Monday, May 21, 2012

A Time of Spectacular Change by Lisa Barretta

Without a doubt, we are experiencing a time of spectacular change.

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to live in a world where there was no separateness but only diversity?  How about a world where you could not only experience physical reality but also be privy to feeling and sensing the energy blueprints that exist in the higher dimensions beyond the 3-d landscape of your life. As a civilization, we have been in an ongoing acceleration process headed for the long awaited shift into the next evolutionary jump for mankind. Our new expanding consciousness is in step with the expanding Universe and opens up new frontiers to be explored as we respond to the latest cosmic frequencies that will ignite all of our extrasensory senses. Yes, you do have extrasensory senses and in The Book of Transformation, I tell you how we are already genetically hardwired to become a specie beyond the homosapians, which means wise man to become homosentients, meaning aware or conscious man. Your extrasensory senses beyond your physical senses are about to become more acutely attuned as we shift both globally and galactically through the Photon Belt, toward the Galactic Center. We will be downloading all of our “new cosmic apps” leading us to surpass our own technology. How is that for an upgrade package?

As we go through our personal metamorphosis many things will seem different than they once were and an awareness of how the material world is both very limiting and illusionary will make it easier to let go of the old belief systems that hinder ascension to a more evolved life.  As our consciousness expands our attachments to the material world are being redefined by a new reality, one of energy and light. What you feel will surpass what you think you see as you experience you existence beyond the three dimensions of height, weight and mass.

During this time of transformation, many people experience phases where their lives are extremely hectic and confusing along with careers and relationships that seem more challenging than ever. This is a very common occurrence because basically we are not used to functioning in energy this high. We seem to be going in circles not knowing quite what to do and feeling overwhelmed. As you transition, crown, and finally re-birth into being able to access your higher consciousness you will see how the third dimension was like a box which served as an incubator as we evolved into a higher civilization. Our physical body and energy essence, the spirit, are now merging into one more refined frequency, giving us the opportunity to be more illuminated and enlightened.

Species survive by adapting to a changing environment. Our relationship with time is also changing because in the world of frequency the limits of hours, minutes and seconds are not experienced the same way. Third dimensional reality separates past, present and future but the new time /space paradigm has no time constraints. As we morph and change into our evolutionary advancement we will also find that we can more easily tap into past lives (which are really parallel lives) along with the ability to recognize the nonverbal Universal language of synchronicities, intuition, number patterns and energy to help us create a life of infinite possibilities. I felt that there was a need for a book filled with information that would convey a clear and concise understanding of how to tune in, what to expect and how to adjust to the new frequencies that ignite awareness. There had to be something to serve as a New Coming of Age manual to guide you through your cosmic puberty so I diligently wrote The Book of Transformation.

As we shift and go through our ascension process, it will be necessary for us to understand what it means to be extrasensory and recognize that the Chakra centers are our psychic energy hubs. These centers pull in and distribute the vibrations around you and send off warning signals when you start to pull in too many negative or lower frequencies. Many people don’t even know that they have energy vortexes or Chakras because all of this very pertinent and empowering information has been kept secret or made  to look like esoteric, fringe beliefs for fear that we would uncover our true genetic make-up. The time has come to disclose our Alien ancestry and realize that we were designed (yes, we are a designer specie) to be extraordinary beings. It is important that as we spiritually mature we learn to handle our extrasensory, telepathic, psychic spiritual attributes responsibly so we can eventually be socialized into the other galactic communities.  You didn’t think that we were alone out there in the Universe, now did you?

This empowering shift that we are going through will help us remove ourselves from victim consciousness and see how things don’t happen to us but rather because of us.  Your intentions and thoughts are the new coloring book and crayons for bringing about your personal experiences of created reality. Our new auspicious relationship with the cosmos is one of authentic truth and light.  No more lying-we will all be more intuitive and psychic and one can only imagine how this attribute will affect relationships.. Have you been spacing out? Are you often feeling confused and not centered?  This is happening because you are becoming more energy sensitive and adapting to being extrasensory, telepathic and clairvoyant. You will be finding out that it is normal to be paranormal. The portal to higher consciousness is now open for all who choose to ascend. Wait until you start seeing spirits on the other side of the quickly thinning energy veil that once separated our dimensions of consciousness.  Spirit entities, Ascended Masters and guides will make themselves available to us as we merge into the world of higher energy.

We have been preparing for this new energy shift since the harmonic convergence of the late 1980’s which ushered in a period of Earth's "cleansing" and global awakening to love and unity through divine transformation. We are now going through the detachment from the old beliefs of religion and materialism and advancing toward a new consciousness of spirituality and energy. In hind sight we can see that all the kids we once thought of as ADD and candidates for Ritalin are really our evolutionary precursors, the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children who came into the world at this time to lead the way into a more authentic existence. .As long as we understand that a frequency change is going on, we can get through this, but it's not always an easy journey since you may experience some physical, emotional and mental discomfort as you go through your spiritual awakening. Anything in your life that does not match that high level of vibration coming in is being transformed or cleared out so that you can have a more peaceful, lighter and loving life.

The coming end to materialism as we know it gives way to an insight as to how people will redefine themselves by looking for more creative and authentic careers, choosing simplified life styles, eating organic foods (food also has a vibration), embracing holistic health care and striving for relationships that are based on love instead of fear; compassion instead of possession. Maintaining our new homosentient body requires the use of integrated healing modalities to keep energy levels up and running.  Metaphysicians and light workers will take on the role of doctors when it comes to treating our energy body and we finally realize that any true healing must be resolved first within the layers of the vibrational body.

You just have to look around and see the current state of the world economy to realize that we are now being challenged to let go of the heavy, material things that we can’t drag into a lighter side of life.  Without a doubt, we are experiencing a time of spectacular change. We are living during a time that holds the potential for us to ascend. Our transformation will release all of our darker energies that are threaded together on fear so we can re-boot our energy fields with the lighter, more illuminated energy of love.   I guess it is safe to say that as we transcend the limits of the third dimension and move toward higher consciousness, enlightenment will become the new “Sexy.

Lisa Barretta is a practicing astrologer, intuitive counselor, certified Reiki practitioner, and author of The Street Smart Psychic’s Guide to Getting a Good Reading. During the past 30 years she has developed her client base strictly by word of mouth. Her client list spans North America, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. Lisa resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Check out her new release The Book of Transformation

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