Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life Doesn’t Stop with Death. Consciousness is Eternal.

“This book plainly shows that denying the spiritual values inherent in NDEs contributed to the worldwide economic calamity. In this sense, this book gives an amazing insight into how we can best change our behavior.” – Raymond Moody, MD, author of Life After Life

The world is going through a period of much-needed change. A more wonderful future lies ahead, but first we have to change our focus to the often-neglected spiritual part of life. Too much focus on short-term self-interest has created a materialistic society.

In Messages From the Light: True Stories of Near-Death Experiences and Communication From the Other Side, author Christophor Coppes takes an in-depth look at the aspects of near-death experiences (NDE) and explores several recurring themes reported by those who have had NDEs as well as the fundamental changes that follow after the experience.

Filled with stories, interviews, and messages from many near-death experiencers, Messages From the Light explores the awareness and knowledge felt by many near-death experiencers. A connection to the Light, the ultimate unconditional love, is the one thing most frequently mentioned by near-death experiencers. Everything is profoundly interconnected through the Light.

The extraordinary experiences from ordinary people who have had NDEs teach the importance of intentions and the impact they have on the world. Positive intentions vibrate throughout universe and expand the energy and love in it. Negative intentions, with too little focus on spiritual wealth, have greatly contributed to the current troubles in today’s society, including the Great Recession of which we can barely recover. Building upon the messages from near-death experiencers, change will come.

An Excerpt from Messages From the Light

Reincarnation is real

Many NDErs say they have the feeling they have lived before. Some are even absolutely sure about this. One even said that, in her life review, she was taken to the very start of life on earth, millions of years ago, and that she saw how she had been a single-celled organism. She said that it was as if the outline or information of that organism was still in her genetic material. Others merely state that they have witnessed series of their previous lives. “I was shown a long line of experiences in other realms of realities and on other worlds. It was some time later I realized it was my past “lives” review of all existences of which I had been part.” People have the feeling that reincarnation is true, because, for instance, they feel that certain aspects of previous lives have their effect in this life. They feel that we have to have different experiences and have to go through different emotions. Each time, we are given a different set of things to learn. Some also say that we are consulted on what to learn in the next life. There seems to be a choice as well in which experiences we want to have, or which emotions we want to go through. Apparently, most people believe that the reason for reincarnation is to learn and to become more complete. “After every life we live, we become stronger and truer, tempered by our experiences, until such time as we may complete our journey and we are truly born.”

Our soul needs to develop. It needs to learn compassion and unconditional love, and the best way to do that is to expand our love in an environment where there are many restrictions. If everything is perfect, then there are only a few opportunities to expand our ability to love. Therefore, restrictions are necessary. We need time restrictions, location restrictions, view restrictions, resource restrictions, and so on. This means living in our four-dimensional world, the world with less dimensions and less possibilities than the other part of our unity universe. We cannot learn everything in one lesson. We need many different experiences, and, therefore, repeated incarnations are required. This will help us to become our divine core. Only as a divine core can we finally approach the One who emits The Light.

NDErs often feel that there are many different levels in the unity universe. The more we are able to expand our love, the further we can proceed through all these levels. The final goal is to be close to The Light. As we know, The Light is extremely powerful and overwhelming, and to be able to approach It, we need to be similar. Because if we aren’t, we would be blown apart. It would be our total destruction. For this reason, one NDEr feels that the light parts of our spirit would be able to proceed to higher levels, but that the denser or heavier parts would have to reincarnate again to have new opportunities to improve.

It is difficult or even impossible to establish whether these ideas are correct, but what is consistently repeated is that the array of experiences are there to foster love, and thereby to come closer to The Light. An example of how this is expressed can be found in the NDE account of Christian Andréason, a wonderful American recording artist and spiritual counselor. On his Website, one can read:

“[I became] surrounded and observed by many beings and fellow Souls, who in reality (I somehow understood) had been standing near me during my entire lifetime! Every single one of these individuals was someone I knew very well, but did not recognize as having been a part of my life during this incarnation. Yet, the closeness and familiarity I felt for these beloved Souls surpassed any devotion for anyone I have ever learned to Love here on this planet. As I felt the energy and Love coming from these individuals, I knew that we were all family.

“Memories of past-life experiences with these beings filled my consciousness and as this happened I was filled with wonder at how truly eternal we all are!”

He then understands that life never ends, and that at the end of each lifetime, there will be a bridge to another lifetime. After seeing this sequence of lives, the scene changes and he moves away towards The Light. Again, receives memories from former incarnations:

“… it struck me how all the moments (even those that might have seemed insignificant before) all turned out to be huge stepping stones when seen from an eternal perspective. I saw how even the most mundane or boring task had the ability to lead me to an even greater awareness about myself…”
He saw that there were many different experiences. In some lives he would be poor, in some wealthy, some were with beauty, others with disfigurement or disease. There was fame, misfortune, or a mixture of everything. He understands that this happens to everyone and that it is necessary to help us

“examine the unlimited amount of vantage points into the remarkable, endurable, unchangeable and complex natures of our own soul. To glimpse this (even once) in a single lifetime is truly a great blessing—as this is how we begin to truly recognize and define our own potential and behold our own wonder. All else is of the ego.”

Apparently, we have to make a distinction between our own wonder on one hand, and ego on the other. We do this by advancing through many lifetimes in order to learn about love. This was also expressed by Christian Andréason in the opening quote of this chapter. That quote also reinforces the importance of being aligned with The Light..

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