demoralized, and hopeless.
Intimidated and Insecure: God is friendly and welcoming. God makes you feel comforted and included—never excluded or self-doubting.
Anxious, Worried, or Fearful: God brings solace and peace. God never makes you uneasy, nervous, or apprehensive.
Isolated or Separate: God is one with you and with all life. God is accessible and immanent—not impossible to attain. God makes you feel close at hand.

Best-selling Bantam author Kathryn Ridall, who teaches channeling, describes contact with her “guide” as a feeling of tiredness, heaviness, and weight in her body. After her session she feels exhausted. She claims that the feeling of tiredness as “an excellent sign” that one is “really channeling.” Yes, Ridall has underscored Test 10. After being in contact with discarnate entities or faker spirits from the astral plane, you will be drained. But why would anyone want to do that?
In contrast, contact with God is an uplifting, energizing, inspiring experience. You will feel motivated, inspired, and eager to put your divine guidance into action.

When Test 10 Fails
If you are receiving a positive, energized result, then the test has passed. But what would you do if Test 10 fails? What if you feel drained, flat, empty, or hollow?
Heal All the Way: If you feel drained and empty, then use the Astral-Entity Healing Affirmation. If you feel flat and uninspired, then you have not gone deep enough in meditation. Use the Thought-Form Healing Affirmation. Otherwise, use whatever healing
prayer is appropriate for the situation.
Pray: Read a prayer from your favorite scripture.
Breathe: Take deep breaths and go deeper into meditation.
Ask to Go Deeper: Call upon a divine being or deity to take you deeper.
Ask the Question Again: Once you have reconnected with God in deep meditation, ask your question again and receive clear inner revelation.

Using the 10 Tests in Eight Seconds or Less
Right now, you might feel overwhelmed. Perhaps you are thinking, “This is so complicated. How could I possibly use all 10 tests?” Remember that, when using this 10-test system, it is necessary to check all 10 tests—not just one, two, or three tests. However, believe it or not, every time I ask any question of Spirit, I go down the checklist and verify every one of these 10 tests.
With a little practice, the 10 tests can be used in eight seconds or less.

That is because, when checking the tests, only four tests involve questions that take time to ask and answer. Here are the questions:
1. Do you come in the name of God?
2. What is your name?
3. Give me your signal.
4. Do I have permission?

These are the only questions that take time to answer. And perhaps you already received the inner name and signal before you even started checking the 10 tests. So you might just need to ask two questions. Outside of these four basic questions, all of the other tests are automatic and immediate. They take no time. For instance, you are either experiencing oneness, or not. You are either conscious or unconscious. The voice either sounds weird or normal. The message is uplifting, helpful, and practical, or not. You either experience inner knowingness, or not. At the end, you are either energized, or not.

So when you distill the 10 tests into four main questions and another six checkpoints on your list, then eight seconds becomes realistic. Memorize these 10 tests, and use them whenever you receive inner messages. Your life will be greatly transformed and enriched by listening to
the voice of God and using the 10 tests to verify the messages you receive.

Dipak Patel of Boca Raton, Florida, writes: “This is what I have been searching for
to cut through the confusion of lots of paths to enlightenment—something practical I can use
every day to tune into God myself. I have always believed you can do this yourself, but I did not
know which voice to listen to. Now I do.”

Dr. Shumsky has practiced self-development disciplines for more than 40 years. For 22 years she was the student and personal assistant to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation and guru of the Beatles. She then studied New Thought and metaphysics for another 20 years. Dr. Shumsky has taught thousands worldwide to meditate, develop their intuition, and attain self-realization and enlightenment. Books available in the market include: , Exploring Chakras, Exploring Auras, Ascension, and the upcoming January 12 release - Instant Healing
Dr. Susan Shumsky's website is http://www.drsusan.org/

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