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Recent Visits from the Real Men in Black

The Men in Black were elevated to superstar status in 1997 in the hit movie of the same name. Although the Hollywood blockbuster was fiction, the real Men in Black have consistently attempted to silence the witnesses of UFO and paranormal phenomena since the 1950s. This partial excerpt from Redfern's The Real Men in Black which releases in June discusses a recent case and experience with this ominous force.

Chapter 11: MIB in the New Millennium (2000s)

Raven Meindel, a cryptozoologist, writer, radio host, and Wiccan priestess who resides in Michigan and, in 2010, was featured on the History Channel’s Monster Quest series pursuing bloodthirsty werewolves, says, “I’ve been interested in paranormal things and UFOs for years, but when I got involved in doing it more seriously, with research and writing, and in a career-like manner, that’s when really strange things started to happen, including a Men in Black experience in April 2008.”

Meindel’s experience was preceded by a decidedly unusual occurrence in the family home: A week before she had her Men in Black confrontation, her husband, Adam, felt a rush of wind go past him inside the apartment, while the pair was standing there, talking. Meindel is sure that the air-conditioning was not on, and no windows were open. It felt, said Adam, just like someone had brushed by, walking briskly past him. Whatever the cause of the odd event, it was an uncanny precursor to the mayhem that was soon to follow, as Meindel makes graphically clear: “On April 16, about 5:30 p.m., two men, dressed all in black, came out of the apartment across from where we were living at the time. The odd thing about this is that no one was living in that apartment then. They walked away and got into a black Lincoln. And when they walked past, I was outside playing with a Frisbee with a neighborhood kid. The Frisbee was called an Alien Flyer, which had an alien face on it, which I thought was a very odd synchronicity.”

Feeling somewhat unsettled by the off-putting presence of the pair, Meindel tried her best to lighten the situation. Her efforts were to no avail, however. Indeed, no one, I am sure, needs to be told that the Men in Black are hardly known for their fine sense of humor or jollity: “We smiled at the guys, and made a joke about something, but they were like totally stone-cold, chiseled, hard features, no emotion, nothing. One of them looked like he was in his late 20s or early 30s, and the other one was probably late 40s, early 50s. They were all in black and they were both carrying briefcases.”

At first, says Meindel, she wondered if the two men were Mormons, or perhaps representatives of some other religious group. As there was nothing to indicate that, however, Meindel attempted to move closer to see the license plate of the pair’s car as they got inside their black vehicle. Meindel developed a deep suspicion that the pair knew exactly what she was doing, and “they backed out real quick and took off. You could tell it was a deliberate maneuver.”

It was in the immediate wake of this chilling MIB experience that a reign of paranormal terror descended upon the Meindel family: The telephone would ring, but—surprise, surprise—no one was there. On the night of April 19, only three days after her encounter with the MIB, and while trying valiantly to fall asleep (which was hardly easy, given the nature of the odd activity in the family home), Meindel developed an overwhelming feeling that she should not be undertaking any type of UFO research whatsoever. In her own words, “It was like a terrifying feeling that came on from nowhere. I even felt kind of shaken by it. And I actually said, out loud: ‘Okay, I won’t do it.’”

Despite her reluctance to dig further into the complexities of the UFO jigsaw, the Men in Black were far from finished toying with, and terrifying, Meindel and her family. Two days later, while Meindel was out walking her dog, something even stranger and scarier happened: a black, luxury-type car, maybe a Cadillac, appeared on the scene and seemed to be shadowing her. She says of this new development: “There was an older man driving and a younger man in the passenger seat. I got a strange sensation. I felt something very strange. They pulled up right next to me. It was like the older man was deliberately stopping to let me know they were stopping for me, because of me—maybe only a foot from me, right at the edge of the sidewalk.”

Meindel’s fear levels rose dramatically when one of the men took off his seatbelt and appeared ready to get out of the car. At that point, Meindel had an idea: She pulled out her cell phone, so that the pair would clearly understand she was calling someone, and began to walk away from them and towards a nearby clubhouse. “I looked over my shoulder, and finally they did leave, but they were very deliberate in their movements. There’s no doubt in my mind they were trying to scare me.”

The scare tactics were working, and they showed no signs of stopping either. A couple of weeks later, Meindel recalls, her husband, Adam, distinctly heard, on several occasions, whispered voices throughout the apartment. Most disturbing of all was the occasion when, to their horror, the family found what appeared to be very strange handprints on the bathroom mirror: “One was huge, where the fingers had kind of drawn down the mirror,” Meindel says. She adds something even more sinister: “My daughter, when she came out of the shower that day, had bruises on her arm that looked exactly like the fingerprints on the mirror.”

Meindel explained to me that she faithfully recorded all of this undeniably disturbing anomalous activity—that plagued the family for months—in the pages of a journal that she had the keen foresight and presence of mind to purchase. Shortly after 2 a.m. on February 11, 2009, Meindel penned the following passage that clearly illustrates the level of high strangeness that had descended upon them:

Night Terror—I’m still very shaken from something that just happened. I’m terribly upset and can’t get back to sleep. 1:21 was the last time I looked at the clock before having fallen asleep. The next thing I know I was awake again, and was staring at my bedroom curtain. All of a sudden, this harsh tingling feeling started in my legs and worked its way up my torso and into my head until my whole body was being crushed; lots of pressure and a loud noise was humming in my ear. I was trying hard to scream: ‘Adam!’ But, I couldn’t. I remember looking back toward the curtain and saying to whoever, or whatever, was there: ‘I hate you, you son of a bitch! I hate you!’ Then I came out of it, or woke up. I lay there wondering if I had the start of a stroke or an aneurism. I looked at the clock again and it read 1.42 a.m. I’m still woozy and foggy and cannot completely focus my eyes. They feel dry and irritated. I’m really scared and I know I won’t sleep anymore tonight.

Did something foul and unspeakable come calling in the early hours of that terrifying morning? And was it linked with the sinister presence of the two Men in Black? Looking back on what occurred, Meindel believes that is precisely the nature of what occurred: “I have the feeling that when you investigate these things—UFOs—they become aware of it, and of you. And why I think that is because when we moved to our new house, where we live now, I thought it would be all over. I thought it would leave us alone, because we weren’t at the old apartment where it had all happened. But on day two of being here, Adam and I saw this strange red ball of light come right down over us—in the sky, I mean—while we were outside. It felt like someone, or something, was saying, I’m watching you.”

Today, Meindel reflects with trepidation upon the horrifying series of experiences that began with the Men in Black and that took a hold of her life for a significant period: “Since this all happened, I have stayed away from the UFO thing. I do still dabble in it a bit, but I’m not really researching it deeply anymore. It scared me from going into it any deeper. I got the message, and I’m not going to mess with the UFO thing anymore.”

Meindel concludes, in a fashion to which surely the many unfortunate witnesses of the Men in Black can relate, “The fear is still with me.”


  1. Hoooly S%$t! @_@

    Just what kind of UFO cases was Raven investigating anyway?

  2. Red Pill,
    At that time, I was investigating some that actually connected to the JFK assassination, which is at the time I got what I call " a warning shot across my bow" and decided to back down.
    It may be cowardly, but my kids were younger then. I had more than just me to think about in regards to consequences. The situation affected my family and friends. And enough got to be enough and I threw my hands up in the air and said "OK you win"
    Best wishes for a great day!

  3. >"It may be cowardly, but my kids were younger then."

    Oh, I'm not thinking that at all! who am I to judge, when I'm used to keep the lights on all night just for reading the pages of an abduction book? ;)



  4. So you were investigating the Kennedy Assassination in relation to UFO activity?
    Do you think what was happening to you was being caused by aliens or that the Men In Black were using some time of Remote Viewing or Astral projection to scare you.
    Shame on them, we have a right to know!

  5. Anonymous,
    It was a terrifying experience all around. And it has been speculated on more than one occasion that the MIBs and aliens could in fact be one in the same,though astral projection certainly is food for thought. Remote viewing has been a part of our government's activities for a very long time. We have only to refer to "Stargate" which was ( and don't be fooled for a moment, it still IS ) The United States' series of psychic espionage projects. I think that for every one thing revealed to us, there are at least a hundred more covered up under huge mountains of lies and secrecy. It is the proverbial "needle in a haystack" that "someone" keeps moving on us when we get close.
    Nick is one of the few researchers willing and able to go deep enough into some of these dangerous subjects and reveal as much of the truth as can be revealed. To him, we are indebted.

  6. Nick Redfern is either deluded, or making this up. There are no alien visitors, there are no alien abductions, there is no Roswell coverup, and there are no "Men in Black". Come on people, the real universe is much more interesting-- use your minds, and don't believe this crap!

  7. I have had a strange life all my life, Mibs would just be another addition to me asking: Why me lord?

  8. Terry:

    oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

    A more sweeping, unjustified, uninformed comment I have rarely ever heard.

    First, I'm not deluded.

    Second, all the people in the book who I interviewed (around 20 people) are named in full.

    Their words make up a huge percentage of the book, and anyone can interview them. In other words, there's nothing made up.

    All the interviews/data was audio-recorded, and on-file.

    And, far more importantly, all the people in the book who provided the extensive testimony that fills the book had to sign (for the publisher, not for me) release-forms confirming I had quoted them accurately, and that they were who I said they were.

    This is specifically done so the publisher can fact-check the data before publishing it.

    So, let's have less of the Nick Redfern is "deluded or making this up" nonsense from you in future.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Hi, I would like you all to know that the MIB are out there, yes they are definitely real. I experienced a strange encounter back in the late 1960’s. This was in Richmond VIC Australia and there were 6 men in total. Fact.

    3. Note~ I’ve had a response regarding an interview, Not sure whether I want to go ahead just in case the silencers are listening, Anhow, I’m new here so I do t know where to find you, I received your email and that’s all I know.

  9. I agree with the idea that it seems you become a blip on their - whoever they are - radar as soon as you >seriously< begin to investigate and consider the alien-ufo-hyperdimensional phenomenon. The high strangeness suddenly seems to descend into your life intent on creating trauma and negative emotions to the investigator... this has been my personal experience.

  10. I understand this post is a few years old but how long were you researching before your encounter?

  11. This is something that I have extensively studied, and looked into on various parallels across the world. The black fedora shadow figure is not something that is specific to one country nor is it based on any specific folklore or urban legend. In fact, many people (especially children) have seen these beings while they were young - and even continue to see them later in life. Most people that experience this "phenomenon" and I use that term very loosely, do not come forward with their experiences in fear of personal safety and social standing. Every 1 person that comes forward, accounts for about 1 in 1000 or so unspoken experiences.

    There is a very dark and sinister story behind these beings, and the only reason they appear with human characteristics is so we can associate them to a being that belongs amongst the populous. They have been seen in every culture, at every stage of human advancement. They have been recorded ever since writings and records have been kept - therefore it is also safe to say that they predate those records. Their forms have changed, but not their actions or intentions.

    The same fedora hat being, and the "men in black (MiB)" are one in the same. There is no difference between the two other than how and when they present themselves. Both seeking suppression of the truth , through fear and oppression to those that they visit. They are searching, for evidence that the time is at hand, and they are searching for a higher knowledge than they themselves possess. This is also why there is no records which can be found of these individuals. The real "boogyman" was first conceived from this same experience - which later was adopted into many various forms and creatures in hollywood.

    They have no good intent, and are self seeking.

  12. Sounds like you need a reality check. MIB are definitely real. I have seen them face to face all six of them.
    I also experienced the father the son and his Holy Spirit and I’ve also had strange encounters with ghosts and incubus visitors. We are not alone! Fact.


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