Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mike Bara, Susan Shumsky and Jim Marrs will be esteemed speakers on CRUISE INTO 2012!

"CRUISE INTO 2012 — Surfing the 9th Wave"
7-Day Cruise to Mexican Riviera on Norwegian Star
March 5 to 12, 2011

Early Bird bring-a-friend Special: $999 per person
Disappearing November 4
Indicate that you heard about the cruise from Mike Bara to recieve this special discount

Join some of the world’s greatest spiritual teachers, authors, visionaries, psychics, healers, and experts in the fields of the Mayan Calendar, Great Pyramid, NDEs, RemoteViewing, Spirituality, Ascension, Meditation, Healing, and Prophecy, in an amazingly rare spiritual cruise to the Mexican Riviera, where we will celebrate March 9, 2011 - the date on the Mayan calender where we enter the "9th Wave." This vital cusp begins the "Universal Wave Movement - The Wind of Unity Consciousness," which leads to the last culmination point of the Mayan Calendar.

Esteemed speakers, readers and healers include:

Carl Johan Calleman (best-selling author, world's leading expert on Mayan Calendar)
Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley (NY Times best-selling author, visionary, prophet)
Mallku and Alanna (Andean-Inkan shamanic teacher, archeo-astronomer, author)
Jim Marrs (celebrity 4x NY Times best-selling author, researcher)
Jay Weidner (foremost researcher on 2012, award-winning filmmaker)
Richard C. Hoagland (famed researcher, best-selling author, expert on cosmic energies)
Michelle Whitedove (celebrity winner of Lifetime Network's "America's Psychic Challenge")
Sean David Morton (visionary and prophet)
Sondra Ray (best-selling author, founder of Rebirthing and Loving Relationships Training)
Dr. Susan Shumsky (best-selling, award-winning author, spiritual teacher)
Patricia Cota Robles (author and teacher)
Barbara Lamb (crop circle investigator)
Mike Bara (best-selling author and researcher)
Victoria of Light (spiritual teacher and sound healer)
Michael J. Kouri (celebrity psychic to the stars)
Serena Wright Taylor (Intuitive Vedic astrologer)
Douglas Taylor (spiritual visionary, artist)
Elizabeth Joyce (celebrity psychic, author, fifth dimension energy healer, on Coast2Coast AM)
Joseph Jacobs (celebrity psychic on Coast2Coast and many other shows)
Vickie Gay (celebrity psychic)
Christine Savory (spiritual healer, hypnotherapist, author)
Antonia Lau (celebrity psychic and radio personality)
Connie Fisher (yoga teacher, spiritual teacher, acupuncturist, massage therapist)
And Many More!

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