Friday, March 9, 2012

Synchronicity as a Mirror by Kirby Surprise

Synchronistic events (SE) are those uncanny coincidences in which the environment seems to be speaking directly to us through events. People may report radio and television broadcasts, random events of all sorts, comment on what they are thinking as if something was reading their minds, or can be provided with exactly what they need at exactly the right moment.  Everyone has experienced meaningful coincidences. They are explained by supernatural and religious beliefs, archetypal influences, or more exotic personal mythologies. SE mirrors these beliefs back to the observer. SE sometimes become mistaken for confirmations of the objective reality of personal beliefs. Most people are looking into the mirror of SE every day. They don’t realize the images they see are their own thoughts.

There is a measure of self‐awareness called “The Mirror Test” developed by biopsychologist Gordon Gallup. Animals are shown their own reflection in a mirror. If they recognize the reflection in the glass as their own, it is taken as an indication it is a self‐aware being. Humans, some great apes, elephants, and dolphins generally recognize their own reflections; a few birds do as well. Interestingly, some birds and dogs that can’t initially recognize their own reflections can be trained to do so. Synchronicity is a form of mirror test. People see in the mirror of events around them the image of their own inner life. They see what they think, feel and believe. They even see their fantasies about what causes these reflections.

You have an amazing ability. Your thoughts and feelings, your memories and experiences, are reproduced in the events around you as coincidences. The world shapes itself around your thoughts, presenting you with meaningful coincidences based on your inner life. Everyone creates their own SE, constantly. The ability is innate to the way our brains process information into meaning. This seemingly magical ability goes largely unnoticed, unexplained and misunderstood until it presents itself in spectacular form.

SE defies the way we usually think about cause and effect. Yet, there is a pattern evident in the events. The pattern is in the person’s thoughts. People have always reported seeing SE. They are the basis for many superstitions and religious beliefs. The 4 difficulty in finding the cause of SE has always been the mirror effect.

For SE, there are no physical limitations. Our mirror test is the entire universe, and it reflects the meanings your mind creates. SE will appear to be caused by whatever the observer believes causes them. Looking for SE consciously, knowing SE are a mirror of your thoughts, reveals your astonishing ability to shape your experience of the universe according to the thoughts you choose.

Dr. Kirby Surprise received his doctorate in counseling psychology from the Institute for Integral Studies. He works in an advanced outpatient program for the State of California where he assesses, diagnoses, and treats clients with psychotic and delusional disorders. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area.

Synchronicity: The Art of Coincidence, Change and Unlocking the Mind is now available at your favorite retailers and in ebook editions.  Click here for a recent excerpt.

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