Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Can We Confront the Coming Shift with the Physics of Our Minds?

Should we be concerned about the apocalyptic prophecies of the Mayan calendar?

Will the huge astronomical event predicted for 2012 affect our consciousness?

New York Times best-selling author, Mike Bara, examines these questions and more in his new book, The Choice: Using Conscious Thought and Physics of the Mind to Reshape the World.

Bara looks into various disciplines, including Kirlian photography, the Princeton Global Consciousness Project and recent IQ testing, all of which seem to reveal evidence of an aetheric field of energy connecting all things. He introduces the reader to the basic arguments made by researchers around the predictions regarding 2012, and he documents and examines the meaning of astronomical events.

Bara writes, “There is an underlying physics, not related to Einstein or quantum mechanics or gravity, driving consciousness shifts. An energetic pulse is coming from the center of our galaxy sometime in the next several years. The change we are going to experience, whether in our conscious minds or our physical reality, is governed by it.”

He shows how human consciousness can dramatically reduce the physical effects caused by energy surges of a powerful underlying force. And, lays out the ways that each of us can influence the coming shift in consciousness and physical reality.

The Choice includes:
  • Detailed descriptions of a revolutionary new theory of physics that proves the theory behind The Secret
  • How to use your own inner light—the power of your mind and spirit—to influence the physical world
  • How governments worldwide are preparing for the coming change
  • How to determine your place in the Next Age
  • What the ancients knew and how astrological alignments are related
  • Our roles as individuals in the coming period of transition

About the Author
: An aerospace engineering consultant and lecturer, Mike Bara is the co-author of the New York Times bestseller Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA. In his previous career, he spent more than 25 years designing and consulting on engineering and computer-aided design for aerospace companies.

A popular media and conference guest, he has been featured at the Bay Area UFO Expo, the Conscious Life Expo, and the CE4 UFO conference in Roswell, New Mexico, and elsewhere.

Bara stars in the documentary film “Moon Rising”, and will be starring in and producing his own documentary film of “Dark Mission” for Sacred Mysteries Productions.

The Choice will be in stores mid-October. Look for an interview with the author to follow shortly.

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