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Fulfilling your calling as an Indigo Adult

While there is a vast amount of information in the marketplace to help younger souls that come to this world with special qualities, there are many adults who feel that they were born with calling that they've never been able to define. Kabir Jaffe and Ritama Davidson bring those souls some direction in their book Indigo Adults. Here we have shared a short excerpt from Chapter 5 entitled The Purpose of Indigo Souls.

The Sense of “Calling” and “Purpose”

One of the most important forces inside of Indigo Souls is your sense of “calling” or “purpose.” It can be felt in many ways: You may have a sense that you are here for a reason, or that you have something to do, or that you have something to unfold in yourself, or that you have something to contribute to the world. Whatever its form, this calling is often one of the strongest driving forces within Indigos. In many ways it may be the central point around which your life revolves.

In the beginning this may not be very clear. There may just be a vague sense of longing or desire. There maybe a general sense of, “Oh, I would like to do something more meaningful in my life.” Or in many cases it is felt not as a feeling of calling, but as a feeling of dissatisfaction. You are unhappy with a mundane life, with living in a box. And even that is not often very clear; it may be just felt as restlessness or a general dissatisfaction, or perhaps a light depression.

In whatever way it is felt, this sense of meaning is at the core of who you are. You cannot just live your life without meaning and purpose. You cannot just live selfishly. You can certainly live a “normal” life (“normal” meaning having a family, going to work, and so on), but within this situation there is a need for doing things in a way that uplifts your spirit and that matters to your heart. Things have to have a higher value that gives you the feeling that you are contributing to making the world a little bit better.

That sense of making the world better is core to your purpose and your calling. Perhaps your way of making the world better is simple: not doing other people harm, or helping people be a little happier. Or perhaps your sense of purpose takes a more powerful form: You desire to work in a profession that helps people, or to work with the environment, or a charity, or research for the greater good. There is a fundamental desire to make a positive contribution. That feeling becomes more and more powerful over time.

Some people are born with it as a powerful passion. In other people it gradually unfolds. In either case your life becomes measured according to that standard. If you are living your life according to your calling, it brings a certain fulfillment. There is a feeling of “I am living a right life; I am living what I am here for.” If you are not living according to that, there is an emptiness, as if there is something missing—an “existential dissatisfaction.”

A related theme that is often very challenging is that many Indigo Souls have a sense of purpose and direction, but cannot find a form or an outlet for it that satisfies them. This can be a source of great suffering. It’s as if you sense that there is so much that you have in you, so much that you would like to do, but you don’t know what to do with it. Or perhaps you know what to do with it but you can’t seem to bring it through.

For example, I know so many people trained in some form of self-development work—bodywork, Reiki, psychotherapy, an alternative healing method—who can’t find enough clients to make a living at it and end up working at some job that doesn’t satisfy them. This discrepancy between what you know inside versus what you can live and express in the outside world is often great. This can be a source of deep discontent and pain. Your desire to be all that you can be is so strong and your awareness very sharp and keen; if you are not living that ideal you are painfully aware of it, and you suffer when you are not living to your potential or your optimum.

We’ve spoken about this before, that your consciousness is of the new, of the future, but your personality is of the old. You hold images and feelings of new ways of being, but the personality that exists within is a Piscean personality—not only Piscean but also a personality formed from instincts that go back millions of years and is still very primitive. It has a lot of lower chakra activity in it: It is selfish, power-orientated and competitive (third chakra), fearful (base chakra), and greedy (second chakra). It has a closed and judgmental mind (sixth chakra), and the emotions are very strong and volatile (dominant emotional body).

Many Indigo Souls are excruciatingly aware that there are two people in them: their higher consciousness, which is more open, vital, vibrant, and uplifted; and their personality, which is dense, emotional, limited, and closed. Being an Indigo Soul in a Piscean personality and body is not easy! This is a huge discrepancy: What you know in your innermost consciousness is not what you can live in your normal thinking, emotions, or behavior.

To picture this, imagine that you are a world-class racing driver, and you are given an old, beat-up car that hardly moves anymore. You know what you are capable of doing and should be able to do with it, but with that car you are not very successful when you try to drive it.

This is the root cause of a lot of our struggle: We are not living or being the person that we know we can be and that we want to be. This can create a deep inner anguish. In addition, your Critic points a finger at all your faults and then beats you up. Most Indigo Souls have strong Critics, with the result that they suffer from a sense of inferiority. You feel as you are not enough, that you are not doing enough, that you are not good enough. And then your Pusher, your “Spiritual Pusher,” complicates it even more by making you work even harder. The result is that you end up with a lot of tensions. And no matter how hard you work, you never fully succeed. What a vicious circle! The Critic finds fault, the Pusher pushes, the Critic finds it not enough, you push more….

It is because of this discrepancy between the ideal and the real that one of the central teachings for Indigo Souls is self-love: being gentle toward yourself, walking the path softly. Have your ideals. Aspire towards them. And yet realize that you will never fully reach them. You will always fall short, and that is fine; you are not meant to reach them. You are meant to stretch towards them, but not to reach them. When you realize that, something inside relaxes. Then you can love yourself for being just another imperfect human being on the planet, instead of loving yourself only when you have attained sainthood. So in a sense we can say that your purpose, or one part of your purpose, is to be reaching toward ideals—not reaching ideals, but reaching toward them.

Kabir Jaffe is one of the pioneers of the new energy-based psychology and spirituality. He is a master energy trainer and guide for inner development, as well as a scientist, mystic, futurist, and astrologer. He has been involved in inner work for 35 years, 18 of which were spent in a monastery in India.

Ritama Davidson is a gifted energy worker and international seminar leader whose unique sensitivity allows her to accurately diagnose and guide people on the path of inner development. She is the co-founder of Essence Training and has been a dancer, choreographer and practitioner of Shiatsu massage and body-oriented therapy. Together they run the Essence Training Institute, an Inner Work School. They live in the Caribbean.

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