Monday, October 17, 2011

Top 5 Spooky New Page Books for Halloween

As the Fall air cools and the darkness enters earlier and earlier, we encounter the perfect time for some good ghost stories.  Get your spook on with our Top 5 read picks for Halloween!

Fears are never so stark, yet so undefined as they are when we are children. There are monsters lurking in every dark corner, in the closet, under the bed, ready to leap out the moment the light goes off.  But not all the things that lurk under the bed and in the dark are only in their imaginations. Children lack many of the filters that adults have placed on themselves, so children have a heightened awareness of the world, normal and paranormal. Ursula Bienski delves deep into real children’s encounters with the supernatural, and shows us just what is out there, in there, under there, and what there is to be afraid of. Reconnect with the primal fears of childhood, and learn what you really saw.

Think back to where you probably heard your first ghost story: sitting around a campfire, hearing tales that might have been passed down and around for years or decades. Tales were told that were complete fabrications, tall tales and puffery; you’ve probably heard a few. There were also some very spooky, very real stories.  That's what you will find in Jim Harold's collection - these count as some of the very best from his program that will amaze, scare and mystify you.

You say you want more information on ghosts? You want the real stories of hauntings and investigations in spirits? Exposed Uncovered Declassified: Ghosts, Spirits & Hauntings has essays from some of the best known experts on the paranormal, taking on Everything from Poltergeists, to Animal Ghosts, to the classic Vanishing Hitchhiker tales. Real Experts lay out their cases for the existence of ghosts, and what you read may spook you.  This one contains all you could want to know about the ghosts out there in the world.

Dr. Bob Curran has investigated many of the mythic monsters that populate our pasts and imaginations.  After looking at Vampires, Zombies, Undead Creatures and Malevolent Fairies, Man Made Monsters delves into the truth behind the myths of Golems, Homunculi, Ancient Robots and the Frankenstein’s Monster. These monsters are made all the more scary to us since we have built them ourselves, and in our own image no less. Take a look inside this book to see images of creatures never born, and be prepared to shudder.

Jeff Belanger has compiled, and revamped an in-depth look into the history, folklore and legends of some of the most famous haunted locations throughout the planet.  What better way to spend the spooky nights leading up to Halloween than reading about the bloody battlefields, haunted asylums, prisons possessed of phantoms, and castles filled with ghosts? It’s perfect if you want to be scared, and doubles as a handy guide for some haunted vacation planning.

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