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People relate to each other through the emotional connections engendered by our interactions, whether consciously aware of it or not. It is part of being human.

Spiritual Protection: A Safety Manual for Energy Workers, Healers, and Psychics is a training handbook for readers interested in deepening psychic abilities, training gifts already in evidence, or simply developing a greater sensitivity to energy. The exercises presented are also excellent for meditation and learning to still one’s mind. They can be used to combat of one of the most devastating diseases of modern life: stress.

Spiritual Protection provides the tools needed for meditation and increasing receptivity to spiritual forces, as well as learning to control one’s gifts and learning effective, ethical, and safe energy-work.

Spiritual Protection will show:
• Psychics and Readers how to cut mental ties at the end of session.
• Healers how to avoid energetic overload during a session.
• Techniques that can be used every day to help with stress and overall well-being.

Author Sophie Reicher shares 20 years of experience in training psi-talents. Her skills are useful not only for the psychic, but they can be used anyone looking for a healthy psyche and physical body.

“Sophie Reicher’s book is chock-full of useful techniques from many different cultural contexts for making sure that your magical tank runs clean.”—Raven Kaldera, author of the Northern Tradition Shamanism series

About the author: Sophie Reicher has been an occultist, diviner, and magician for more than twenty years. Originally trained in Ceremonial Magic, she has also studied Kabala, hoodoo/rootwork, and rune magic. She is a regular contributor to two online magazines: and

Her work may also be found in Day Star and Whirling Wheel and Runes: Theory and Practice, both by Galina Krasskova. Reicher can frequently be found teaching classes in psychic protection in New York City, where she lives and works.

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