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Destiny or Choice: Who’s Zooming Who? By Marie D. Jones

I have chosen to spend some time writing this blog post. Well, I like to THINK I have chosen to do so, having free will to decide what it is I want to write, and when. I like to think I am in total control of this decision…to write about destiny and choice for this blog, but…I can’t prove it. I can’t prove that I have the choice at all; because there is always that question lurking in the back of my mind…was this all pre-determined? Was this all planned out in advance? Was there, at some point in my life, or my previous life, a blueprint that included writing a book about destiny and choice and then blogging on it in the summer of 2011?

There was a song by Aretha Franklin back in the ‘90s called “Who’s Zooming Who?” that asked who is playing whom, who is in control, who is running the ship, driving the car, pulling the strings, captaining the ship so to speak (although she said it in a much more funky way!). When it comes to the ongoing philosophical battle between destiny and choice, we wonder if we are the zoomers, or the zoomies. And there seems to be ample evidence, even if it is somewhat circumstantial, that we act as both.

As zoomers, we get to make choices and determine the actual outcome of our lives. That outcome is not fixed, but is directly based upon the choices we make of our own volition. It may also be determined upon events and experiences that appear to happen to us that we do not choose - accidents, illnesses, crime and the actions of other people upon us. Yet our right to live according to our free will is what drives the vehicle we call “life.” For some zoomers, there is a refusal to believe that there is anything BUT free will and choice and the mere thought that something might be “pre-determined” or destined to happen is the stuff of religious and philosophical mumbo-jumbo. It is not real and has no scientific basis. It is perception. Nothing more. We are human, and in control.

As zoomies, the belief is that our lives are set in motion in accordance with a blueprint or master plan, one that we may have even chosen in the void between this life and a previous one. A sense of destiny plays a role in who we become, including whom we marry, or not marry, the vocations we choose, the locations we live in and the final legacy we leave behind, if any. Oftentimes, zoomies speak of fate and synchronicity and serendipity, as if there were some invisible bond of connectivity that we lived and moved and had our being in. Extreme zoomies, as I like to call them, sense that there is no choice, no free will at all, for even as we might THINK we are making a choice to do something, we cannot prove that the very choice we are about to make wasn’t at some time determined to be made. We cannot prove that our every thought, action and experience wasn’t already set down onto a “book of life” and we are just the victims of the pages turning.

The interesting thing is, there is evidence that we are both zoomers and zoomies, and this evidence is apparent throughout the natural world. It is a part of our own physical makeup as well, and may even be at play in the order of things on a cosmic scale as well. The universe seems to have been formed and evolved according to a very intricate and specific set of events that even speak to the possibility of a higher intelligence behind those events - a “First Cause” that put into action the effects we now see as our universe. The Big Bang may have been First Cause, but most likely it was something before that, for we have to ask what was before the Bang. The decision to bang out our universe had to have been made at some point, and no, I am not saying it was a person or thing that made it. But something set off First Cause and here we are…and we can go even further back beyond the Big Bang and wonder where First Cause began. Or was it always there?

The universe operates according to specific laws, that if not precise, would never have allowed for life to begin at all, and might have even put the kibosh on the formation of planets, solar systems, stars… Our universe is one big blueprint of finely-tuned laws, ratios and forces that, if they were any less or any more, would have never allowed for anything but empty space.

DNA and physicality show us that on a human level there is the idea of a blueprint from which we receive characteristics such as eye and hair color, height, etc. and combined with new evidence of psychological and behavioral “blueprints” that may be passed down from previous generations, we are hard pressed to say that we are all made up of choices. After all, if our parents didn’t choose to have sex, we wouldn’t be here! But in a physical sense, even in nature and evolution and adaptation, there seems to be a plan and a process by which every living thing becomes what it is now, and evolves into what it will be tomorrow. Plants and animals are also more intricately structured than we imagined before the advent of microscopes and wild animal reality shows! Everything that is alive appears to know exactly ahead of time how to keep on keeping on (unless acted upon by another force, such as extinction, but then who is to say this isn’t part of the evolutionary blueprint?).

Many people just feel a sense of destiny at work in their lives, myself included. I have always known since early childhood I would grow up to be a writer. This was not a choice for me. It was a true sense of having a path that must be walked, or I would never be happy and fulfilled and feel I had done what I was put here to do.

Yet…I made choices along the way and often made bad choices that went directly against my sense of destiny, and paid the price for them. This suggests that even if I had a destiny, it was still up to me whether I achieved it or not, and also suggests I have a lot of choice over how to get there, as well as how much I want to suffer along the way.

The intriguing world of quantum physics is a wonderful place to bring choice and free will into the discussion, because in the quantum world, there seems to be ample evidence that it is all about choice. Particles exist as both particle and wave until something happens to collapse the waveform. That “something” is the act of observation or measurement. The observation can not only turn a wave into a particle, so to speak, but can also control the outcome of an experiment using that particle, including where it goes and what it does. The observer effect may indeed be a driving force in our larger reality, where we might be “observing” our life into existence based upon what we choose to direct our attention to, and put our conscious focus on.

Could we indeed be creating our reality as we go along, and could we indeed be solely responsible for where our life paths take us? If we look at the concept from the quantum world that states nothing exists until we observe it into existence, that sure seems right. Maybe our entire DNA is driven by our conscious choices and our “observing” what we want to happen and who we want to be. Maybe evolution and adaptation are choices animals and nature itself make as it goes along, not randomly, but simply based upon survival needs and environmental influences.

In the world of divination, we visit astrologers and numerologists and tealeaf readers in an attempt to understand our future, and maybe get a leg up on our destiny. Many times, these readings provide a deep sense of realization that we have a purpose and that the events of our lives that we thought were mere coincidence were nothing of the sort. That we are on track, or off track but seeking advice on how to get back on track. We believe in soul mates and soul codes, past lives and reincarnation, precognition and fortune telling. Life, we hope, is fixed, which takes a lot of the responsibility off of us for our actions, but we are still open to having choices if we don’t like how it is fixed.

The evidence, both scientific and spiritual, for destiny and choice, is there. My research shows a slight edge to one over the other, but the debate is not over and is probably more intense than ever. And when you take a look at all the evidence, you end up feeling as though somehow, there is a blend and flow of both at work. In other words, I can feel a sense of needing to go to Tahiti, and Lord knows after all the work I’ve been doing lately, I DO need to! But…I can choose how to get there and when to go. Oh, and with whom (although I have some ideas about that!).

Who’s zooming who? You either chose to read this…or were destined to.

Destiny vs. Choice is a August publication.

Marie D. Jones is the best-selling author of The Deja Vu Enigma; 11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon; and 2013: The End of Days or a New Beginning?. She is also a screenwriter, radio show host, and popular public speaker who has been interviewed on hundreds of radio shows all over the world. She was recently featured on The History Channel and is a regular contributor to Intrepid magazine and New Dawn magazine.

Other releases include:

The Resonance Key: Exploring the Links Between Vibration, Consciousness, and the Zero Point Grid

PSIence: How New Discoveries to Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena

The Trinity Secret: The Power of Three and the Code of Creation

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  1. Wow Marie! This spoke to me on many levels. Reading it was a choice, but now I believe that I'm destined to read the book. Superb! Bravo!


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