Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Major Media (Finally) Gives a Nod Towards Aliens by Carmen Boulter & Xaviant Haze

An article concerning aliens and strange elongated skulls was recently published by one of the world’s foremost news agencies. Like a brushfire weaving its way through a dry desert, this groundbreaking story quickly spread around the globe. If there were ever a case to make for slow disclosure, this news would certainly be it. It’s rare that an article on this subject makes its way to the headlines of Yahoo, MSN, and other mainstream media outlets without it being bashed or discredited. Of course, skeptics and naysayers quickly cried hoax, but ironically those tactics are not working anymore especially since the History Channel’s new season of Ancient Aliens is enjoying record ratings.

It gives us great pleasure to witness this timely event being that our major work entitled Aliens in Ancient Egypt is due for publication in the paradigm shifting year of 2012. It is perfect timing to present material concerning alien mysteries, close encounters, starseeds, and the true purpose of the pyramid fields around the Giza Plateau. The time is right, mankind is thirsty and ready for this once hidden knowledge now more than ever before.

Earth history is full of fantastic mythologies and stories of strange beings. For example, during the end of the IV millennium BC in ancient Egypt a mysterious people known as the Disciples of Horus appeared out of nowhere to assume command over the nation. Discoverers of their ancestral pre-dynastic tombs in northern Egypt found strange anatomical anomalies including elongated skulls. These weird skulls have also been found all over the world including in the now occupied ancient lands of Iraq. Discovered by Max Mallowan In 1933 at ‘Tell Arpachiyah’, the excavations turned up numerous elongated skulls now lost to the hands of the unknown. Elongated skulls have also been found on the ancient island of Malta, an area long known for curious megalithic temples predating the knowledge of the local inhabitants. Found in the megalithic temples of Hal Saflienti, Taxien, and Ggantja these skulls seem to belong to a completely different group of humans altogether. Discovered in the 1980’s but kept hidden from the public our only known evidence comes from the photographs and writings of Maltese researchers Dr. Anton Mifsud and Dr. Charles Savona Ventura. 

These findings, once obscure and ostricizied, are now being validated thanks in part to the recent interest in ancient and modern alien mysteries. Perhaps the area with the most evidence of ancient alien contact and where the most recent stunning alien skull was discovered is in the highlands of Peru. So vast are the number of elongated skulls found in Peru and surrounding areas that their museums are filled with astonishing evidence that can longer be denied. In fact, the Inca people were known to bind and misshape their infants skulls on purpose. Who were they trying to imitate? Incan expert Brien Foerster has provided images and YouTube video footage of elongated skulls discovered in Peru. Some images even leave the hair on the back of your neck standing. Of course, after the initial shock wears off, we shouldn’t be too surprised to hear of our alien origins. As recently as August 10, 2011, NASA postulted that indeed we all might be aliens!

The veils of illusion are disappearing. The old world elite is beginning to lose its stranglehold of power over humanity. Their end game plan for a New World Order have been stalled due, in part, to a massive global awakening. This unprecedented paradigm shift may be the ultimate significance of 2012 as the Mayans were likely not talking about physical world destruction. They simply stated that one age was coming to an end while another was emerging. They called this the ‘age of revealing’ and a quick look around should convince anyone that indeed this is what is occurring in these auspicious times. 

It seems important not to buy into the 2012 hype that the apocalypse is upon us. Consider that this heavily hyped time frame might be leveraged by the elite creating an opening for a false flag operation. Could this be leading up to a fake alien invasion? This would explain why for the past decade Hollywood has churned out a plethora of ‘aliens destroying the world’ scenario movies. Using predictive programming and mind control techniques, fleets of holographic motherships could appear hovering above major cities. It is conceivable that the scenario could be powered by the shadow military with real alien technology kept hidden for decades. Saving humanity from a so-called alien invasion could conceivably result in gaining more control over the human race.

How is it we are more prone to suspect that an alien race would want to harm us? Why is it unpopular to think of aliens as advanced and benevolent? Could they have been watching us and been involved in our development for thousands of years? The idea of an intergalactic council as is depicted on Star Trek and Star Wars comprised of non-human beings has great appeal to our collective imaginations. Perhaps they have been living among us and we are on the verge of discovering their alien origins. The age of revealing is upon us.

Dr. Carmen Boulter is an author, filmmaker, researcher, and professor. She directed and produced the groundbreaking TV documentary series The Pyramid Code, is the author of Angels and Archetypes: An Evolutionary Map of Feminine Consciousness, and has visited 52 countries in search of the mysteries of lost cultures. She is launching, an online learning and social action network.
Xaviant Haze is a freelance researcher of ancient manuscripts and alternative history. He is the author of The Suppressed History of America and hosts one of the most complete online metaphysical libraries with links and resources to all major works in the field.

Coming in June 2012

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