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2011 Year of the Metal Rabbit - Xin Mao

February 3, 2011 through February 4, 2012

On February 3rd we will enter a year of the creative, yet very private Rabbit. The essence of the year will be that of "detachment." The element or heavenly stem of the year will be Metal, taking its turn moving through the Yin - feminine, negative, night force.

2011 brings a time of independence and preference for a “lone wolf” style of problem-solving, even to the point of seclusion or aloofness. 2011 promises to be an aesthetic year with emphasis on the fine arts, music and treaties made by the fireside. A diplomatic and slower paced year is in store, in sharp contrast to the previous exhausting Tiger months of 2010.

The entertaining, yet discreet, Rabbit emerges from its borough this year to entertain, to soothe, and to practice its virtuous qualities. All signs will feel the pull toward quality, rather than quantity in their relationships. A year of mended fences, reconciliation and good manners will prevail as the Rabbit is the ultimate diplomat and peacemaker.

Tense situations become more flexible while business and commercial activities look up. For signs like the Rat, Dog, Tiger & Horse, marriage may be in the works, but for most, romantic commitments may be delayed this year due to the Rabbit's independent and noncommittal nature. Rabbit years urge avoidance of close emotional involvement; preferring instead a calm, status quo world of good friendships, rather than long-term romantic commitments.

Refinement and good taste color this coming year, as the diplomatic Rabbit teaches persuasion rather than force. An even-tempered, low-key year, in which we will all keep one foot out the door and have our fingers on the pulse of society.

The Rat/mouse

1948 Feb 10 to Jan 28, 1949: Earth Rat

1960 Jan 28 to Feb 14, 1961: Metal Rat

1972 Feb 15 to Feb 2, 1973: Water Rat

1984 Feb 2 to Feb 19, 1985: Wood Rat

1996 Feb 19 to Feb 6, 1997: Fire Rat

2008 Feb 7 to Jan 25, 2009: Earth Rat

2011 is a ‘peach blossom’ or love plum year of love for restless Rats. Use your fine tuned love radar to cozy up to a dramatic Dragon, a mercurial Monkey or a stable Ox.

The Ox/buffalo

1949 Jan 29 to Feb 16, 1950: Earth Ox

1961 Feb 15 to Feb 4, 1962: Metal Ox

1973 Feb 3 to Jan 22, 1974: Water Ox

1985 Feb 20 to Feb 8, 1986: Wood Ox

1997 Feb 7 to Jan 27, 1998: Fire Ox

2009 Jan 26 to Feb 13, 2010: Earth Ox

A year of steady progress as Oxen lay down their mantle of responsibility and rest beside life’s quiet ponds for a while.

The Tiger

1950 Feb 17 to Feb 5, 1951: Metal Tiger

1962 Feb 5 to Jan 24, 1963: Water Tiger

1974 Jan 23 to Feb 10, 1975: Wood Tiger

1986 Feb 9 to Jan 28, 1987: Fire Tiger

1998 Jan 28 to Feb 15, 1999: Earth Tiger

2010 Feb 14 to Feb 2, 2011: Metal Tiger

2011 is an "in kind" year for Tigers who share the life palace of accomplishment with the Rabbit. It is also a “peach blossom” year of romance and love for passionate Tigers.

The Rabbit

1951 Feb 6 to Jan 26, 1952: Metal Rabbit

1963 Jan 25 to Feb 12, 1964: Water Rabbit

1975 Feb 11 to Jan 30, 1976: Wood Rabbit

1987 Jan 29 to Feb 16, 1988: Fire Rabbit

1999 Feb 16 to Feb 4, 2000: Earth Rabbit

2011 Feb 3 to Jan 22, 2012: Metal Rabbit

Normally shy and mild-mannered, in 2011 Rabbits take center stage and become advisers and confidants.

The Dragon

1952 Jan 27 to Feb 13, 1953: Water Dragon

1964 Feb 13 to Feb 1, 1965: Wood Dragon

1976 Jan 31 to Feb 17, 1977: Fire Dragon

1988 Feb 17 to Feb 5, 1989: Earth Dragon

2000 Feb 5 to Jan 23, 2001: Metal Dragon

2012 Jan 23 to Feb 9, 2013: Water Dragon

2011 is a karmic ‘combatant’ year for unpredictable Dragons. It is a good year to keep a low profile and turn inward on your own personal vision quest.

The Snake

1953 Feb 14 to Feb 2, 1954: Water Snake

1965 Feb 2 to Jan 20, 1966: Wood Snake

1977 Feb 18 to Feb 6, 1978: Fire Snake

1989 Feb 6 to Jan 26, 1990: Earth Snake

2001 Jan 24 to Feb 11, 2002: Metal Snake

2013 Feb 10 to Jan 30, 2014: Water Snake

2011 is a ‘steed’ year bringing both change and movement. Major career progress is possible this year, as well as the possibility of relocation or a change in living arrangements.

The Horse

1954 Feb 3 to Jan 23, 1955 : Wood Horse

1966 Jan 21 to Feb 8, 1967 : Fire Horse

1978 Feb 7 to Jan 27, 1979: Earth Horse

1990 Jan 27 to Feb 14, 1991: Metal Horse

2002 Feb 12 to Jan 31, 2003: Water Horse

2014 Jan 31 to Feb 18, 2015: Wood Horse

2011 is a “peach blossom” year of love for infatuate Horses. Snuggle up to a strong Tiger, dutiful Dog or artistic Goat.

The Goat

1955 Jan 24 to Feb 11, 1956 : Wood Goat

1967 Feb 9 to Jan 29, 1968 : Fire Goat

1979 Jan 28 to Feb 15, 1980 : Earth Goat

1991 Feb 15 to Feb 3, 1992 : Metal Goat

2003 Feb 1 to Jan 21, 2004: Water Goat

2015 Feb 19 to Feb 7, 2016: Wood Goat

Creative Goats walk hand in hand through the realm of the heart this year. In trine or harmony with the Rabbit year, Goats gleefully anticipate the next lively party or shopping spree.

The Monkey

1956 Feb 12 to Jan 30, 1957: Fire Monkey

1968 Jan 30 to Feb 16, 1969 : Earth Monkey

1980 Feb 16 to Feb 4, 1981: Metal Monkey

1992 Feb 4 to Jan 22, 1993 : Water Monkey

2004 Jan 22 to Feb 8, 2005: Wood Monkey

2016 Feb 8 to Jan 27, 2017: Fire Monkey

Excellent business possibilities this year including, perhaps, that "dream job." Your calendar is full of social invitations, parties, teas and many opportunities to entertain with your wit and sparkle.

The Rooster

1957 Jan 31 to Feb 17, 1958 : Fire Rooster

1969 Feb 17 to Feb 5, 1970 : Earth Rooster

1981 Feb 5 to Jan 24, 1982 : Metal Rooster

1993 Jan 23 to Feb 9, 1994 : Water Rooster

2005 Feb 9 to Jan 28, 2006: Wood Rooster

2017 Jan 28 to Feb 15, 2018: Fire Rooster

2011 brings an ‘opposition’ year for spunky Roosters, yet one that "opens the money vault" for you. Finances thrive, yet interpersonal relationships may prove touchy.

The Dog

1958 Feb 18 to Feb 7, 1959 : Earth Dog

1970 Feb 6 to Jan 26, 1971 : Metal Dog

1982 Jan 25 to Feb 12, 1983 : Water Dog

1994 Feb 10 to Jan 30, 1995 : Wood Dog

2006 Jan 29 to Feb 3, 2007: Fire Dog

2018 Feb 16 to Feb 4, 2019: Earth Dog

2011 heralds in a soulmate year for loyal Dogs. The Rabbit provides a quiet, safe place for the worrisome Dog to lay their head and be "off duty" for a while. Many Dogs will marry or become engaged in 2011.

The Pig

1959 Feb 8 to Jan 27, 1960 : Earth Pig

1971 Jan 27 to Jan 15, 1972 : Metal Pig

1983 Feb 13 to Feb 1, 1984 : Water Pig

1995 Jan 31 to Feb 18, 1996 : Wood Pig

2007 Feb 18 to Feb 6, 2008: Fire Pig

2019 Feb 5 to Jan 24, 2020: Earth Pig

Peaceful Pigs enjoy being in trine or harmony with 2011's Rabbit year. A favorable year for easygoing Pigs - A peaceful home life draws near with a gentle Goat, well-mannered Rabbit or titillating Tiger!

Wishing you and yours a peaceful and joyful New Year!

- Shelly Wu

Shelly Wu is the author of Chinese Astrology, The Definitive Book of Chinese Astrology, Chinese Sexual Astrology, and The Karma Sutra. Her columns and feature articles have appeared in the Associated Press, on ABC News, and the BBC, as well as in Psychic Interactive, Your Stars, InTouch, and LIFE magazines. Wu teaches Chinese Astrology at the Online College of Astrology and can be heard on radio talk shows worldwide. Visit her site here to learn more about her work.

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What Does It Mean to Ascend?

An Excerpt from Ascension by Susan Shumsky

Choosing Your Pathway

Your soul has lived for millions of years in myriad forms. You have incarnated as minerals, plants, animals, and possibly other creatures. Finally you became a human and have already lived as a human for thousands of lifetimes.

When you began to incarnate as a human, you were granted a precious gift by the creator. It is called “freedom of choice.” You are the director and sole determiner of your life. Therefore, you can make limitless decisions about life and death in the course of your evolutionary process. These choices affect whether your life is ordinary or extraordinary, whether your lifespan is short or long, and whether you live a mortal or immortal life. Surprisingly, you have the power to choose perpetual life.

Here are seven different examples of possible life-and-death options you might select. You may choose any one of these paths to follow.

Choice 1: The Slow Road of Evolution

You have already lived countless lifetimes as minerals, plants, animals, and humans, and you could choose to live many more, climbing the slow ladder of spiritual evolution. If you continue to walk this prolonged, snail’s pace path of evolution, and if you do nothing to change it, you will maintain the same evolutionary process that nearly all living things undergo.

When you walk this slow road of evolution, you are born, you live, and you die. At the time of death, you move into a great light (a heavenly realm) until the time comes to take birth again. Your soul then chooses a particular womb and you are reborn into a family most suited to your spiritual development.

You continue to incarnate into a series of human bodies, until you are finally ready to take higher birth in the celestial realm as an angel. Once you graduate to angelhood, you continue to move up the celestial ladder, eventually becoming a deity or another divine being. There you end your course of evolution. You never attain liberation (moksha), and you never become fully self-realized in supreme consciousness.

Choice 2: Becoming an Earthbound Spirit

You may be lost, confused, stubborn, or ignorant at the time of death, and therefore incapable of entering God’s light. You may instead dwell in the astral plane (an illusory, gray level of existence) as a ghostly, earthbound, discarnate spirit, lost and alone, until you somehow find your way to the light and then wait for human rebirth.

You might live in the astral world for a long time before finding the light, perhaps hundreds, even thousands of years. There are 15 reasons why a soul would not enter the divine light after death. Please refer to page 87 in my book How to Hear the Voice of God to learn those reasons.

Choice 3: Possessing a Human Body

If you are a lost soul or earthbound spirit and are overly attached to the earth plane, or addicted to pleasures of the flesh, then you might want desperately to continue in human form in order to perpetuate your addiction. However, because you cannot revive your dead body, you may try to attach yourself to the body of a living human.

An individual in a weakened condition (such as a drug or alcohol abuser or sickly person) might be susceptible to such astral possession or oppression. By attaching yourself to such a powerless, depleted individual, you would share his or her body and continue to live as a kind of astral freeloader. You might live in that deplorable state as an energy vampire for a long time, seeking various living humans to hook into. If this condition seems familiar to you, please read my book Exploring Auras to learn how to heal energy vampirism.

Choice 4: Becoming a “Walk-In”

You may decide that you do not want to undergo the lengthy process of rebirth, childhood, youth, teenage years, and so forth. Therefore you might make a contractual agreement with a human who is on the verge of death or who just died. Just as that person’s soul departs from the body (often during an accident or “near-death” experience), with permission from that soul, you might enter his or her body and take it over. Meanwhile, the person’s soul leaves the body and moves into the divine heavenly light. In the West this is called a “walk-in.” In India it is called parkaya pradesh or “transmigration of souls.”

Choice 5: Achieving Spiritual Enlightenment

You may attain spiritual enlightenment or liberation during your human embodiment. In this higher state of consciousness you realize your true nature and unite your awareness with supreme Spirit. You no longer have “seeds of karma” (human attachments, known in Sanskrit as samskaras) binding you to the earth plane, so you can choose to never take human birth again.

In this case, if you decide to “drop the body” (leave the body behind) at the time of death, then your soul can make one of two choices. You can either:

1. Merge with absolute Brahman, the supreme Godhead, an undifferentiated state of consciousness, and thereby forgo your individuality altogether, or you may

2. Live in a celestial world or loka (realm) with the personal God or deity of your choice and maintain your individuality.

Choice 6: Attaining Ascension While Alive

After attaining enlightenment while in human embodiment, you may de-densify your body and transform it into finer material—a light body. This is called “ascension,” “translation,” or “physical immortality.” Your immortal body is not subject to illness, aging, or death. Through this ascension process, you escape bodily death altogether, and you leave no physical body behind to die or decay.

As an ascended master, because you have kept your subtle body and therefore not fully merged with the absolute, you maintain your individuality through leshavidya.

Choice 7: Attaining Ascension Near or After Death

Once you have attained enlightenment and are near death or have died, you may resurrect the body at will and create an ascended body of light. This is how Jesus and the Dzogchen practitioners attained their ascension.

Mechanics of Ascension

Quantum physics has proven that matter is mostly empty space. The solidity of particles that constitute the universe is an illusion, concocted by the electromagnetic force that binds atoms together. Atomic particles are composed of waves of energy called quanta—from 10,000,000 to 100,000 times smaller than the smallest atom.

Theoretical physics, with superstring, brane, and M-theories, now postulates that the material world consists of the solidified vibrations of various frequencies. The elementary particles observed in particle accelerators are nothing more than excitation modes of elementary strings—vibrating waves of energy.

Your physical body, like all matter, is nearly empty. Between the subatomic particles of your body is space. The area occupied by your body has virtually no substance whatsoever. It consists of congealed energy made of rays of living light.

It was observed in a large cyclotron at Brookhaven Institute in Upton, New York, that if subatomic particles travel near the speed of light, they do not collide, but instead pass through each other. The higher the speed of particles, the more dematerialized they become, and the more they spread out over time and space, without any specific location or time.

By the same principle, you could conceivably raise the vibrational frequency of the matter composing your physical body into a higher octave of energy. It could theoretically be converted into pure quantum energy, a “light body.” Such a body already exists as part of your subtle body—your etheric soul self body, your immortal soul. (Read my book Exploring Auras to learn more about your subtle bodies.)

Susan’s Etheric Soul Self: My etheric soul self represents the true nature of my being, my true physical form and true heart’s desires. My perfect idealized form, the etheric soul-self body, represents who I really am, symmetrical, youthful, and beautiful. The physical body should ideally have the same form as the immortal soul body. However, we distort the form of our physical bodies with error-beliefs, including limitation, illness, aging, and death.

Lifting the vibrations of the physical body to the octave of the soul body is called “quickening.” The vibrational frequency of your physical body speeds up until it makes a quantum leap into coherent light waves. Thus a flash of light appeared upon the ascension of Jesus, Ramalinga Swami, Annalee Skarin, and other ascended masters. This is similar to the quantum leap, known as the Meissner Effect, that ordinary light takes when it becomes coherent laser light.

Quickening reverses the slowing-down, cooling-down process by which light congeals into matter to create the physical universe (according to the “big bang” theory). This is related to Einstein’s equation E=MC2. As mass speeds up, greater energy is created. By reversing the slowing-down process of aging, it is possible to start “youthing” instead.

For as the Father raiseth up the dead, and quickeneth them; even so the Son quickeneth whom he will.

John 5:21

When you ascend, your body’s frequencies speed up so much that you step into a lighter dimension, a higher-frequency realm than the material world. You can vanish into thin air and reappear to anyone, anywhere, instantly. You can move without restrictions of time or space, casting no shadow and making no footprint.

The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

John 3:8

After attaining ascension and full mastery over death, you can return to a physical body by a process called vyutthana in Sanskrit. You can resurrect your body and reappear to others, as Jesus did. Or you can manifest any other physical form, at will.

There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another.... So also is the resurrection of the dead. It is sown in corruption; it is raised in incorruption.... It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body.

I Corinthians 15:40,42,44

Beyond Death

Everyone is eternal, and no one ever dies. Your soul lasts forever. But ascension is something different. It is eternal life with your body—not apart from it. Your body was not created for death. It was meant for eternal life. You have the inherent, God-given power over death. Death does not have to be your pathway. You can enjoy eternal, imperishable glory in the light of God almighty.

Ernest Holmes, founder of the Church of Religious Science, said in The Science of Mind:

“There is every reason to suppose that we have a body within a body to infinity.... The ‘resurrection body’ already within and we may be certain that it will be a fit instrument for the future unfoldment of the soul...the future body will resemble this one, except that it will be free from disease, old age, or whatever hinders a more complete flow of the Spirit.... We have a spiritual body now, and need not die to receive one...we are not going to attain immortality...WE NOW ARE IMMORTAL! Our contention is not that dead men live again, but that a living man never dies.”3

You are promised eternal life, though you may not believe it. An everlasting kingdom is offered, yet perhaps you reject it. You might seek for immortality, yet maybe you lack faith that it exists. The prophet Isaiah wrote:

“I will ransom them from the power of the grave; I will redeem them from death: O death, I will be thy plagues; O grave, I will be thy destruction.”4 And “He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord God will wipe away tears from off all faces.”5

Few believe in immortality, because few are aware that such a state exists and that any ordinary person has attained it. Because it is so rare, it is assumed to be impossible. We are so accustomed to watching people grow old, get sick, and die, that it seems inconceivable to imagine youthing instead of aging, or living forever instead of dying.

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Matthew 7:1314

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Shedding a Positive Light

Southwest Pilot Holds Plane So Man Can
Visit Dying Grandson

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Teenage Hero in Australian Flood

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Residents of Stony Stratford, England

Clear Shelves to Save Library

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Ascension-Masters of Immortality by Susan Shumsky

Connecting with the Immortal Masters and Beings of Light

You will never die.

You are an immortal being of light, and you live forever in a body of light. This physical body that you temporarily inhabit is not your true home. You reside in a beauteous, radiant body of luminous spheres in multiple dimensions. You have never been born and you never die. You are ageless, without beginning or end.

Until now, you have probably identified yourself as your physical body, perishable and fleeting, subject to birth, survival, growth, change, decay, and death. Without a vision of immortality, you see only the shell. Without recognizing the underlying permanence of your being, you perceive only the chains of mortal life.

Beyond the mortal boundaries of your physical form, you embody luminous vibratory bodies in multiple dimensions. This claim might seem fantastic, but it concurs with the latest developments in theoretical physics. Superstring theory envisions a ten-dimensional or eleven-dimensional space-time in which elementary particles are like musical notes played on a violin-"excitation modes" of inconceivably tiny elementary strings.

In other words, everything in the universe is made of vibration and light in manifold dimensions-including you. Infinitesimal elementary particles are swirling, shifting waves of colliding vibrations. These subtle elements, when broken down into their primary components, are simply pure energy. There is nothing in this cosmos with any solidity or substance whatsoever.

You can open your eyes to these dimensions beyond mortal boundaries. You can begin a journey of awakening to your immortal self, which is who you really are. This light being of divine radiance and glory is your true nature, beyond the physical realm of death. You are not this body. You are not this mind. You are a magnificent being of brilliant, beauteous light-a being that never dies.

You Are the Source of Wisdom

Deep within your soul is a wise sage, the source of all wisdom. This "in-house counselor" is hidden within the recesses of your heart. Like a treasure buried at the bottom of the sea, it can only be used when brought to the surface. You have the capacity to dive deep within, recover this treasure, and open it. Only it takes faith in yourself and trust in a higher power.

Dive into the profound depths of that ocean to reclaim the "pearl of great price." It is said that this cannot be gained by gold, silver, onyx, sapphire, coral, or pearls, for "the price of wisdom is above rubies." Where is such wisdom found? Where is the treasure more precious than any cargo from the seven seas? It is the chamber of jewels within your own heart.

You are that treasure.

You are not alone and never have been. From your very first breath, a divine, immortal being of great light and beauty stood at the bedside of your mother, breathing vital energy into your being, kindling the very spark of life. And, when it comes time to leave this world, this radiant, eternal light-being will guide you home again.

This luminous inner divine being is all-powerful. It loves you unconditionally and is with you always. It will never leave you. This divine radiance within your soul is your own inner counselor, whom you might call your guardian angel, inner guru, higher self, divine being, inner divinity, or master-teacher within.

Nothing happens without your inner teacher's guidance. With every step you take, every decision, every move, your resplendent inner guru is always within you, guiding you, comforting you, and bringing you peace-even when you are not consciously aware of it.

Now is time to realize your radiant, beloved inner guru. Now is time to open to the divine effulgence within yourself. Now is time to wake up and realize who you truly are-an everlasting, powerful, vast, glorious being.

As a seeker of inner wisdom, perhaps you have already awakened to profound inner realities. Or maybe you think you have not. In either case, you can develop a deep understanding of the immortal nature of your being.

How can I say this with such confidence? Because the methods I teach have already helped tens of thousands of people realize their own eternal nature for themselves.

Eternal Life Is Yours

Eternity is your own nature. It is not something far away, impossible to attain, or reserved only for prophets that lived thousands of years ago. You were born to live immortal life and walk beyond death now. You have within your own soul a resplendent being of light that never dies. That is who you really are. Trust in that and place your life in the hands of that divine master of immortality. That inner guru will guide you home again to the place of perfect peace and eternal life-your true abode.

You are blessed and beloved of God, and your immortal self is one with God. When you find that buried treasure, never will you be alone again. Open your mind and heart to the abundant riches of that treasure chest within. You can discover and meet the immortal masters of light. You can develop your own awareness of eternal life within you. Open your heart and soul to new vistas of consciousness not yet awakened within you. Sail into an ocean of eternal life on waves of bliss.

It is time to begin your inner journey to immortal life now. The book Ascension, published by New Page, will show you how.

Dr. Shumsky has practiced self-development disciplines for more than 40 years. For 22 years she was the student and personal assistant to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation and guru of the Beatles. She then studied New Thought and metaphysics for another 20 years. Dr. Shumsky has taught thousands worldwide to meditate, develop their intuition, and attain self-realization and enlightenment.

Dr. Susan Shumsky's website is

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2011 - The Year Ahead for Indigos by Kabir Jaffe

Next Steps for Indigo Souls and the New Humanity

One of my most moving moments on the Path was when I first heard the words, Indigo Children. This was a culmination moment where these words and my knowledge of astrology came together in a lightening flash of insight. I felt like I understood – the great struggles in the world today, where humanity is going, and personally why I had always been so different and didn’t fit with the world the way it was.

As an astrologer I knew about the change of the Ages and that the incoming Aquarian Age was bringing great shifts to the Earth. In that moment I understood that I, like so many of us, are attuned to a whole new dimension of energies. What we call Indigo are energies already exist as new ways of thinking and feeling, new values and insights. It’s not that we have to find the New, it is already there in the higher dimensions of our consciousness; we just have to open to it.

When an Age changes we come under the influence of new frequencies. Different parts in us are stimulated; new archetypes emerge; new ideals and ways of life take shape. Ultimately a new Age brings a different kind of human being and creates a new civilization. Indigo souls are the beginning influx of a new wave of human beings for a new Age.

This really took off in the 60’s and has since been increasing with great rapidity. We all know how in these short few years there has been a revolution in every area – freedom in lifestyles, expansions of the mind, new technologies and global awareness, as well as a new religious spirit as seen in the new methods of growth emerging everywhere.

For me the New took form in a new astrology, and there emerged Experiential Astrology and the Astrology of the Chakras. It began with a dynamic form of astrology where your chart is laid out on the floor and you stand in it and the energies come alive. This later revealed how celestial energies unfold through the human energy field and chakras.

Simplistically said, the chakras are like satellite dishes, each chakra tuned to particular planets and signs. For example, the crown chakra picks up the higher thought and feeling energies that come from Pisces and Neptune, what we commonly call ‘spiritual. As our crown develops we access these energies more and they play a greater part in our life.

Neptune in Pisces

This year we get boost in the emergence of the New as Neptune enters Pisces on April 5th, where it then remains for the next 14 years. This is a once in a lifetime transit as it was last in Pisces 165 years ago.

Each planet is strongest in a particular sign and Neptune’s influence is strongest when passing through Pisces. The first few weeks of April, when it enters Pisces, is a seeding moment, a special time when the energies first become available and the new phase begins.

What does this moment mean for us? The key is in the significance of the crown chakra. Through the crown, or seventh chakra, we open to a higher dimension of our self - what we commonly call spiritual or the soul*, where we realize that we are a much bigger being that we normally know our self to be, a vast being of energy, love and consciousness.

(* Whether we call it the soul, higher consciousness, the Buddha Within or by some other name, it is that expanded state we sometimes touch in meditation where we know we are Something More.)

Through daily life however we forget that we are this being and we get caught into our personality - the ego, mind, instincts and programming that we normally think of as our self.

From an energy perspective, advancing on the Path is the building of a bridge between the personality and the soul via the crown chakra. In daily life we are normally cut off from our higher consciousness and live in the noise of the personality. Through the bridge we reconnect to our soul. Soul consciousness becomes more present. What before were only brief moments of touching the higher become more and more regular and powerful. Eventually the bridge is built to the point where we continually live in that expanded state.

My understanding is that Neptune entering Pisces will stimulate the building of this bridge at a level we’ve never known before.

This will occur in three ways. The first is that our energy sensitivity will increase dramatically. “Listening Up” – the ability to tune to the higher frequency energies of the soul and inner world, and practices that open this sensitivity such as meditation, energy work and the various forms of psychic and subtle sense perception will come to be of greater importance in our lives.

Second, the division between the mind versus the intuition will become clearer as we learn to listen to this sixth sense. Meditators will more clearly be able to distinguish the difference between the lower and higher mind – the mind of practical logic, and the mind of ‘insight’ that reveals the hidden side of things.

Third, there are three aspects of the crown chakra, or three ‘tiers’ of its petals – petals of intelligence, love and power. Neptune particularly stimulates the love petals of the crown, activating compassion, empathy and altruism. It makes us more willing to put others first as we respond to their needs and well-being.

On a personal level we are more sensitive to feeling the struggles of those with whom we relate. On the collective level it opens our awareness to what in German is called weltschmerz, or world pain. When somewhere in the world there is pain, it becomes our pain too. We will more than ever be aware of the energy matrix that weaves us all together.

This theme of becoming more empathically aware will bring some significant challenges. The lower octave of Neptune stimulates our emotions and our tendency for drama and getting caught in illusions. We can easily be caught in over sentimentalism, a “bleeding heart” and the tendency to “make a mountain out of a mole hill”.

This transit will probably stimulate great tides in the ‘ocean of collective thought and emotion’ that we continually swim in. Crowd mentality, when we lose our self in group emotions and identification, can easily take us over. Expect there to be a significant increase in causes, catastrophes’, Isms and other dramas that can easily sweep us out of our center.

The key to this process is learning healthy boundaries. Pisces is referred to as the “Great Dissolver”, as it dissolves personal boundaries and merges us with something greater. On the higher level this is beautiful, expanding us beyond ego, and bringing a feeling of oneness where we recognize our unity with life.

But on the other side, this merging ability may challenge us to hold our boundaries with people. Increased energy sensitivity and responsiveness to the emotions around us can easily catch us in the ‘stuff’ of others. I suspect the ability to hold center, anchor in the watcher and higher soul consciousness, and rise above emotion, will get plenty of training!

Uranus in Aries

There is a second astrological event occurring around this same time that also has great significance for us. Uranus enters Aries on March 13th, where it remains for the next 7 years. It was last in Aries 84 years ago, so again, this is a once in a lifetime transit for most of us.

Uranus operates via the sixth chakra (the third eye), and is connected to the qualities of insight, inspiration and progressive thought. The third eye, due to its correspondence with the Aquarian energies, is one of the most active chakras for the New Humanity. It is opening a broad spectrum of new understandings including global perspectives, holistic thought, energy awareness, the capacity for introspection, scientific thinking and new visions and possibilities.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and is associated with springtime. It speaks to the emergence of the new, with a bursting forth of life energy. It operates through the base chakra as the raw fires of life, and via the third chakra as powerful enthusiasm and will. Uranus in Aries suggests powerful new vision that calls us to manifest. It’s as if new life and ideas that have been developing underground within our subconscious suddenly burst forth. Like a seed emerging through rocky ground, expect to have to break free from those constraints in your life, both within yourself and outside, that limit your flow as you seek to manifest the new.

This has several implications. The first is as if in our higher consciousness we already hold a blueprint for the New Humanity and the many forms of the new that this will take. Aspects of this blueprint that are particularly relevant to us are emerging as inspiration, ideals, direction and purpose. It is like we already know something of how the world can be – a better way, a new possibility – and we are called from our soul to bring this into manifestation.

This Uranus transit is the other side of Neptune in Pisces. Where Neptune brings inspiration and purpose through connecting to the higher, Uranus in Aries challenges us to live this and bring it down. We need to dynamically be the new Man and Woman.

Uranus is a call to action – now - not tomorrow, not next year, now. It is a moment of emergence, to make our contribution towards creating a new world by planting seeds now that we will grow and nurture for years to come. If you get an inspiration or an idea, big or small, bring it down and into action. Don’t let it only stay a dream; take even the first small steps to manifest it.

In many cases, the new will bring us into conflict with the old. Expect this transit to bring friction as the new and the old collide. Whenever the new surges forth the old tries to retain that which has been. This occurs in both the outer world where existing structures – organizations, systems, etc. try to keep things the way they’ve been, and it happens within ourselves as our own old patterns try and hold us back.

We are challenged to jump and to take a ‘leap of faith’ into the new and unknown, whilst our patterns, fears and control want to hold us back. The message of Uranus in Aries is have courage, stretch our selves, trust, and be total. In simple words, Go For It – go for the new in you.

Neptune in Pisces stimulates our connection to our soul and to the higher consciousness that is our essential nature. Uranus supports us to manifest this consciousness and live it in our daily life. The message of these transits is: BE the Indigo Souls that we are in our Essence and play your part in building a new civilization and a New Humanity here on Earth.

Kabir Jaffe is one of the pioneers of the new energy-based psychology and spirituality. He is a master energy trainer and guide for inner development, as well as a scientist, mystic, futurist, and astrologer. He has been involved in inner work for 35 years, eighteen of which were spent in a monastery in India.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weird News of the Week

Wounded Fox Shoots Man

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Severe Weather Can Generate Anti-Matter

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Flying Drunk Proves Fatal for Bird Flock

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Monday, January 17, 2011

No Your Astrological Sign Has Not Changed

There have been a lot of rumors on the street that have left many of us wondering if our astrological signs have indeed changed. The answer from long time astrologers is that this question is nothing new and someone brings it to the public's attention every 10 years or so just to keep us on our toes.

Astrologers realize that over time the placement of constellations in the sky do change but the equinoxes remain the same and that is one of the main underlying factors of the current astrological system.

Two sites where you can get more information:

Jonathan Cainer brings his own thoughts to the table

We hope that this helps you settle any debates.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Sampling of Eyewitnesses, Excerpted from Poltergeist Phenomenon

“You stay around here, you get hit by a lot of stuff.”

—Mrs. Charles Daughtery, to a police officer who had been struck in the leg by a flying “poltergeist object” in her home in Portsmouth, Virginia

It’s quite abnormal for the paranormal to come to investigators, and yet that is what happened in the fall of 2007 in Ahmedabad, India. There, at the Ramol police station, about a dozen officers claimed that they saw the effects of a poltergeist, and some officers claimed they were victims of it.

According to Constable Batuksinh Darbar, an unseen force terrorized the police station for more than a month, overturning furniture, moving chairs, and even assaulting police officers. “It pushed police officials off tables and chairs,” Darbar said. “Some police officials even complained of chest pain in the middle of the night. They felt as if someone had jumped on their chests. Then there were others who felt someone was strangling them.”1

Usually confident and skeptical police were even timid about working inside the station, where the poltergeist was said to wreak most of its havoc. “Almost all the cops working in the night shift noticed strange activity inside the police station. We were all so scared that we decided to park ourselves near the entrance after sundown,” Darbar said. Some of the officers prayed to Meldi Mata, a Hindu goddess, when entering the station.2

Strangely, the poltergeist seemed to target police officers sitting on tables and chairs.

A team of paranormal investigators did some limited investigating and theorized that it was the work of a female poltergeist, perhaps the ghost of a girl who had died while working in a mill that had been on the site of the police station. A religious tantric, similar to an exorcist, was summoned to perform some rituals at the station, and the poltergeist activity gradually ceased. But questions remained whether the genesis was really a spirit related to someone in the building or an elaborate prank.

—Police testifying to invisible ghosts and poltergeists? Afraid of poltergeists? What is going on here? Actually, although this story is unusual, it is not unheard of. In fact, at least 51 police officers around the world—in 17 cases since 1952—claim to have seen poltergeist activity up close. More than a dozen of them were assaulted by what they said was a poltergeist, butnone were seriously injured, and no one was charged. One officer even pulled a gun on an “unseen force.” Although there is no scientific proof that poltergeists exist, the eyewitness accounts of these officers, taken from published reports and from interviews I conducted, seem compelling. Gathering scientific proof is difficult because of the fleeting nature of poltergeists’ alleged existence—by the time a family suspects that they may have something paranormal on their hands, it is often too late for anyone to study it, or the family may suppress it for fear of appearing crazy.

But if we go simply by eyewitness accounts of first-line responders, the police officers, even some skeptics may start to suspect there is something paranormal at work here; at least something that science cannot digest. Generally, police tend to be solid witnesses, trained and experienced in focusing when something is happening fast. As witnesses, they should be more accurate than the average person because they are trained to be observant, tend to be skeptical, and are sometimes cynical when a trickster is potentially at work. And if they are wrong about such a contentious subject, they have much to lose in credibility among their peers as well as the general public.

Having been a police reporter for daily newspapers for 13 years, I tend to listen when police officers speak. I think I know how to read them and how to interpret what they say. In this book, we have at least 51 cops who believe they saw—and had the courage to report to their superiors—what they believed to be poltergeist, or at least unexplained activity, right in front of their eyes.

Examples to be fully examined later this book include:

· In a middle-class home on Long Island, New York, in 1958, Detective Joseph Tozzi, one of the brightest gumshoes in the Nassau County Police Department, said he was hit in the back of the legs by a flying bronze horse, weighing nearly 100 pounds, while he was walking down basement steps with a 13-year-old boy. Many other witnesses claimed to see startling events, which lasted more than four weeks.

· In a Miami warehouse in 1967, police officers, newspaper reporters, television crews, and insurance agents claimed they saw cowbells, ashtrays, key chains, and rubber daggers fly or fall off shelves, sometimes at unusual angles, and always while a 19-year-old shipping clerk was nearby.

· An entire shift of police officers said they believed in poltergeists after watching furniture move strangely around an 11-year-old boy in his apartment in 1970 in St. Catharines, Ontario.

· In 1974 in the home of a factory worker in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Officer John Holsworth swore he saw a heavy refrigerator lift slowly off the floor, turn, and then set down again.

· In a house in London, England, in 1977, Constable Carolyn Keeps said she became a witness to a chair moving 3 or 4 feet, apparently without the help of human hands.

· Also in England, in 1952, police say they were witnesses, and also the victims, of strange incidents in Runcorn, in which a quiet, 17-year-old apprentice draftsman was said to cause dressing tables and other things to move with his mind throughout a 10-week period.

· In the Netherlands in 1995, two police officers investigating poltergeist-like activities in a house say they had sand thrown in their faces.

As well as police officers, teachers, doctors, and parapsychologists are often good witnesses. Examples of these that will be studied later on in this book include:

· At her home in Scotland and at primary school in 1960, 11-year-old Virginia Campbell was said to move objects with her mind, including a heavy desk. During class, her teacher said she observed Virginia trying to hold down her desk lid, which several times raised itself to an angle of 45 to 50 degrees.

· Late in the 19th century in Amherst, Nova Scotia, physician Dr. Gene Carritte said he saw potatoes hurl themselves across a room and a thundering noise come from the roof of a house.

· There are numerous accounts of parapsychologists claiming to see poltergeist activity. Dr. William Roll, then at Duke University, and psychology student/paranormal researcher John P. Stump say they both saw amazing occurrences at a home in Olive Hill, Kentucky, in 1968, while in the presence of a 12-year-old boy.

Of course, most scientists will not accept eyewitness accounts or anecdotal evidence as proof that poltergeists exist. Why should they? People sometimes can be fooled, or can hallucinate.

Although it is hard to prove that poltergeists are part of our universe, a respected scientist, Professor Robert Jahn, Dean Emeritus of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Princeton University, believes they do. He says he has proven in laboratory experiments that psychokinesis exists, at least on a small scale. Professor Jahn told me, “The [poltergeist] cases are so rare and happen under such awkward circumstances, it is hard to set up research to investigate them. There’s no doubt, however, that they do exist. William Roll has investigated them and I trust his work. The effects seen in his cases are substantial. You can’t dismiss it.”

One piece of evidence that poltergeists may exist is the fact that cases around the world share many common features (such as moving objects, rappings, and youthful agents), despite the fact that they are reported independently of each other.

The Poltergeist Phenomenon by Michael Clarkson has just released into stores this week. Look for a copy at your favorite bookstore.

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