Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Was Nostradamus a Magician? a Seer? or, an Ordinary Man?

Top Scholar Reveals New Research

“Readers seeking a balanced look at the controversial astrologer will do well to start here.” — Publishers Weekly

“Surprising to find that a book on such a topic can be so readable, interesting and encompassing. Peter Lemesurier is a scholar with a world-wide reputation in esoteric studies and is deeply knowledgeable about...all the significant works that have been [previously] published....” —David Hill, Emeritus Professor of Computer Science, University of Calgary

Was Nostradamus, the medieval “Prophet of Provence,” a magician, a doctor, an astrologer and a seer? Or, was he just a man using ordinary techniques to make the predictions that are of such fascination today?

Author of the new book, Nostradamus, Bibliomancer: The Man, the Myth, the Truth, Peter Lemesurier is the calm center of conscientious and accurate research in the uneasy world of Nostradamas followers and scholars. Widely recognized as the world authority on the subject, in the new book Lemesurier investigates the Prophecies of Nostradamus in the context of the time and the culture in which they were composed.

Of vital interest to both devotees and debunkers of the prophet, Nostradamus, Bibliomancer presents valuable insights into the medieval world as well as the so-called seer’s life and work. After re-examining the original sources, Lemesurier deduces that Nostradamus was neither a doctor nor an astrologer, nor even (by his own admission) a prophet. He merely believed that history repeats itself, and thereby projected past events into the future. Lemesurier believes that he used the process of bibliomancy––randomly selecting extracts of randomly chosen books––then claimed “divine inspiration.” Unsurprisingly, Nostradamus has almost never been proved right.

After more than thirty years of studying the history and culture of the ancients and probing the works that Nostradamus and others of his era produced, Lemesurier confronts the controversies, bringing to light new facts, new insight and startling new conclusions about one of history’s most notorious individuals.

Nostradamus, Bibliomancer is a "must-read" for anyone seeking to learn more about this remarkable 16th century figure and his metaphysical and encoded prophetic visions. Adding to the value of the new book is an enclosed CD of facsimiles of the original prophecies, from 1555 to 1668 editions.

About the Author:

The leading English-language expert on Nostradamus, Peter Lemesurier is the author of several books on the subject, including the bestselling title, The Nostradamus Encyclopedia, and The Unknown Nostradamus, 500th anniversary edition.

Lemesurier has worked as a linguist, educator, translator, musician, and jet pilot. A charismatic speaker, he has appeared on numerous TV productions and radio programs, including, Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic Channel, and UK’s Channel 4.

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