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A Christmas Angel in Uniform by Bruce Goldberg

The case of Marissa was reported in my book Spirit Guide Contact Through Hypnosis. This patient described an angelic encounter that occurred on Christmas day in 1988.

Marissa was an eighteen year old devout Christian and a virgin. She had few friends, as her communication skills were not very good and most of her classmates considered her a prude and not fun to be around. Her best friend was Carla, who was quite the opposite in personality and morals, as compared to Marissa. Carla was a pretty girl with no respect for Christian values, and repeatedly tempted Marissa in “broadening her horizons” with sex and drugs. It was not uncommon for Carla to smoke pot, use cocaine and have sex with boys.

Marissa had no other friends who regularly paid as much attention to her as did Carla. What Melissa didn’t realize at that time was that Carla’s motives were strictly to corrupt and humiliate Marissa. For example, Marissa had never tried drugs and wouldn’t even drink alcohol. Carla was well aware of this and the fact that Marissa was a virgin, but still persisted in tempting her by introducing her to some of her ex-lovers.

Christmas day in 1988 fell on a Sunday. Carla’s parents had gone to Palm Springs for the weekend, but Carla chose to remain home in Los Angeles. This provided Carla with the opportunity to throw a party at her parents’ home and be unsupervised.

Marissa was invited to this party on Sunday (Christmas day) and was told that only a dozen people would be there. She readily accepted and looked forward to this event with excited anticipation.

When Marissa arrived she was shocked. In addition to the presence of over 150 people at the party (she had been told only a dozen or so were invited), there were drugs all over the place. People were smoking pot, popping pills, and even syringes were in use.

Since meeting new people was difficult for Marissa on her best day, the shock of this degenerate scene literally immobilized her. Two of Carla’s friends named Todd and James approached Marissa and told her that Carla had a special Christmas present for her in the den. As Carla painted for a hobby, this was not a suspicious request.

While in the den, Todd and James tore Marissa’s blouse off and announced they were going to rape her. Marissa froze and prayed for a moment. A loud knock at the front door changed everything. A man announced, “This is the police-open this door!” Marissa noted his name, badge number, and then left the party. She did not file any charges against Todd or James.

The officer escorted Marissa to her car and told her that she was fortunate not to have been molested by Todd and James. When she said to the policeman, “Are you sure God didn’t send you here today?” he just smiled and returned to his patrol car.

A few days later Marissa called the precinct to express her gratitude to the officer. She was amazed to learn that the police had no record of an officer with his name. The patrol car number and badge were not on their records either. Lastly, no official call was made or reported to Carla’s house that night.

When Marissa told me of this incident four years later in my Los Angeles office, she asked me who this man could possibly be. I informed her that it was probably her “guardian angel.”

Marissa came to see me to deal with insomnia, depression, low self-image, poor communication skills and loneliness. The main technique in my office is something I call the superconscious mind gap. This method consists of introducing the patient’s subconscious mind to their Higher Self (superconscious mind) through hypnosis. One result of this “cleansing” mechanism is to raise the quality of the subconscious mind’s energy level to rise above an issue. You may think of this approach as an energy immune system. Whereas a patient may have previously been vulnerable to issues such as depression, overeating, procrastination, and other “self-defeating sequences,” they now rise above this susceptibility and can permanently effect a new positive behavior pattern and lifestyle. This technique also trains the patient to communicate with their guardian angels.

Marissa was able to utilize this cleansing mechanism to overcome her low self image, improve her communication problems, eliminate depression and remove the insomnia that plagued her for over five years.

Another side effect of this approach is a change in the energy she sent out to others. Marissa almost immediately began attracting new and positive friendships in her life. During one of her superconscious mind tap sessions with me Marissa saw the image of her policeman angel in uniform who saved her honor in 1988.

By the late spring of 1993 Marissa met Warren. They immediately fell in love. On Christmas day in 1993, Warren proposed to her and she accepted. They were married the following spring.

Marissa called me in June of 1995 to inform me that she was in marital bliss. She did remain a virgin until her weeding night as was her goal. Warren is a main of like qualities, a devout Christian, and a loving husband.

One final thing Marissa shared with me was that she is a proud mother of a baby boy. This entire experience has only further strengthened Marissa’s belief in God and in the power of faith.

Dr. Bruce Goldberg holds a B.A. degree in Biology and Chemistry, is a Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Maryland (1974) School of Dentistry, and has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology. He retired from dentistry in 1989, and since then has concentrated on his thriving international hypnotherapy practice in Los Angeles, California. He is the author of 20 best-selling and award winning books, including Past Lives, Future Lives. This book is the first book ever written on progression hypnotherapy (taking patients into their future lives). His second book, The Search For Grace, was made into a television movie by CBS. Dr. Goldberg was the consultant on the film.

Dr. Goldberg is a sought after guest and has appeared on many television and radio shows throughout the country.He has conducted more than 35,000 past life regressions and future life progressions since 1974, and has helped thousands of patients to empower themselves through the use of these valuable techniques.

Other books by Dr. Goldberg include Self-Hypnosis, Revised Edition & Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed.

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