Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Exercise in Sensing Your Intuition

Where does intuition come from? Is it a human trait we all have inside, or is it a gift that comes from an external source? Are only some people are blessed with this gift?

I personally believe that intuition is an internal guidance that we are all blessed with; however, some people trust their intuition and pay attention to their instincts more than others. Children are especially aware of their intuition. Some adults don’t recognize their intuition because they have been conditioned to live by what they can see and prove and have been taught that their emotions are not trustworthy. I’ve found the exact opposite to be true.

Our ancestors used their intuition or instincts to survive whether it was to help them find food, predict weather, or know when to hide or flee. Your intuition can signal a warning to help you steer away from a dangerous person or situation. It can also make you aware of an opportunity when it’s being presented.

Getting information from your intuition can come subtly in the form of ideas, thoughts, emotions, a sense of knowing, an internal voice, a gut feeling, or through the physical senses.

How much do you trust your intuition? Have you ever had a situation where all the facts looked like things were in order, but inwardly you felt that something wasn’t quite right or on the up and up? What do you do when your gut goes against the flow or discloses something deeper or hidden? Do you pay attention to it, or do you ignore it? The more you pay attention to it, the more you will learn to recognize your own internal guidance.

The word "intuition" is the noun form of the verb "to intuit," which comes from Latin, meaning "to look in" or "to look on." Here is an exercise to help you look in on your intuition and use it as a guidance tool when you are faced with making a decision.

Think about the situation you are currently in. Perhaps you are about to launch into a new business venture, or make a change to your residence, or leave a relationship. You probably have at least two choices to make: either go for it, or turn away the opportunity—at least for the time being.

Take a deep breath to center your thoughts and become aware of your feelings. As you release the breath, hold the thought that you should go for the opportunity or change being presented to you.

Now think of the situation again and consider turning away the opportunity. Did you feel an inward shift?

· Which thought made you feel peaceful, happy, or relaxed?

· Which thought made you feel tense, uneasy, or agitated?

· Did you notice yourself wanting to hold your breath when considering either thought?

The thought that made you feel at ease is more than likely the choice you should make.

Fear should not be a factor in any decision you make. Feeling fear when you are considering your options, could mean that you are picking up on the energy of another person—perhaps someone is urging you to make a decision that you really don’t think is best, but you are afraid of the consequences of disappointing them. Being true to yourself means making the decision that is best for you and your divine path.

Once you find that feeling of contentment regarding a decision you are about to make, continue to hold that sensation and get used to how it feels. This is your instructive instinct. This is spiritual guidance or intuition that you can learn to trust and follow.

Caron B. Goode, EdD, NCC, is an inspirational speaker, psychotherapist, trainer of parent coaches, and prolific author. Goode has become a well-respected leader in the parent coaching industry and spiritual coaching. She is also the author of a dozen books, including Raising Intuitive Children, Kids Who See Ghosts, and The Art and Science of Coaching Parents.

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