Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Spring 2012 Titles

Spring, already?  Well considering in the Northeast we've already had Snow prior to November I think there are a number of folks would be happy to move the seasons right along.  We're gearing up for 2012.


A New Way to Be Human 
by Robert V. Taylor
April 12 Release

"Throughout the years I've admired Roberts compassionate ministry of God's love and hope and the integrity of his life and leadership over many decades.  It is a joy to see that authenticity revealed in these pages... It is a humdinger of a book!"
- Desmond M. Tutu, Nobel Peace Laureate

By identifying 7 pivotal, universally recognizable life occurrences as spiritual pathways, A New Way to Be Human will immediately connect you to actionable personal spiritual practices.

Ancient Mysteries

The Lost Secrets of Maya Technology
by James O'Kon
April 12 Release

James O'Kon has been spent 40 years investigating Maya engineering feats and lost Maya technology.  His investigations have taken him to more than 50 remote Maya sites.  He has delivered numerous scientific papers to scientific symposia dealing with Maya technology. He was inducted into the Explorers Club as a National Fellow for his work on Maya Technology.  In this work he shares his perspective on the unique technology that enabled the feats achieved by the Maya Civilization.

The Pyramids & The Pentagon
by Nick Redfern
June 12 Release

A detailed study of how and why government agencies have, for decades, taken a clandestine and profound interest in numerous archaeological, historical, and religious puzzles.

The Lost Worlds of Ancient America
by Frank Joseph
April 12 Release

Frank Joseph shares evidence that confirms that our continent was visited and influenced by visitors from Europe and the Near East hundreds, even thousands of years before its "official" discovery in 1492.

New Thought

The Unfoldment
by Neil Kramer
May 12 Release

Neil Kramer presents a body of scared wisdom and an elegant system of spiritual practice that puts real power and real magic into those who seek a path of awakening.  Spiritual encounters and experiential gnosis are combined to form a unique synthesis of metaphysics, mysticism, and esoteric knowledge - genuine, hands-on tools and teaching for transformation and enlightenment in the 21st century.

Activate Joy
by AlixSandra Parness
April 12 Release

Activate Joy will carry you through an ascending spiral up and into the spirit of joy. Offers a powerful and delightful series of practical methods designed to make your journey to joy easy and fulfilling. It is the single resource you need to learn how to live your life beyond limitations.

The Book of Transformation
by Lisa Barretta
May 12 Release

Lisa Baretta guides you through the phases of your awakening and shows you what you can expect as you evolve into a world defined by frequency and light.

Psychic Intuition
by Nancy de Tertre
August 12 Release

Intended to bridge the gap between skeptics who can analyze but don't experience psychic phenomena, and believers, who have the experiences but lack the ability to analyze.  If you never had a psychic experience before and don't believe in it, Psychic Intuition may just change your mind.

New Science

This Book is From the Future
by Marie D. Jones & Larry Flaxman
July 12 Release

Examines the past, present and future states of time-travel research, but also looks at the bizarre anomalies of time itself.  A mesmerizing journey through the entire landscape of time and time-travel evolution, where we started, where we now stand, and what the future holds for us to discover, out there in time.


A.D. After Disclosure
by Richard M. Dolan & Bryce Zabel
May 12 Release

"I've imagined this future many times, but these guys actually wrote the book on it! Zabel and Dolan have brilliantly created a compelling blend of history and informed speculation that makes their exciting world seem like tomorrow's news today.  Don't dare miss it! Nuff said."
- Stan Lee Creator, Spiderman, X-Men, Avengers

This work of speculative non-fiction combines meticulous fact-finding from historian/researcher Richard M. Dolan and forward-leaning scenarios from journalist/screenwriter Bryce Zabel on the world's most mind-bending subject.  The authors predict radical changes after official acknowledgement that at least some UFOs are intelligently controlled craft from somewhere other than Earth.


Financial Sorcery
by Jason Miller
July 12 Release

It is the duty of any serious practitioner to find a skillful and spiritual way to deal with money.  Jason Miller will show you how to use magic to create real and lasting wealth.


A Haunted Mind
by Dr. Bob Curran
August 12 Release

Dr. Bob Curran explores what motivated Lovecraft - his personal life is just as strange as some of his creations - and drove him to create his terrible cosmos.  Using both folklore and history, Dr. Curran investigates a wide variety of Lovecraftian mysteries.

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