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The Keys to Personal Vibrations

An Excerpt from The Secret Science of Numerology

by Shirley Blackwell Lawrence

Chapter 25

We are all here to learn certain lessons. Those lessons are found in our personal names. Every letter, every number contains divine attributes of our Creator, talents, and qualities that are given to us at birth. They are our incoming vibration along with the birth date, and we act and react according to its vibrational content. It is our Higher Self that is responsible for and has decided upon our personal numbers, and tunes into the vibration of the birth name and date in order to fulfill it.

Pythagoras taught that everything in nature consists of three parts. Man himself has three planes of life, each governed by its own principles: Soul found in the vowels, Body found in the consonants, and Spirit in vowels and consonants combined. All three planes must be in harmony if man is to achieve success, happiness, and good health.

Once we understand the meanings of the letters and numbers we can apply them to our names for this deeper awareness.

To find your name numbers, write your complete birth name, for that is the vibration you came in on, which tells your inborn character and talents.

Chart 3. Letters and Numbers

Full Numbers Root Numbers

1-A 10-J 19-S = 1 A, J, S

2-B 11-K 20-T = 2 B, K, T

3-C 12-L 21-U = 3 C, L, U

4-D 13-M 22-V = 4 D, M, V

5-E 14-N 23-W = 5 E, N, W

6-F 15-O 24-X = 6 F, O, X

7-G 16-P 25-Y = 7 G, P, Y

8-H 17-Q 26-Z = 8 H, Q, Z

9-I 18-R = 9 I, R

Using Chart 3, put the root number of each vowel above its letter and the root number for each consonant below it, for example:

6 1 5 = 12/3

J o a n n e

1 5 5 = 11

The letters W and Y are considered to be vowels by some people, and consonants by others. I prefer to consider them vowels, but also to chart them as consonants to see the difference this makes. Perhaps there will seem to be a double soul urge.

To the right of the name, write in a vertical column a V for the Vowel total; beneath that, a C for the consonant total, and beneath that a T for the total of vowels and consonants combined, that is:

V — 12/3

C — 11

T — 23/5

Reduce all but the master numbers (11, 22, etc.) to their root number, 1-9. Add a B.P. under the T for your Birth Path number, which is your birth month, day, and year reduced to one number, for example,

January 23, 1967 = 1 + (23)5 + (23)5 = 47/11.

This is the way to find your four major numbers.

Vowels tell you the basis of your motivation, which is your animating spirit. This is called your Soul’s Urge or desire. You desire all that number has in its vibration.

Consonants are active in you by their individual letters. The consonants’ number total is the “real you” as you perceive yourself in your dreams. This affects the way you act, react, and dress, and becomes the you that others see. It is your personality. It has been called mind, quiescent self, and the secret self.

Vowels and consonants combined tell you your expression, what your natural abilities and talents are. This is called the total expression or destiny.

The Birth Path is found in your birth date: month, day, and year added and reduced to its root number, except for the master numbers 11, 22, 33, and so forth. These, however, often also work in their own root number: 11/2, 22/4, 33/6, 44/8. (This is also true for master numbers in the name.) The Birth Path shows what you are here to do. Other important factors are:

* The First Vowel and First Consonant, separately, are the keys to reveal your natural approach and initial reactions to life’s experiences.

* Your first name tells a lot about you personally.

* Your last name gives your inherited tendencies. These, too, are analyzed three ways: vowels, consonants, and total expression.

* The number of letters in your birth name tells what your individual traits, habits, and idiosyncrasies are.

* The birth day, exclusive of the month and year, is the “real you” at maturity.

There is also much more in your birth date and name, such as your challenges and opportunities in life, karmic lessons (missing numbers in your name), and the planes of your expression: the mental, physical, emotional, and intuitive areas. This is a most revealing character study, and is covered in Chapter 16 of my book, Numerology & the English Cabalah,as well as such books as: Your Days Are Numbered (Chapter 6) by Florence Campbell; Helping Yourself with Numerology (Chapter 13) by Helyn Hitchcock; The Romance in Your Name (Chapters 8, 9) by Dr. Juno Jordan; and The Complete Guide to Numerology (Vols. 1, 2) by Matthew Goodwin.

The roots of numerology go back to antiquity and the principles of numbers and letters have been kept alive in Freemasonry and other secret orders. But it was not adapted for our personal names until the beginning of the 20th century when it was “rediscovered” by a Mrs. L. Dow Balliet of Atlantic City.

Mrs. Balliet was a music teacher who specialized in musical composition. She found in her study of harmony that the letter name of a musical note and its sound had the same vibration. This correspondence between the letter number and rate of vibration led her to the ancient study of numbers. Before Balliet, Isadore Kozminsky of Australia used old systems of numerology, tying in English letters with the Hebrew letter values, and also using the Chaldean alphabet, which some still use with success today (Numbers, Their Meaning and Magic, 94).

But it was Mrs. Balliet who set numbers to the English alphabet. It was her feeling that the alphabet of each language expressed the culture’s thought-world. She proceeded to write several books on the subject, which she called “number vibration,” around 1903.

Among her students were Florence Campbell, who later wrote Your Days are Numbered, which has remained one of the main handbooks on the subject, and a woman dentist, Dr. Julia Seton, along with her daughter Juno.

It was Julia Seton who gave the science the new name, numerology, and through her worldwide lectures it became well-known. Dr. Seton’s dentist daughter, Dr. Juno Jordan, carried on the work by writing several books of her own, lecturing, and founding the California Institute of Numerical Research.

One of the best known numerologists was Matthew Oliver Goodwin, whose remarkable two-volume book, Numerology the Complete Guide, was first published in 1981. His testimony on the accuracy of numerology for character analysis has appeared in newspapers all over the country and a great number of people have had their charts done by him. His wonderful two-volume set adapts each number to each category, so it is not necessary to repeat here what has been done so masterfully. The focus of this book is primarily on the spiritual and scientific laws that work in conjunction with these symbols.

Shirley Blackwell Lawrence, Msc., maintains a life-long interest and study of world philosophies. Ms. Lawrence found in her searchings that the study of numbers offered answers she could find no where else to her many questions about unusual phenomena and hidden meanings in the Bible. She earned her doctorate from the University of Metaphysics and was a member of Dr. Paul Leon Master’s staff until her retirement at the end of June 2001. She is a popular lecturer and author of many books including Exploring Numerology.

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