Monday, January 16, 2012

Begin Your Journey to Mindfulness

To kick off a new week we offer tools
to reach a higher consciousness.
This exercise comes from A Year to Enlightenment
by E. Raymond Rock.

Moving you gradually and comprehensively from simple relaxation into the deepest, most profound areas of meditation and spirituality, A Year to Enlightenment encourages you to read only one page at a time, practicing a single technique until a personal insight arises. Only then do you turn the page and go on to the next “day.” By using this method, your own insights become your personal teacher. 

For one unbelievable moment, be truly free.

I’m becoming suspicious of my unyielding opinions and judgments. They are, more often than not, based on unsubstantiated information—something that I’ve read or heard from someone else, which I then accept as certainty without testing it as if I am afraid to discover the truth about it. It then becomes a belief rather than wisdom. How can I ever hope to escape from this never-ending wheel of what I am and what I’ve been if I just believe anything? Only when I test these things for myself will I someday see if eternity actually does exist in each moment. Then maybe I’ll be able to interact with things without grabbing them or pushing them away, and just see them, without thinking about either acquiring or turning my back on them. If I can do this, then no future will be created by the present and the present won’t be influenced by the past. Only the immediacy of this significant moment will exist, where everything is laid bare before me without deception. Am I truly a warrior?

Resume your regular concentration today, beginning with your warm-up exercises and then focusing on your forehead center. During the day, practice today by touching things. Notice how your mind perceives the feeling of touch, and observe what kinds of thoughts arise because of various touches. As you ponder the touching consciousness and how it arises, investigate whether a general consciousness fills the universe or whether each individual consciousness, your eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, and mind, arises and passes on its own. Try to hold your attention at that moment of contact, before the mind begins to identify the touch.

A Year to Enlightenment was written for brave hearts prepared to embark on an incredible journey. By diving into the waters of spirituality, you have an opportunity to replace your underlying fear and uncertainty with confidence and love. You will find yourself bathed in expansive and universal insights, with each day of the book disclosing a unique, timeless wisdom known by few. This, in turn, surreptitiously opens new, unexplored regions of life and true freedom, not merely liberation from the undesirable, but freedom from everything. If you conscientiously follow the step-by-step instructions, expect that enlightenment will not be beyond your reach.

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